Dame Edna and Aleister

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I had an online chat with a LAShTAL.COM member a week or so ago, during which we discussed prominent Thelemites.

I mentioned that I understood that the comic genius Barry Humphries – better known as Dame Edna Everage – “seemed to me” to be a contender for the Thelemic label and that I’d heard a rumour many years ago that he’d bought some Crowley erotica from Jimmy Page.

Ever reliably, synchronicity pops up with a fascinating online article at unison.ie, being an interview with Mr Humphries:

“I have a friend in Northern Australia who skins toads, cane toads, huge things and poisonous. Some of them are hallucinogenic if you smoke them. I never have. I might start hopping from lily pad to lily pad. But I’ve got a bookbinder who will cover my books in toad. Not so much the children’s books, but the erotic books. I’ve asked for especially large toads because I have some large volumes of books by Aleister Crowley, which would be good bound in toad, and also some Baudelaire, some erotic stuff. The full article can be found here: http://www.unison.ie/entertainment/news/stories.php3?ca=228&si=1447050

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