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The latest list from Caduceus Books includes the usual wide range of titles and enormous amount of bibliographic and historical information.

This time, though, the list is restricted – apart from an original Austin Osman Spare drawing – to esoteric journals, magazines and the like.

Judging by the eBay habits of several LAShTAL.COM members, this list is going to prove very popular! As usual, I reproduce the entire list below. I do this for the benefit of members of LAShTAL.COM – I have no financial or other interest in Caduceus Books. I have, however, purchased many items from them over the years and have always found them to be courteous and very reasonable.

I should mention once again that I am very happy to provide this same publicity service for other sellers of Thelemic items.


Caduceus Books
28 Darley Road
LE10 2RL
England, U.K.

Private premises, visitors welcome by appointment

Tel. 01455 250542 (+44 1455 250542 from abroad) Fax. 0870 0552982 (+44 870 0552982 from abroad) Webpages


1) Forthcoming Event
2) Austin Osman Spare drawing for sale
3) Secondhand Esoteric and Occult Magazines and Journals
4) Abbreviations
5) Payment Methods


1) A Forthcoming Event at:-

Treadwells Bookshop
34 Tavistock Street
Covent Garden

Phone 0207 240 8906

Friday, August 5, 2005 ,7:15pm for 7:30pm start A Gathering of Daemons. The author of the recently published and instantly sold out Liber Niger Legionis will examine the nature of sigil magic in theory and practice. In the first part he will discuss the history of sigil magic and how it has been used in recent times. In the second part the audience will participate in an act of sigil magic intended to liberate personal daemons and ids. Reservations by email or phone; advance booking necessary as places strictly limited. Cost #5.00


2) Austin Osman Spare drawing for sale
Drawing of a Satyr. Pencil on paper, 20ins x 13ins,. Paper is slightly discoloured around the edges from age. Small mark above Spare’s initials. There are two small pinholes in the paper, perhaps where Spare rather casually fixed it to his studio wall. It may have been there where it acquired some unobtrusive green pastel or crayon marks.The satyr is a fine example of a Spare nude, female torsos can be seen below him and a faintly drawn female figure can just be discerned in fron to him #1800


3) Secondhand Esoteric and Occult Magazines and Journals

Dr. Douglas Baker (Ed.), Esoteric Science Journal, Vol.I Nos. 1-5, 1979-80 Each approx 40pp LF Card covs Cold Pls Articles inc. Esoteric Significane of UFPs; the Assasins (actually very informative), describing their degree system etc; Kundalini Yoga; Musical System of Pythagoras etc 1-4 bd together, all F Order No. 1563 #15

Caroline Robertson, Victor B. Neuburg, A Poet Among the Anarchists, in The Raven 5, An Anarchist Quarterly. Vol. II No. 1, June 1988 12pp article in 96pp Paperback Book. Intelligent Anarchist journal assocated with Freedom so central to British Anarchist movement. This excellent article details Neuburg’s extensive involvement with Anarchism – he edited the premiier British anarchist journal for a couple of years. This is significant. Neuburg’s esotericism, anarchism and celerbation of the pastoral presaged modern green anarchism and the radical traditionalism of such as Nigel Pennick. It also harked back to Wilfred Owen’s Arts and Craft movement which, it is often forgotten, was also politically radical and had occult aspects F Order No. 110190 #20

Various, Progress Through Action, Thee Temple of Psychic Youth News Bulletin Novemver 1998, Card covered booklet 36pp Illustrated Very Good Order No. 110135 #4

Various, Abrasax, No. 12, Ordo Templi Baphometis 1991 11ins x 9ins 52pp Illustrated R.F. Paul – On Alternate Thelemic Orders; P.R.Koenig – Kenneth Grant & the Typhonian OTO; Frater KAOS – Of A Trial in California C.O.T.O. vs Motta; Frater Jivamukti – Notes on Celebrating the Mass of the Phoenix F Order No. 97065 #12

Agape, spirited and independent occult journal from West of England:- Vol.I No.2, 1972 Card covers 62pp Articles Inc. J.F.C.Fuller – The Qabalah; Edward Kelly – Varieties of Religious Experience; Bulwer Lytton Lytton the Ordeal. Excellent stuff! This was the first issue, the editor being told “you will never get pass issue 1” started with number 2! VG Order No. 110309 #12 Vol.I No.3, 1973 Card covers 60pp Articles Inc. David Hall – the Origins & symbolism of Rosicrucian Chess; Amado 777 – the Magic of Aleister Crowley; Eliphas Levi – Articles on the Kabbala etc VG Order No. 110312 #12 No.5, 1973 Card covered booklet 60pp Bklt Amado 777 – Secret of Secrets; Golden Dawn cypher ms (their 1st publication?); reviews of Torrens & Ellic Howe works on Golden dawn by Israel Regardie VG Order No. 110307 #12 No.6, 1974 Card covs 40pp + supplement Qabala by John Michell, C. Hardcastle and Anon (Andrew Drylie); KAZ – Starlight on Love (book of the Law); Crowley’s Horoscope. Letters. Golden Dawn cypher ms. VG Order No. 110311 #12 No.7, 1976 Card covs 30pp The Comment by Fr. Q.P.O. Bitchy review of Grant’s Magical Revival by Israel Regardie etc VG Order No. 110310 #10 No.8, 1977 Cared covers 32pp Bklt Published Crowley’s Forbidden Lecture on Gilles de Rais; excellent reviews; Will Parfit etc VG Order No. 110308 #10

Various, Aquarian Arrow, Nos. 1, 2, 4 -34, Aquarian & Neo Pantheist Society 1977 – 1992. 33 issues, each issue has glossy card covers, 30pp to 40pp. Edited by Zachary Cox it is associated with a coven founded by Gerald Gardner but is in no way confined to Wicca. Articles or letters by Fred Lamond, Christopher MacIntosh, Ramsey Dukes, James Sturzacker,Viviene Jones, Nevill Drury, Mike Magee, Robert Anton Wilson, Freya Aswynn, Steve Wilson, Joel Biroco. A a regular feature had the Satanist’s Diary of Hugo L’Stange, hilarious spoof column written by Lionel Snell VG Order No. 110295 #65

Various, Both the Ones, No.2, nd (c1992) Card covers 60pp Illus Articles inc Stephan Waters – Wolf-Lore; Pete Carroll – Better Wizardry; Ray Sherwin – Active Sigils; Rev. Nostra – Holy Crowley; Fr. Tenebrous XIII E.O.D. – Sigil of Yog-Sothoth; Austin Osman Spare – Sigils; etc Fine Order No. 4369 #10

Various, Caduceus, Nos. 1-4, 1987-88 Four large format leaflets, 18 to 24pp Thelemic. Text in Serbo-Croat VG Order No. 110319 #20

Various, Chaos International, seminal Chaos Magick journal originally coming from the “git hard” occult milieu of Leeds, Northern England. It did exactly what it said on the cover, bringing Chaos Magick to international attention.
VG Order No. 300347 #20
No. 6, 1989 Large Format, card covers 48pp Illustrated Articels by Ian Read, Pete Carroll, Gerald Susteer, Ramsey Dukes etc VG Order No. 300346 #20 No. 7, Not Dated Large format card covers 48pp Illustrated. Ramsey Dukes; Stephen Mace; Pete Carroll; IOT meets Caliphate OTO G Order No. 300350 #20 No.14, Not Dated large format card covers 48pp Illustrated. Articles include Stephen Mace – Astral Projection II; Dave Lee – Beyond the Soft Machine II; Phil Hine – When Egos Collide; Andrew Chumbley – The Crooked Path II & Artwork; Anton Long – Satanism, Living on the Edge etc F Order No. 300345 #25 No. 20, not dated (c1995?) Large Format, card covers 48pp Illustrated Articles by Dave Lee, Don Webb, Ian Read, Phil Hine etc VG Order No. 80198 #20 No.22, nd Large format Card covs Illus 48pp Articles by Phil Hine. Ed Richrardson, Rex Monday (Letters from a Luciferian), Alistair Livingstone etc F Order No. 3602 #20

Various, Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick, Vol.I No.s 1 – 5, Conquoring Child 1976-83 All 1st Ed. Each being card covered booklet of between 84pp – 88pp, illustrated. No. 5 is signed by Nema in all three of her names (ie also Soror Andahadna & Maggie Crosby), her signature decorated with hand drawn glyph combining Eye of Horus and Feather of Maat plus a drawing of a scarab with magical implements. This journal was the main organ for expression of her magical endeavour. Her contributions include first two publications of Liber Pennae Praenumbra; Manefesto of Bete Cabal; Beta – A Comment on Communications from the Aeon of Maat; Song for Babalon;Tarot of the Qlipoth; Maat Pangrove Abbey of Thelema; illustrations of 12 oil paintings. She was also very influential upon other contributors. #95 All copies are in Fine condition Order No. 110291 #95

Various, Dark Ma’ater, Vol.I No.3, Starry Arch 1994 Card covers 46pp Illustrated This issue noted for Leonardo Sciascia – Apocrypha on the Crowley Case. This 9pp illustrated article presents Mussolinis instructions to the police to investigate Crowley at Cefalu and also the reports of the police which make interesting reading! F Order No. 98065 #10

Various, The Drama Review, Vol.22 No. 2 – Occult and Bizarre Issue, New York University School of Arts 1978 Card covers 121pp + (20pp) adverts. Illustrated. Has 24pp by J.F Brown – Aleister Crowley’s Rites of Eleusis. Also Mel Gordon on Gurdjieff’s Movement Demonstrations and Robb Creese on Antroposophical Movement VG Order No. 97056 #25

Various, Ecclesia Gnostica, Vol. I No.3, EGC 1985 Card covers 32pp Illustrated. Gives text of Gnostic Mass plus notes about the Gnostic Saints. Homely production values but bold use of decoration makes a visually pleasing item F Order No. 97028 #8

Various, Equinox, No.1, New Magical Kingdom A.’. P.’. , Theatre 93, Star and Eagle publications, 1988 Card covers 26pp A4 size illustrated. Yugoslavian publication that embraces homely production values to generate a very colourful and striking item eccentrically bound with a single staple at the top of the page. Articles include:- The Secret Magickal Link between the O.T.O. seal and Attu XXI; Invocation of Nuit; Invocation of Ra Hoor Khuit; The Priestess (Atu II) Visible thrught the OTO Seal, The Dalai Llama – A Human Approach to World Peace. A curious publication with implied A.’.A.’. Claims VG Order No. 97063 #15

Various, Esoterra, Journal of Extreme Culture No. 7, Orcen 777 – 1997 large format card covers 56pp Illsutrated. Articles include:- R.N. Taylor – Process Part II,; Paul Rydeen – Strange Cults; John Eden (Jhon Balance) – Seething and Sensuality; An Interview witht eh Women of Sodom; Leilah Wendell etc F Order No. 99162 #20

Various, Esoterra, Journal of Extreme Culture No.5, Orcen 777 – 1995 Large format card covers 80pp Illustrated, Articles include Robert de Grimston – After the Deluge; Stephen Sennitt – Devils of Chaos; Charles Nemo – Satanistic & Ritualistic Crimes Myth; Leilah Wendell – Love Among the Tombs; Genesis P-Orridge – Source anre Rare; Frater Koth – An Enquiry into the Lovecraft Mythos; Robert Ward – Use of the runes by the SS. Interview with Marilyn Manso, Blood Axis.Typed letter signed from publisher to Stephen Sennitt enclosed Fine Order No. 99159 #20

Various, Formaos, Vol I No.5, Sothis 1987 30pp leaflet format, striking illustrations and important articles. Lionell Snell – Understanding Austin Osman Spare; Pete Carroll – Magic of Chaos; Lokenath Maharaji – Ritual Aspects of Tantrik Magic; Rafal T. Prinke – Graphic Symbolism in the Magical Tradition Letters from Jooel Biroco, Stephen Sennitt etc VG Order No. 98077 #10

Various, Gryphon, Vol.I No. 1, Acorn 1980 Card covers 28pp The Acorn Press which published this item was an otherwise enigmatic firm which produced elegant and highly collectable grimoires. This magazine also gives considerble information concerning the Knights of Dorset, the associated magical Order F Order No. 97077 #5

Various, Lamp of Thoth, lively occult mag from Leeds, Northern England. Never afraid of controversy.
Vol.II No2, S.A. large format 28pp Cecil Williamson – Gerald Gardner, the Truth about the Myth and the Man I Knew; Robert Turner – Occult Semi -Anarchism Repeats Political Sins; John Dee – Liber Scientia; Marion Parker – English QBL and the Practibility of English Gemetria; Rafal T. Prinke – Accessing Akashic Light through Gentic Consciousness etc. Lively journal rather worn, cover loose Order No. 110135 #8 Vol.III No.2, S.A. not dated 64pp card covers lively magazine Stephen Waters – Underground Music and Initiation. L.P.Carter – An Analysis of Zos (Austin Osman Spare) VG Order No. 300320 #8 Vol.III No.5 SA Not Dated (c 1985) 56pp card covers Fr. Ereburus – liber Cthulhu; Lionel Snell – Charlatan or Magus the Paradox of the Trickster; Karl Woods – Homosexuality & Black magic; L. P Carter – An Analysis of Zos part IV; Incubi & Succubi; Joel Birocco – Premonition Saves Readers Life G only Order No. 300331 #8 Vol.III No.6, SA nd (1980’s) 56pp Bklt Stephen Sennitt – Too Much Cthulhu & Too Little Magic; Dave Myatt (O.N.A.) – the Approach of the dark Gods; Mike Howard – the Druidic Alphabet etc. Some marks to cover G+ Order No. 300325 #8 Vol.IV No.2, SA nd (1987?) Bklt 56pp Has lively articles on Chaos Magic, also FS, Northern pagan tradition etc F Order No. 300322 #8 Vol. IV No.6, SA nd 56pp Bklt Lively. Articles Inc. John Freedom – Laurel & Hardy Satanism; Pete Carroll; Meriem Clay-Egerton – What Happened to Witches; Mind Control; Athene etc F Order No. 300324 #8

Various, London Mystery Magazine, Nos. 1 – 12, a run, 1950-1951 12 issues. Each issue is a paperback book of approximately 128pp containing articles and short stories married with illsutrations from contempory artists. These include Michael Ayrton, Ronald Searle, Mervyn Peake and Austin Osman Spare. Fiction writers include Lewis Spence, Spare providing two masks for the latter’s story, ‘Lucifer over London. Hannen Swaffer writes an 8pp article about Spare titled ‘Mystery of an Artist’ featuring four illustrations by Spare, two being full page/ Algernon Blackwood provides a number of stories including ‘Birth of an Idea’ for which Spare supplies one full page illustration and two vignettes. Two masks and a full page illustration by Spare accompany Martin Gardner’s ‘Horrible Horns’ whilst two of his masks are provided for Dorothy Edwards ‘A Dagger of the Mind?’. . Christina Hole provides a number of interesting articles:- the Horseman’s Word; Screaming Skulls; Robin Hood; The Bones in the Wall (being a very unusual slant on foundation sacrifice). There is a good article on the mythology of the Phoenix by Morris Marples and Robert Fordyce Aickman writes a useful account of Harry Price. There is also a series of articles by Kenneth Walker to which Spare responded to in his essay, Mind to Mind and How by a Sorcerer. Thjis was never printed by the London Mystery Magazine but has since appeared in Two Tracts on Cartomancy and in Mystery of an Artist. Aomne of the boks have been repaired with tape which is yellowing and there is some wear to covers Overall all are in Good sound condition Order No. 110306 #200

Various, Magical Link, issued to members and associate members of Caliphate O.T.O.
Vol. II Nos.3,4; Vol. III Nos.2,3,4; Vol. IV Nos.2,3; Vol. V Nos.2,3,4; Vol VI Nos. 2,3,4; Vol. VII Nos. 2; Vol. VIII No.1-2, OTO (Caliphate) 1988-1994 14 large format leaflets 15pp, 7pp, 3pp, 7pp,5pp, 5pp, 7pp, 7pp, 7pp, 8pp, 7pp, 7pp, 7pp, 7pp, 15pp. Has reprints, articles of interest, Order news etc Very Good Order No. 110293 #30

Various, Mandragore, Vol.III No.2 Typhonian Issue, Grove of Star & Snake 1979 Card covered booklet, 11ins x 9ins 61pp Illustrated No. 114 of Limited Edition of 210 Typhonian / Maatian journal very influenced by Kenneth Grant. Includes Ritual of Lycanthropy; Typhonian Formula; Sothis Invocation; Notes on N.O.X. etc Homely production values Scarce Back cover loose but otherwise sound VG Order No. 300379 #45

Various, Mezla, Spring Equinox An. LXX, (1974) Large format 4pp leaflet issued by Typhonian OTO in USA, this copy describes Magical and Philosophical Commentaries on Book of the Law and reprints Ethyl Oxide by Crowley G Order No. 98092 #10

Various, Mezla, Autumn Equinox An.LXX (No.6), (1974) Large format leaflet 4pp Issued by the Typhonian OTO in the USA and an interesting statement of its position. Most of this issue is taken up with second part of Book of the Cephaloedium Working G Order No. 98061 #10

Various, Nox, The Magazine of the Abyss Ed Stephen Sennitt. From Northern England school of occultism.
Nos. 1-4, 1986-7 32-38pp Illus. Articles inc. Sennitt – Book of Samael/Experiments in Dark Lore/Function of the Left Handed Path; John Beal – Physiology of 93; A.C.Evans – Hermetic Art, Gnostic Alchemy of the Imagination; Anton Long (O.N.A.) – Satanism, Blasphemy & the Black Mass/Magical Vibration; O.N.A Esoteric Papers; G.Harland – Odinic Order of Chaos; Sapphistry; Phil Hine; Hakim Bey etc All F Order No. 6304 #40 Nox, No. 5, 1987 Large format card covers 24pp Illustrated Stephen Sennit – Solipsist’s Guide to the Occult; Dave Lee – What is Magic For; John Beal – Situation; Orum & Omniea – Da’ath (independent exploration of Grant’s Tunnels of Set) Fine Order No. 300388 #15 Nox, No.6, nd 56pp large format card covers. Edited by Stephen Sennitt. This issue has Phil Hine – the Howling; Stephen Sennitt – the Process / In His Image; A.C. Evans – the Aftermath of Enlightenment etc. VG Order No. 2805 #15 No.6, nd (1987) 56pp large format card covers. Edited by Stephen Sennitt. This issue has Phil Hine – the Howling; Stephen Sennitt – the Process / In His Image; A.C. Evans – the Aftermath of Enlightenment etc. F Order No. 300403 #15 Nox, No.7, 1990 Large format 48pp. Articles include Phil Hine – Fracture Lines; Stephen Sennitt – Khepra; Tanith – Ma’at; Lionel Snell – Paroxysms of Magic; Frater Qoph 100 E.O.D.; Mouse etc. illus. VG Order No. 300389 #15

Various, Nuit Isis, Excellent independent Thelemic journal At times erratic, its numbering was not always linear and one issue includes the glorious typo “Every man and woman is a stat”, but had a good spirit. Large format card covers, 32pp, illustrated:- Vol.I No.1, 1987 Large format card covers 32pp Illustrated Katon Shual – Sexual magic and Sexual politics; Peter Smith – Cult of Cthulhu and the Occult Tradition; R.A. Gilbert – Baphomet & Sones, A Little Known Chapter in the life of 666. Spirited journal initially edited by two editors, one from Caliphate and one from Typhonian OTO F Order No. 300409 #10 Nuit Isis, Vol.I No.5, 1988 PVN Iskatonic Alchemical Expedition; Crowley – Constitution of the Order of the Thelemites; P.R.Koenig; Ken Taylor – Tzaddi is not the Star etc excellent indeed VG Order No. 300408 #10 Vol.I No.7, 1989 Illus Wilhelm Reich, Tantric Saint; Aurora Mysteriorum – Gareth Emdway; Jake Stratton-Kent – Gemetria; Fascim & the Occult – Katon Scual; Peter Konig – Ordo Illuminatorum, World League of Illuminati; Steven Mace – Agents of Magical Change etc VG Order No. 7026 #10 Vol.II No.1, 1990 Tanith Livingstone – Manifestation of Maat; Zebulon – Dark Entries; Katon Shual – Moon over the Tower; Gareth Medway; Steve Mace – A Hedonic Update; Alistair Livinstone – Nema, Priestess of Livingstone etc Esoteric Order of Dagon. This is the first Vol.II No.1, another quite different edition with same numeration appeared two years later F Order No. 7028 #10 Vol.II No.1, 1992 (a different issue from the Vol.II No.1 that appeared two years before!) Francis King – 19th C. Quasi Tantrism – P.B. Randolph and his Magia Sexualis; P.R Koenig – Gnosis on Stage; AshN – In Defence of the Guru Tradition; Katon Shual – Tales of Indian Devilry Order No. 17028 #10 No.10, 1991 Large format card covers Illustrated 32pp Steve Mace – Spare’s Ontology; Katon Shual – The Demon Doctrine; Roderick Main – Scarab Rising; Clive Harper – Gerald Gardner & OTO Pt.1; P.R.Koenig etc Very Good Order No. 7029 #8

Various, Primal Chaos, Nos. 2, Chaos Creations 1992 Card covers 14pp & 18pp Illustrated. Articles include Wendy van Dusen – Lycanthropy Ritual (utilising sex magick). A journal which saviours cultural extremes! F Order No. 97057 #7.5

Various, Rapid Eye, No. 7/8, 1986 Ltd. Edition large format, card covers 72pp R.C McNeiff – A Sybarite Amongst the Shadows; Derek Jarman – Angelic Conversation; Sandy Roberts – Montague Summers; Willaim Burroughs Interview; SD From Atavism to Zyklon B, Psychic TV Explained. Associated loppy acetate record enclosed F Order No. 99166 #20

Various, Silk Milk, Spool 2, 2004 Large format, glossy cover 76pp Many illustrations. Also includes coloured poster and CD. Contributions by Orreyelle, Mary Hedger, Nemo, Nathaniel Harris Fine Order No. 110136 #15

Various, Skoob Occult Review,
No.1, 1990 Large Format Card covs 48pp Illus Thelema & Money; Terence DuQuesne; Michael Harrison; Gerald Suster etc VG Order No. 300380 #10 No.2, Skoob 1990 LF (12ins x 8ins) Card covs 48pp Illus Articles inc. interview with Chesca Potter; Michael Harrison – Language of Witchcraft etc F Order No. 300382 #10 No.3, Skoob 1990 LF (12ins x 8ins) card covs 57pp Illus. Nicely produced journal this issue noted for Interview with Kenneth Grant; Frank Letchford – Search for Guru; Frater Joseph – History of the Couleuvre Noire (fascinating Haitian OTO/EGC!; Andrew Chumbley – A Short Critique & Comment upon Magic; Vivienne Browning on being brought up a Thellemite inthe 1920’s VG Order No. 300387 #10 No.4, 1991 Large format card covers. 48pp Illus Vivienne Browning – I was a Child Disciple of the Beast; Caroline Robertson – Victor Neuberg, the Water Bearer; Mick Staley (Typhonian OTO) on OTO & AA VG Order No. 300386 #15 Issue 5, Skoob 1991 LF 48pp Illus journal inc. Nevill Drury on occult artist Rosaleen Norton, 10pp Kenneth Grant fiction the Stellar Lode (1st Pub); Penelope Suttle (co-author of the Wise Wound) etc F Order No. 3266 #10

Various, Snowflakes Through Strain, The First, Longship Warrior Not dated (c1991) Large format card covers 54pp Illustrated with coloured embellishment. Thelemic journal associated with Typhonian O.T.O. Contributions are all anonymous. Has substantial article Mark of the Beast Associated with Gareth Hudson May author of Dark Doorway of the BeastVG+ Order No. 98041 #35

Various, Sothis, Ed. Mike Magee then prominent member of Typhonian OTO, he later left to form Amookas. Truly excellent Thelemic journal. Large format card covers Illustrated.
Vol.I No.3, 1974 135pp Aside from Crowley’s article on Cocaine & Achad’s Liber XXXI has original articles on OTO, Aeonics, Elias Ashmole & John Dee, Suvasini, Liber Oz etc This copy has owner ship sigil of David (Tibet) comprising a phalicised ‘D’, the last ‘d’ having a psychic cross, the number ’93’ and an inverted triangle of three dots Spine slightly damaged G+ Order No. 300367 #40
Vol.I No.4, Sept 1974 100pp A.C. on Jack the Ripper; Songs for the witch Woman by Jack Parsons; Peter Macfarlane on the War Engine etc. This copy has inscription:- “Happy birthday Dave, Jan & Mike xxx” Probably Mike Magee and his partner Jan Bailey (who contributed artwork). Loosely enclosed is a phtocopied letter, signed by Vaughan Purves apologising for making OTO and A.’.A.’ Claims. Some wear to covers but G+ sound condition. Order No. 300365 #30
Vol.II No.1, 1976 100pp. Forward Kenneth Grant; Fr. Custor & Sr. Artemis, diary Fragments; Kamesvaranta, Aparajitastotra; Fr. I.I.V. The Arrow Star; Liber Pyramidos; Mike Magee, the Substance of Lust This copy has owner ship sigil of David (Tibet) comprising a phalicised ‘D’, the last ‘d’ having a psychic cross, the number ’93’ and an inverted triangle of three dots VG Order No. 300368 #35 another copy in VG condition Order No. 300368a #25 Vol.II No. 2, 130pp contributions by Dadaji, John Dee (sloane Ms 3191), Crowley (Elixir of Life) & items on Gnostic amulets, African Gods etc. This copy has owner ship sigil of David (Tibet) comprising a phalicised ‘D’, the last ‘d’ having a psychic cross, the number ’93’ and an inverted triangle of three dots. Some discolouration and slight wear to covers G+ Order No. 300366 #30 another copy in VG condition Order No. 300366a #28

Various, Starfire, Excellent Thelemic journal associated with Typhonian OTO. Ed. Mick Staley. Large format, card covers. Illustrated:- Starfire, Vol. I No.2, 1987 52pp Peter Smith – Cults of Cthulhu; Stephen Dziklewicz – Hiss of the Serpent; Ann Campbell – Women and Liber Oz; Michael Staley – O.T.o. after Crowley; Ken Cox – Twin Terminals of the Tree F Order No. 300364 #75 Vol.I No.4, 1991 Articles include Mick Staley on the Vision & the Voice; Stephen Dziklewicz on Dagon etc F+ Order No. 175 #20 Vol.I No.5, 1994 Over 200 pp Substantial articles on Spare by Gavin Semple & Randall Holmes, also articles by Mick Staley, Paul Lowe & Andrew Chumbley Ed by Mick Staley, a prominent member of the Typhonian OTO, an impressive large format illustrated journal Fine Order No. 110315 #30 Vol.II No.1, 158pp Articles by Mick Staley, Andrew Chumbley, Paul Lowe, Gavin Semple, Margaret Ingalls artwork etc F Order No. 300492 #20 Vol.II No.2, 1999 200pp & 8pp ads Official Statement Concerning OTO; Damian Sinclair, Dreaming Attention; Robert Taylor, the Black Stone; Michael Staley, Iridescent undulations & the Sacred Fire; Nigel Aldcroft-Jackson, How to Leap Forth by Standing Still; Margaret Ingalls; Chaos Magic & Maat Magick; Nicholaj Frivold, Into the depths of Severity & All Beauty; Damian Sinclair, Pax Noblis; Stephen Dzicklewicz, A Mantra for Evoking the Great Old Ones; Andrew Chumbley, Opening the Way for the Daemons of the Void; Michael Staley, Transformation; Austin Osman Spare & Besz-Mass;Simon Hinton, Liber AL intelligence; An Instrument of Succession etc New Order No. 300491 #12

Various, Stellar Visions, No. IV, 1983 Large format 40pp card and clear plastic covers, highly decorated and distinctive, issued by Caliphate OTO Articles on initiatin, witchcraft etc F Order No. 98093 #10

Various, The Cauldron, No. 110, 2003 44pp large format leaflet. Illustrated. Articles include Andrew Chumbley – Conjuration of the Witch-Father Tubalo Lucifer (with striking full page illustration; Danial Schulke – Plant Charms for Binding the Dead; Evan John Jones – Craft of Tubal Cain; Fine Order No. 99164 #10

Various, The Black Flame, International Forum of Church of Satan, Vol. V Nos 1 & 2, Hell’s Kitchen 1994 Large format card covers 48pp Illustrated Fine Order No. 99169 #12

Various, The Occult Review, remarkable journal published by Rider and edited by Ralph Shirley, commenced in 1905 and continued into the Second World War. The premier occult journal reflects the prominent manifestations of occultism of the day. It is very interesting to see currents and groups and authors known today in a contempory context. The adverts too can be of interest. During the second two decades of the century there was a US edition (often in blue rather than the usual brick red wraps) which appeared a month after the UK edition which can lead to confusion as to when an article appears. The following copies are from the collection of Hereward Carrington.
Vol. VII No. 6, June 1908 U.K. Approximately 54pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include Florence Farr (Golden Dawn) – Rosicrucians and Alchemists; Franz Hartmann (O.T.O.) – Vampires; Emily Baker – John Dee and Queen Elizabeth; Catherine Crowe (Nightside of Nature – Dutch General’s Story; L. Cameron – Superstitions Connected With Sport. Dampestaining, covers detached Delicate Order No. 110150 #8 Vol.VIII No.3, UK September 1908 Approximately 54pp card covers, illustrated This edition’s articles include Florence Farr (Golden Dawn) – On the Play of the Image Maker; M.L. lewes – Corpse Candles and the “Teulu”; Helen & Hereward Carrington – Remarkable Series of Automatic Writings. Edges of covers worn Good Order No. 110151 #12 Vol. XXXII No.3, US September 1920 Approx 60pp card covers. This isse includes articles:- J. W. Brodie-Innes – Divers hauntings, An Attempted Classification plus alos a letter from him concerning tarot cards. Covers detached, delicate reading copy Order No. 110183 #6
Vol. XXXII No.4, US Oct. 1920 Approximately 64pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- A.E. Waite – Occult Freemasonry and The Jewish Peril (responding to newspaper articles based on Nesta Webster’s anti-semetic articles attempts to through light upon secret societies including Strict Observance, Illuminati etc) Oliver Fox – Prophetic Element in Dreams, Lewis Spence – Traces of Atlantis in American Myth. Covers worn and delicate Good only Order No. 110182 #7
Vol. XXXV No. 3, US March 1922 Card covers. Approx 78pp. Articles include:- J. W. Brodie-Innes – Concerning Obsessions; Sirdar Ikbal Ali Shah – Fairies of the East; Lewis Spence – Story of Atlantis; G.L. Becton – Witchcraft In Our Village In The Last Centurary; W.N. Neill – Abrahadabra. Letter from Arthur Conan Doyle covers worn internally sound Order No. 110276 #8 Vol. XXXIV No. 2, US August 1922 Approx. 60pp card covers illustrated. This issue includes:- H. Stanley Redgrove – John Varley, Astrologer and Artist; H Ernest Hunt – Automatci Writing; Constance Frost – Haunted Houses and Exorcism; L. Grant – Mysticsim of Shelley; William Gillespie – Royal Healers Good Order No. 110184 #12 Vol. XXXVIII No. 2, US August 1923 Approx. 60pp card covers illustrated. This issue includes:-Frater Achad – The Essence of the Practical Qabalah; A.M. Percy Smith – An Ancient Portal; Lewis Spence – Ancient Man in Britain; A.M. Irbine – A Nightmare; Lamprell – Atomic Energy, Its Secret and Man. Also full page advert describing Frater Achad books. Some wear and dampstaning to covers, delicate Good only Order No. 110187 #25 Vol. XXXVIII No. 6, UK Dec 1923 Card covers. Approx 78pp. Articles include:- Bernard Fielding – Occult lore of Mounains; Jasper Smith – Whispering Gallery at St. Pauls (poem); Oliver Fox – Dream Travelling; Regina Bloch – Mysticism of Mascots; W. Neill – Swimming the Witch; Dudley Wright – An Occult Islamic Order some wear to covers VG minus Order No. 110260 #15 Vol. XXXIX No. 3, US March 1924 Approx. 60pp card covers illustrated. This issue includes:- Frater Achad – Belief Versus Knowledge; H. Stanley Redgrove – The Mathematics of the Sepher Yetzirah; G.D. Cummins – Strange Case of Oscar Wilde. Also has fhalf page review of Afrater Achad’s Hymns to the Star Goddess by Meredith Starr (who was also a member of Crowley’s A.’.A.’. Rather manky reading copy Order No. 110191 #10 Vol. XLIII No.4, US April 1926 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Articles include:- Dion Fortune – Use and Power of Ritual; Lewis Spence – Mandrakes and Mummies; E.. De L’Orme – Knowledge and the Subliminal. Letter from Arthur Conan Doyle. Adverts for:- Crotona Fellowship (influence on Gerald Gardner); Esoteric Christianity, course of lectures by Violet Firth (Dion Fortune) somehat worna nd discoloured, Good only Order No. 110205 #15 Vol. XLIV No.1, US July 1926 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Articles include:- Grahame Houblon – Unasked-for Apports; J. Scott Battams – Suicides and After; S.B. Banerjea – Sadhus of India; G. Baseden Butt – Development of Psychic Powers; Meredith Starr – Ether (poem, Starr was introduced to mescaline and, probably, ether by Crowley).Half page advert for lecture by Annie besant. Adverts for Crotona Fellowship which influenced Gerald Gardner and Afu – Ra Chapter of Brotherhood of LightAlso letter from Arthur Conan Doyle Good Order No. 110204 #12 Vol. XLVI No. 3, US Sept. 1927 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Articles include:- H. Stanley Redgrove – Limitations of the Laws of nature; Lewis Spence – Labyrinths and Their Meanisng; Eva martin – Astrology Today. Has quarter page advert for the “Chalice Orchard Club” president Dion Fortune giving brief description of the nature of this early vehicle for her teachings some dampstaining Good only Order No. 110202 #10 Vol. L No. 5, UK Nov. 1929 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Article include:- A.E. Waite – The Raising of Arthur; Meredith Starr – Blake and the book of Urizen; I. Toye Warner-Staples – Native South African Psychism. Three book reviews by Ethel Archer, others by Meredith Starr and A.E. Waite. Half page advert for Fraternity of Inner light giving details of lectures etc some dampstaining Good Order No. 110211 #15 Vol. LI No.1, UK Jan 1930 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Article include:- Eva Martin – Karma and Destiny; W. Wilson Leisenring – Genius and the Akasha; Leo French – Saturn; Franl Lind – What is Superstition. Topical Breivites has one third of page about mysterious death of Miss Fornario on Iona. She was a close friend of Dion Fortune and a memebr of the Alpha and Omega Temple of the Golden Dawn dampstaing to back cover by Good Order No. 110212 #12 Vol. LI No.2, UK February 1930 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Article include:- E. J. Langford garstin – The Orphites; A.E. Waite – The Holy Grail; Rev. pere Trille – At the Feast of the Sorcerers. Book rebview by Ethel Archer. Half page adverts for Guild of Master Jesus and Fraternity of Inner Light (Dion Fortune) Good + Order No. 110214 #15 Vol. LI No. 3, UK March 1930 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Article include:- Ethel Archer – Recent Atlantean Discoveries in Spain; Princes Karadja – New Light on the “Beast” (gemetria of 666); I. Toye Warner-Staples – A Witchcraft Mystery and its Dream Solution; Alice Callow – Ancient Mysteries in the Light of Today. Full page advert for Fraternity of inner Light and Guild of the Master Jesus describing activities Back cover dampstained but Good Order No. 110215 #15 Vol. LIII No. 3, UK March 1931 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Article include:- Ferderic Thurstan – Secret of Nicholas Flammel; A Kenway – “Mac” A Siance Recorded; M. Oldfield Howey – Mystery of Pisces. Full page advert for Dion Fortune related organisations; wear to edges of covers but Good Order No. 110217 #10
Vol. LIII No.4, UK April 1931 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Article include:- E.J Langford Garstin – Elohim (also letter from him mentioning Mathers Westcott and Waite); Bayard Elton – Buddhist Doctrine of Non-Ego; E.B. Gibbs – Mystery of Rising of Christs Body; E.M. Whishaw – Remarkable Finds in an Atlantean Port. Two book reviews by Ethel Archer. Full page advert for Dion Fortune related organisations giving activities. Covers worn and stained, internally sound Order No. 110218 #8
Vol. LIV No.5, UK May 1931 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Article include:- Sydney French – Occultism and Freedom; Hereward Carrington – Occult Side of Diet; W. Wilson-Leisenring – Psychic War And Secret Societies. E.J. Langford-Garstin – Oracles (poem – also a book review by him). Letter from AE.Waite giving anecdotes concerning Mathers mentions Langford-Garstin, Westcott, Berridge, GD. Two book reviews by Ethel Archer; Full page ad for Dion Fortune related organisations covers very worn Order No. 110219 #15 Vol. LIV No.6, UK June 1931 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Article include:- J. J. Langford-Garstin – Kings of Edom; Meredith Starr – Love Rides on a Lion (poem); Jean Delaire – Christianity and the Mystery Religion. Full page advert for Dion Fortune rlated organisations. Ethel Archer reviews Sopiritualism in Light of Occult Science by Dion Fortune. Book review by Langford-Garstin covers worn internally sound Order No. 110220 #15 Vol. LIV No. 1, UK July 1931 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Article include:- W.G. Raffe – Primative Man and Spiritualism; W.W. Leisenring – Cultural Reaction s to Madame Blavatsky and Theosophy. A.E. Waite reviews G.R. S Mead, Thrice Greatest Hermes. Full page advert for Dion Fortune organisations spine darkened by overall Good Order No. 110221 #12 Vol. LIV No. 2, UK August 1931 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Article include:- E.J. Langford-Garstin – Sex and the Origin of Religion;W.G. Raffe – Some Notes on Kundalini; Brenda Murrya Draper – The Power of Colour; E. Mudocie-Garland – Fantastic & Prophetic Dream Experiences. Two book reviews by Ethel Archer Covers worn internally sound Order No. 110223 #12 Vol. LIV No. 4, UK October 1931 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Article include:- Mary Milbourne – Aladira, Nigerian Prophet and Healer; W.W. Leisenring- Scientific Explorers of the Ether; R.E. Bruce – Sex and Its Polarity Full page advert for Dion Fortune organisations. Letter and book review by Ethel Archer dampstaining, wear Good only Order No. 110224 #8

Various, Thelema Lodge Newsletter, 1987:- Feb, Sept, Dec; 1988 – Mar, Jul – Dec; 1989 – Complete; 1990 :- Jan, Feb, Apr – Dec; 1991:- Jan – Nov; 1992:- Jan, Feb, Apr – Dec; 1993:- Jan – Apr, Jul – Sep; 1994:- Jun, Sep; 1995:- Feb, Jul, Aug, Oct; 1996 Feb, May; 1997:- Mar, Thelema Lodge, OTO 70 issues of large format leaflet, between 5pp and 11pp, usually the latter. Monthly Journal of Thelema Lodge of Caliphate OTO based in Berkely Califormia. Many reprints and original articles, plus news, notices of meetings etc Very Good Order No. 110294 #100

Various, Three different publications issue by Servants of the Star and Snake:- Ophidian Cirkle of Maat Vol.I No.2 Vira Vol.I Nos 2,3 & 4 Trident Vol. I No. 4; Vol. II No.2, 3, 4; Vol. III No.1 & 2, 1995-1997 10 items. Mostly 20pp leaflets, Ophidian Circkle of Matt is 12pp, Vira is less. The Servants of Star and Snake is a federation of Thelemic and Tantric inspired by Dadaji (founder of AMOOKAS) and Alain Daniulieu. These items were intended for members only. All articles are pseudonymous but contact sections show members include Donald Michael Kraig, Nicholaj Frisvold, James Martin (Abrasax) All Fine Order No. 110296 #60

Various, Waratah, No. 2, House 418 2004 Paperback 210pp 11ins x 8ins, Limited Ed. of 200 copies. Excellent journal produced by O.T.O. in Australia, edited by Oliva Dimitrije Mitevski. Has an article by Scot Burley and the results of group rituals but the vast majority of this issue is given over to the art and words of Barry Hale. Exaples of his artwork can be found here:-
The product is a visually striking work of occult art that is audacious in its design. New Order No. 84804 #25


3) Abbreviations
Ed = Edition; Fine = Fine (ie almost as new) G = Good (ie clearly secondhand); Illus. = Illustrated; LF = Large format; Ltd = Limited; nd = Not Dated; No. = Numbered; pp = Pages; Very Good (is soms signs of wear and age)


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