Crowley in Cornwall

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Crowley received a brief mention in yesterday’s UK Daily Telegraph, in an article about walking holidays.

At Tregerthen we passed below the row of cottages where DH Lawrence and his wife, Frieda, lived, loved and squabbled in poverty and misery during the First World War.

Lawrence with his straggly ginger beard, Midlands accent and reputation for writing outlandish filth proved too odd for the locals, while his wife’s German nationality engendered suspicions of spying. They were ejected humiliatingly in 1917.

Above the cottages rises the ridge of Higher Tregerthen, crowned with a couple of large houses set among wild rocks.

Here lived a disreputable acquaintance of the Lawrences, the occultist Aleister Crowley, “the wickedest man in the world”, much given to midnight cavortings with more or less willing maidens in the stone circles of the Cornish moors. Rupert Brooke’s ex-lover Ka Cox met her death here, some say as a result of Crowley exerting his nefarious powers.” View the whole article here:

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