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I mentioned this on a Forum post some time ago, but it bears repeating:

I’m aware that there sometimes appears to be a slant towards UK-based information on LAShTAL.COM, due mainly to the fact the that’s where the webmaster resides!

There must be far more information out there about Thelemic culture and media internationally that just isn’t reaching the site.

Visitors would be very grateful, I’m sure, to read media mentions of Thelema or Aleister Crowley from around the world.

If you see any clippings – online or otherwise – that you believe may be of interest to other visitors please send details using the “Submit News” menu option at the top left of every page. If you can include a scan of the article or a web address then that would be even better.

Likewise, if you or someone you know has produced something of potential Thelemic interest – musical, literary, artistic, whatever – then send in details and it’ll be seen by potentially thousands of interested individuals, including some of the most influential Thelemites about!

I will credit “clippers” by their LAShTAL.COM member name – although I’m perfectly happy to present information anonymously if you’d prefer.

It looks very much as if LAShTAL.COM is here to stay, as the definitive Thelemic culture and media website and as one of the most highly respected Crowleyan sites.

I look forward to hearing from you! Let’s continue to develop LAShTAL towards something quite extraordinary in Thelema: a non-partisan site of interest to many, Thelemites and non-Thelemites…

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