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Caduceus Books
28 Darley Road
LE10 2RL
England, U.K.

Private premises, visitors welcome by appointment

Tel. 01455 250542 (+44 1455 250542 from abroad) Fax. 0870 0552982 (+44 870 0552982 from abroad) Webpages


1) A Forthcoming Events
2) Three Rare Xoanon Press items
3) A Small Selection of Items Relating to Occult Art
4) Two Crowley First Editions Reduced in Price
5) Secondhand Esoteric and Occult Magazines and Journals
6) Abbreviations
7) Payment Methods


1) A Forthcoming Events:-

Libra Aries Books
9 The Broadway, Mill Road
Cambridge CB1 3AH, U.K.
Tel: (01223) 412 411

Thursday 11th August from 7:30pm, Soiree to Celebrate One Year at present address.

Saturday 13th August at 2pm, Book Launch, Nigel Pennick, Natural Magic

Sunday 14th August at 2pm, Hersir the Runemaster – Norse Tales from the Nine Realms

Thursday 18th August at 6:30pm, Jean Dark – Domestic Bookbinding workshop

Sunday 21st August at 2pm, John Crow speaking on Native Shamanism

Thursday 25th August at 6:30pm, Tarot workshop – bring your favourite deck to “show & tell”


THE MERCIAN GATHERING 2-4th September 2005: Pagan camp in Warwickshire exploring the themes of harvest and completion. Three days of camping plus a full and varied programme of talks, workshops, rituals, sweat lodge, labyrinth, hot tubs and showers, wicker man, morris dancers, fire jugglers, entertainment, music, dance, archery, fencing, children’s corner, cafi, sacred procession, storytellers, bardic competition and much more. Speakers include Nigel Pennick, Anna Franklin, Bob Trubshaw, Sara Lee-Smith, Rudi Unt, Gary Nottingham and Wade White. Workshops include sacred dance with Amy Gill, shamanism and divination with Dave Smith, Qi Gong with Don Kavanagh, bardic workshop with Gary Breinholt, tarot with Mary Clarke and shamanic journeying with Phil Robinson. #35, children #12, under 6s free. For details send SAE to the Mercian Gathering, PO Box 12, Earl Shilton, Leics, LE9 7ZZ or visit or email


Treadwell’s Bookshop
34 Tavistock Street
Covent Garden,
London WC2E 7PB
Tel. 0207 240 8906

Saturday, August 20, 2-6 pm
Tomas Daradia, Tarot Archetypes and Experience. Drawing on Jungian Theory and shamanic paganism. Workshop #20.00 book in advance

Sunday, August 28, 11 am – 6pm,
Gemma Miles, Arts & Crafts of the Hedgewitch II Magical Fabric Dying With Natural Dyes. Utilised doctrine of correspondences for creation of robes, altar clothes etc.Workshop, book in advance #18.00

Tuesday, August 9, 7.15 for 7.30 pm start
Lisa Mead, Hoodoo: Living Folk Magic Practice, Lecture #5.00

Friday, August 26, 7.15 for 7.30 pm start
Julian Vayne, Psychogeography: Walking with Intent, Lecture #5.00

Thursday, September 1, 7.15 for 7.30 pm start
Daniel Lowe, Wilhelm Reich Reconsidered, Lecture #5.00

Thursday, September 8, 7.15 for 7.30 pm start
Gareth Knight, Introduction to Dion Fortune, Priestess of Magic, Lecture #5.00


2) Three Rare Xoanon Press items

Andrew Chumbley, Grimoire of the Golden Toad, Number 44 of a limited Ed of 77 64pp Full faux leather binding. The scarcest published Cultus Sabbatai book. It gives the ancient ritual involving the crucifixion of a toad that has been associated with the Guild of the Horseman’s Word. A homely yet handsome and talismanic production. Enclosed is the toadskin talisman and a blackthorn spike. Boards slightly bowed as is usual with this title, otherwise Fine. The scarcest and most soughtafter work of modern occultism. Order No. 110325 #1800

Andrew Chumbley, Qutub, Also Called the Point, Fulgur 1998, 80pp Drawing upon the Yatukih Sorcery of Nacient Persia, the Yezidic cult of Shaitan and the widdershin dance of the Sufi the author manifest an evocatory poem of 72 verses. Eleven talismanic illustrations and the Rite of the Opposer. The Sabbatic Craft expressed in Arabic terms. This particular copy is special having a full page inscription by the author utilising a special extended version of his usual magical name. Moreover as Magister of the Cultus Sabbatai he gives fraternal blessings to the initiatyes of the Tytphonian O.T.O. The inscription is embellished with various magical sigils including a unique form of “OTO”. This item represents a bridge between two major modern occult traditions Fine in Fine DW Order No. 110340 #790

Daniel Alvin Schulke, Ars Philtron, Concerning the Aqueous Cunning Of the Potion And Its Praxis in the Green Arte Magical, Xoanon 2001 Numbered Limited Edition of 144 copies, this being copy number 3 10ins x 7.5ins 144 pages each copy has a frontispiece which is one of 24 striking alchemical-sabbatic coloured images. On the reverse is one of six invocations. This means that each copy is different from any other! This is a very significant publication. Andrew chumbley has been articulating the tradition of the Cultus Sabbatai, the Sabbatic Craft. This is a manifestation of Tradition Witchcraft. It is particularly exciting that now other members of the Sabbatic Craft should be adding to the corpus of texts. This work explores the marriage of herbalism and alchemy in the Cultus Sabbatai tradition. The approach is practical. Clearly the author has thoroughly researched the concoctions described here. Powerful stuff! F Order No. 300563 #325


3) A Small Selection of Items Relating to Occult Art

Gavin Semple, Zos-Kia, An Introductory Essay on the Art & Sorcery of Austin Osman Spare, Fulgur 1995 52pp + 8pp Coloured Plates This being a deluxe clothbound copies in slipcase, curiously not signed by author. Now out of print and very soughtafter this highly respected work goes to the heart of Spare’s magick. It describes the development & use of the Alphabet of Desire, sigilisation, the Death Posture, Atavistic Resurgence and magical obsession. F+ in F+ DW in F+ slipcase Order No. 70251 #185

Kenneth & Steffi Grant & Austin Osman Spare, Zos Speaks, Fulgur 1999 Large format 11ins x 8ins 295pp + 22pp High quality coloured plated. One of only 31 copies signed by Kenneth and Steffi Grant and bound in cloth with slipcase. Intended for private distribution. It has the printed talisman of the Zos-Kia cultus by Steffi Grant enclosed in a purpose made black card folder with silk ribbon tie Mint in Fine DW in Fine slipcase Order No. 80230 #400

Gavin Semple, Study For A Portrait of Frank Letchford, Fulgur 2002, No. 30 of 45 copies signed by author and hardbound in cloth with dustywrapper and slpicase. 41pp Illustrated. Warm and well written account of one of Austin Osman Spare’s closest friends. The plates show illustrated axioms and philosophical speculations addressed to Mr. Letchford by Spare. Also one of the few magical steles created by Spare, this one a wedding gift to the Letchfords. Clearly Spare shared his thoughts with the man and this touching biography provides insights into the artist’s work. The book is elegantly designed and of course displays the high production values of the publisher. Fine in Fine DW in Fine slipcase Order No. 110328 #60

Various (re Austin Osman Spare), Austin Osman Spare, Artist, Occultist, Sensualist, Beskin Press 1999 Card covers large format 68pp Exhibition catalogue Many coloured illustrations of Spare works. Essays by Keith Richmond, Michael Staley, Sunny Shah, John Blanace, Frank Letchforth, Marcus Jungkurth, Roy Curtis-Bramwell F Order No. 100033 #20

Keith Richmond, The Occult Visions of Rosaleen Norton, Oceania Lodge O. T. O & Kings Cross Arts Guild 2000, Large format card covs 20pp Excellent essay describing artists life, plus photos of her and her pictures nine of which are reproduced in colour. Published to accompany an exhibition in Sydney M Order No. 300479 #12


4) Two Crowley First Editions Reduced in Price:-

Aleister Crowley, Gargoyles, Being Strangely Wrought Images of Life and Death, S.P.O.R.T. 1906 Numbered Limited Edition of 50, this being number 43. (unsigned) Small format (6.5ins x 4ins) vi + 113pp. Card covers in parchment wraps, the parchment gilt blocked with the title. Rubicated title pages and embellisments in red on two other pages. The poems are divided into two sections, one being images of life the other images of death. Crowley had two rooms thus dedicated in his London flat, to the consternation of visiting workmen. The parchment is discoloured but opverall Very Good with some pages uncut Obviously very scarce Order No. 310001 #390

Aleister Crowley, Moonchild, A Prologue, Mandrake 1929 1st Ed 335pp Crowley’s best occult fiction dealing with an important formula, also delighfully libellous as real people pop up in deeply uncomplimentry guises! Endpapers somewhat browned and very slight spotting to page edges but Very Good copy in the scarce and highly soughtafter Beresford Egan dustwrapper.There is some wear to the dustwrapper – please email for jpg image showing condition. Order No. 310016 #395


5) Magazines & Journals

Raymond Lamont Brown, Witchcraft – Antiques of the Occult, in Antiques Journal Vol.29 No.10, 1974 5pp illustrated article in 74pp magazine Good + Order No. 110147 #10

Kadmon, Aorta, Nos.1, 4, 9 & 14, also Ahnstern VII, Schwarze Sonne, Early 1990s Six card covered booklets from 16pp to 28pp, illustrated. Plus various inserts. Mostly in Germa but with substantial sections in English. Quite elegantly designed. Poems and factual articels dealing with shamanism and esoteric themes with some sinister undertones. Included an brief typed letter signed plus postcard to John Balance All F Order No. 300438 #25

Clifford Bax & Austin Osman Spare (Editors), The Golden Hind, Vol.I Nos 1- 4, Cahpman & Hall 1922 – 23 1st Ed Very large format (15ins x 11ins) A complete run of volume one which stands alone and is the more desirable.
No 1(iv) + 48pp has 8 illustrations by Spare most printed in monochrome colour including the New Eden a 12ins x 18ins lithograph.
No.2 (iv) + 40pp has two illustrations by Spare printed in monochrome colour
No.3 40pp has two illustrations by spare including 15ins x 11ins lithograph printed onto a coloured background
No.4 40pp has two bookplate illustrations by Spare printed in monochrome colour
Two inserts enclosed, one descibing volume two the other a work by Haydn Mackay. There is light foxing to the pages of No.1, otherwise VG all others are in VG condition Order No. 110316 #375

Amrita, No.3, Puella Camp OTO 1995 Large format illustrated 30pp card covers This issue noted for 7pp article the \Adumbrations of Baphomet by David Fenton-Hall. This copy has stamp of the Pangenetor Lodge OTO A little creased VG- Order No. 98080 #8

Crash Collusion No. 8, Not dated Large format 50pp card covers; Paul Rydeen; Psychedelics and Ritual; Legacy of German Sexual Mysticsims; etc F Order No 300623 #10

Various / Anon, Dragon Rouge, Various Publications, 2000 – 2004 Internal publicatiosn and correspondence course of a magical order active in Sweden, Germany, Poland and Italy (16 items):- Cauda Draconis, large format leaflet, mostly Order news:- No.3, 1999 14pp Black Sun over Europe; Hegel and the Left Hand Path; Thagirion (Qlippoth) No. 1, 2000 18pp Herakleitos & Non-Platonic Esoteric; Magic & politics; Dark Mysteries in Africa No. 2, 2001, 19pp Walborg; Alberto Brandi – the Hawk and The Feather, Some Hints of Discussion about Aeonics Dracontias, large format leaflet Order news etc:- No.4, 2002, 18pp Thomas Karlsson – Gothic Magic; Av Meg – Theory of Humours in the Renaissance, View of Man as Microcosm No.1, 2003, 25pp Johan Nilsson – Abbe Boulan and the Succubi of the Symbolists; Malin Fitger – Kundalini; Ad Dalvich – The Dark Side of Slavic Lore No.1, 2003 24pp, Thomas Karlsson – The Adulruna and Year 2012 / Sitra Ahra, the Evil of the Qabalah; Ad Dalvich – The Dark Side of Slavic Lore IV; No.3, 2003 22pp Thomas Karlsson – The rune Cross and the Seven Chakras / Qulippotic Path Workings, the Seven rune Initiation in Esoteric Gothism; Meg Patrzyk – Demonic, Natural and Qabalistic Magic in the European Renaissance No.4, 2003 28pp Thomas Karlsson – Dragon Rouge and Draconian Inititation; etc
No.1 2004 24pp Thomas Karlsson – Goetic Experiences / Tarot Cards, Runes and Paths etc
No.2 2004 22pp Meg – The Vision of Chaos and cosmic Space in the Necronomicon and Cthulhu Mythos; Av Wulvarich – D.H. Lawrence and the reawakening of the Dark Gods
Magic Course Letter No.1 12pp; Letter No.2 7pp; Letter No.3 9pp; Letter 4 12pp; Letter No.5 10pp; Letter No.6 10pp Order No. 110322 #60

Fenris Wolf 2, Ed. Carl Abrahamsson, Card covers 103pp Psychic Release 1991 Intelligent journal of occult & extreme culture, satanism etc. Contributions by Kenneth Anger, Anton LaVey, Lionell Snell Genisis P.Orridge Fine Order No. 3145 #12

Fragments, Dreams from R’lyeh. The Official Publication of the E.’.O.’.D No.1, R’lyeh Lodge of Esoteric Order of Dagon 1991 LF card covs 44pp Fine Order No. 300354 #30

Gnosis, A Journal of Western Inner Traditions, published by Lumin Foundation, large format, glossy card covers. Each issue concentrates upon a theme. Some good articles:-
No.4:- Heresies and Heretics, 1987 Order No. 110277 #4
No.6 Secret Societies, 56pp VG Order No. 110280 #4
No.7 Esoteric Spirituality, 64pp VG Order No. 110280 #4 No. 8 Alchemy, 64pp VG Order No. 110281 #4
No.9 Northern Mysteries, Grail, Dion Fortune, 64pp VG Order No. 110282 #4 No. 22 Dreams, 1992 84pp VG Order No. 110305 #4 No. 25:- Groups and Comunities, 1992 88pp VG Order No. 110278 #4 No. 28:- One God or Many, 1993 88pp Very Good Order No. 110278 #4 No. 31 Russia and Eastern Europe, 1994 88pp Very Good + Order No. 110279 #4 No. 36 Inner Planes, 1995 VG Order No. 110300 #4 No. 40 Hermeticism, 1996 Order No. 110301 #4 No. 43:- Love, Sacred and Profane, 1997 88pp VG Order No. 110279 #4 No. 49 The New Age?, 1998 72pp VG Order No. 110302 #4 No. 50 Good and Evil, 1999 80pp VG Order No. 110303 #4 No. 51 The Grail, 1999 70pp VG Order No. 110304 #4

I-Was, A Journal of Arcadian Disturbances No. 3, Not dated Limited Edition of 70 copies. Large format card covers 80pp. Stream of consciouness Thelema. Independent F Order No. 300385 #12 No. 4, 1988 Large format card covers 85pp Illustrated Thelemic stream of conscious material, illustrated VG Order No. 300384 #12

Journal for the Academic Study of Magic, Issue 2, Mandrake of Oxford 2004 Paperback 387pp Justin Goodman – Modernity & the Social Diagnostics of the Demonic in Lovecraftian Magic; Vanessa Chambers – A Shell With My Name on It – The Reliance on the Supernatural During the First World War; Filipovic & Rader – Human Body in Southern Slavic Folk Sorcery; Lionel Snell – Four Glases of Water; Dave Evans – Trafficking with an ‘onslaught of compulsive weirdness, Kenneth Grant and the Magickal Revival etc Excellent stuff! Fine Order No. 26005 #12

Khabs, Official Organ of the Ordo Templi Orientis Vol.III Nos. 3 & 4, 1990 Each being a folded sheet giving 4pp leaflet, large format with illustrated cover. Published by the Typhonian OTO headed by Kenneth Grant. Articles are Frater Ani Asig 375 – “The central concern of magick” / The Arrow of Thelema; Frater Sadachtor 645 A Qabalistic Solution of Liber Al vel Legis II 76; Frater Kephra-ma-Ast 481 “The types of extraterrestial intelligences” Also Order notices (appointments etc), book news etc VG Order No. 80224 #10

Khabs, No.1, 1978 24pp Illustrated leaflet. Magazine of Typhonian OTO in USA Official Statement Concerning the O.T.O. plus other material explaining the typhonian point of view. Also reprints Achad’s Setpping Out of the Old Aeon into the New G Order No. 300461 #20

Various, Lamp of Thoth, Lively and irreverent occult journal Vol.III No.2, S.A. not dated 64pp card covers lively magazine Stephen Waters – Underground Music and Initiation. L.P.Carter – An Analysis of Zos (Austin Osman Spare) VG Order No. 300320 #6 Vol.III No.5, SA Not Dated (c 1985) 56pp card covers Fr. Ereburus – liber Cthulhu; Lionel Snell – Charlatan or Magus the Paradox of the Trickster; Karl Woods – Homosexuality & Black magic; L. P Carter – An Analysis of Zos part IV; Incubi & Succubi; Joel Birocco – Premonition Saves Readers Life G only Order No. 300331 #5 Vol.III No.6, SA nd (1980’s) 56pp Bklt Stephen Sennitt – Too Much Cthulhu & Too Little Magic; Dave Myatt (O.N.A.) – the Approach of the dark Gods; Mike Howard – the Druidic Alphabet etc. Some marks to cover G+ Order No. 300325 #5 Vol.IV No.2, SA nd (1987?) Bklt 56pp Has lively articles on Chaos Magic, also FS, Northern pagan tradition etc F Order No. 300322 #5

ORCRO, Nos. 1 & 3, 1989 Two 24pp large format leaflets. Occult response to Christian allegations of ritual abuse etc. VG Order No. 300418 #10

T.N.T., The New Journal of Psychosexual, Kepranu-Hadit 1981 30pp Illus Bklt Thelemic journal with contributions by members of the Typhonian OTO VG Order No. 2989 #6

The Cauldron, No. 115, 2005 44pp large format leaflet. This issue includes:-Chas Clifton – Everywhere & Nowhere The 1734 Tradition in America; Michael Howard – Ritual Murder in the Cotswolds; WE.W. Liddell – Pickinghill Craft Revisited; Fine Order No. 99173 #4

The London Forum incorporating The Occult Review, a continuation of the Occult Review which for a period operated under the auspices of the London Forum It continued to be published by Rider and continued to be exclusively concerned with esotericism and occultism.
Vol. LIX No.2, March 1934 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Articles Include:- Charles King – The Orphic Tradition; V. Talayarka – Dream Consciousness and the Astral Plane; S.S. Fox – A Psychic Adventure in Paris. Letter from William Kingsland, book review by Ethel Archer. Full page advert for Fraternity of Inner Light Good + Order No. 110229 #10 Vol. LIX No. 5, May 1934 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Articles Include:- A Bothwell Gosse – The Magic Tree; A.J. Appasamy – Ecstasy and Union With God; Horace Leaf – Foundations of Clairvoyance. Book review by Ethel Archer Good Order No. 110230 #10 Vol. LIX No.6, June 1934 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Articles Include:- W. Raffe – Bull-Fights and Bull-Sacrifices; Alice Cunningham – Singer in Ancient Babylon; Clifford Potter – In Waters of Lethe. Full page advert giving Fraternity of Inner Light activities, lectures etc Good Order No. 110234 #10 Vol. LX No. 2, Aug. 1934 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Articles Include:- R. Bruce Mystery of Evil; Charles King – Heraclitus, the Forerunner; Rev. Walter Wynn – The Meaning of the Second Low Pyramid Passage. Clare Cameron – The Inner Shrine. Full page advert giving Fraternity of Inner Light activities, lectures etc Good + Order No. 110235 #10 Vol. LX No. 6, Dec. 1934 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Articles Include:- Philip Wellby – Mandragora (legends of mandrake); W.Raffe – Sacred Bull; R. Iram – Angelic Hierachies; Madame Jelihovsky – My Sister, H. P. Blavatsky (sister’s view of Madame Blavatsky); Merry – Sleep and the Nature of Man. Two book reveiws by Ethel Archer Good + Order No. 110237 #12 Vol. LXI No. 3, March 1935 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Articles Include:- Brotherhood of Mount Shasta; Cliffor Potter – Symptoms of Astral projection; Madame Jelihovsky – My Sister – Madame Blavatsky; Madame Renee – Is Projection to Mars Possible? Good + Order No. 110237 #10 Vol. LXI No. 4, April 1935 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Articles Include:- Madame Jelihovsky – My Sister – Madame Blavatsky; E.j. Langford- Garston – The Chaldean Oracles; Sidney Arnold – Sceances in Soviet Russia; W.G. Raffe – Modern Miracle Plays Very Good Order No. 110238 #12 Vol. LXI No. 5, May 1935 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Articles Include:- Madame Jelihovsky – My Sister – Madame Blavatsky; ; Herbert thurston – Some Early Poltergeist Disturbences; D. Raghubir Singh – Mysticism of the Tantras Very Good Order No. 110239 #12 Vol. LXI No. 6, June 1935 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Articles Include:- Madame Jelihovsky – My Sister – Madame Blavatsky; Ethel Archer – poetry of A.E. Waite some dampstaining to covers G Order No. 110240 #9 Vol. LXII No.1, July 1935 Card covers, approx. 78pp. Articles include Dion Fortune – How Ritual Works; Mme Jelihovsky – My Sister Madame Blavatsky; Jean Delaire – Old Testament Apocrypha Very Good Order No. 110259 #25

Various, Man, Myth & Magic, Purnell 1971 Ed Richard Cavendish, Excellent encyclopedia of the esoteric & occult. Contributors inc. Geoffrey Ashe, C.A.Burland, Katherine Briggs, Christina Hole, Kenneth Grant (who contributes 12 articles), some illustrations by Steffi Grant, Francis King, Kathleen Raine, Eric Maple, H.R.Ellis Davidson etc Issued as a monthly magazine, a total of 3152pp large format with profuse coloured illustrations in the seven folders originally provided by publisher Fine Order No. 300208 #90

Mandragore, Vol. III No.2, Grove of Star & Snake 1978 Card covered booklet, 11ins x 9ins 36pp Illustrated No. 117 of Limited Edition of 151 Typhonian / Maatian journal very influenced by Kenneth Grant. Homely production values Scarce Back cover loose but otherwise sound G+ Order No. 300381 #35

The New Equinox, British Journal of Magick, Vol.5 Part 2, Kaaba 1980 Card covers 12ins x 8ins Illus Bklt 40pp Thelemic journal which based claims to be articulating an A.’.A.’. lineage based on revelations concerning Eglish gemetria. Some members associated with the Free Festivals movement in UK.Jake Stratton-Kent, Demon Kings & Lemegetton; John Deacon, the Abyss; Psilocybe Semilanceata, Brother Pan; Stefan Dajnowicz, War Engine of Thelema; Golden Verses of Pythagoras (Crowley’s translation) VG Order No. 5378 #15

Jenny Nicholson, The Man Who Chose Evil, in Picture Post, 17th Nov. 1955 5pp Illustrated article Magazine rather worn Good only Order No. 110321 #12

The Occult Observer, Vol.II No.1, 1992 Large format, card covers, illustrated 63pp. Leo Vinci – Gmicalzoma /Neptune-Poiseidon; Jere Reyes-Baker – Voodoo; Peter Carroll – Aromatherapy; Ross Nchols – Archetypes of Hindu Myth; Rita Smith – Dakini etc F Order No. 98072 #7.50

The Occult Review, remarkable journal published by Rider and edited by Ralph Shirley, commenced in 1905 and continued into the Second World War. The premier occult journal reflects the prominent manifestations of occultism of the day. It is very interesting to see currents and groups and authors known today in a contempory context. The adverts too can be of interest. During the second two decades of the century there was a US edition (often in blue rather than the usual brick red wraps) which appeared a month after the UK edition which can lead to confusion as to when an article appears. The following copies are from the collection of Hereward Carrington.
Vol X No.3, US Sept. 1909 Approximately 54pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- A.E. Waite – Shadows About the Throne (concerning Vintras and Abbe Boulan who operated a heretical Catholicism evincing a sexual-gnosis; C. Worster- Drought & L.F.Newman – Survivals of Old Magical Customs in Britain; Waite reviews John Yarker’s Arcane Schools; letter from Franz Hartmann. dampstaing, slight mould damage, less than Good Order No. 110154 #5
Vol. XI No.2, US Feb 1910 Approximately 54pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- Franz Hartmann – Cagliostro; Ernest Newlandsmith – Secret Holy Assembly Within the Church; H. Stanley Redgrove- the belief in Talismans; A.m. Judd – Star Worshippers dampstained, delicate Order No. 110155 #6 Vol. XIV No. 6, US Dec. 1911 Approximately 54pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- Eva Martin – The Phantom Door; H. Stanley Redgrove – The Human Aura; S.H.P. – The Point worn reading copy Order No. 110159 #5 Vol. XV No. 1, US Jan. 1912 Approximately 54pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- Franz hartmann – Some Remarks About the Spirits of Nature; M.S. – About Guardian Angels; Lewes – old Stories About the Supernatural in Wales Reading copy Order No. 110158 #5 Vol. XX No.5, US Dec. 1914 Approximately 54pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- Mary Lewes – Second Sight in the War; Vere Shortt – Black Magic; G.M Hort – Religious Symbolism of the Hand. Covers detached, dampstaining reading copy Order No. 110160 #5 Vol. XXV No.4, US. April 1917 Approximately 54pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- Seer of Nature Spirits (Tom Charman of New Forest)’ A.E. Waite – Aconite Reading copy Order No. 110163 #5
Vol. XXV No.5, US May 1917 Approximately 54pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- A.E. Waite – The Doris Case, A Study in Multiple Personality; H.G.B. – Lycanthropy;. Pages browned, covers worn and delicate Order No. 110162 #7
Vol. XXV No.6, US June 1917 Card covers. Approx 78pp. Articles include:- Brodie-innes – Witchcraft; Katherien Cox – Superstitions Concerning Precious Stoines; C. Sheridan Jones – The Actor and the Occult covers worn and chipped Reading copy + Order No. 110265 #5 Vol XXVI No.2, US August 1917 Approximately 54pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- Frederick Thurstan – Gods of Luck in Ancient Rome; A.E. Waite – Everlasting Future; Irene Toye-Warner – Australian Aboriginal Medicne Men and Psychic Healing. Letter from Montague Summers pages browned covers worn and delicate Order No. 110164 #5 Vol XXX No.3, US Sept. 1919 Approximately 64pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- R.B Ince Mesmer and the Magnetic Hypothesis; Reginald Span – Occult Significance of Precious Stones; Bernard Fielding – Heart in Mysticism and Magic worn reading copy Order No. 110167 #5 Vol. XXX No. 4, US Oct 1919 Approximately 64pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- Lewis Spence – The Familiar, its Nature and Origin; J.W. Brodie- Innes – A Haunted Church in Munich; A.E. Waite – Mystical Realisation; Ikbal Ali Shah – Charms Spells and Divination of Afghanistan covers worn Order No. 110168 #8.50 Vol. XXX No. 6, US Dec. 1919 Approximately 64pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- J. W. Brodies-Innes – Lady Faustine (poem); Leslie Keene – Stellar Influencdes; Bernard Fielding – Moon in Magic and Religion worn reading copy Order No. 110169 #5 Vol. XXXI No. 1, US Jan 1920 Approximately 64pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- James Forrester-Brpown – the Serpemnt Symbol in Genesis; F. Foster – Serbian Customs; Philip Redmond – Some Ghosta dn Demon Stories; Harry Scruton – The World Mother wear to covers pages browned G- Order No. 110170 #8 Vol. XXXI No. 2, US Feb. 1920 Approximately 54pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- R.B. Span – Phenomina in Sacred Spaces; H. Stanley Redgrove – Occultism and the Atomic Theory; Ikbal Ali Shah – Sufism in Afghanistan worn reading copy Order No. 110171 #5 Vol. XXXI No. 4, US April 1920 Approximately 54pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- M. Lewes – Fairy Faith in Wales; Herbert Adams – Future of Occultism; Margaret M’Coll – Folklore of Our Common Trees; Meredith Star – My Dreams covers worn and fragile pages browned Order No. 110172 #6 Vol. XXXI No. 6, US June 1920 Approximately 64pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- J.W. Brodie-Innes – Some Psychic Memories; B.R. Rowbottom – Belief Custom and Magic; Oliver Fox – Beyond the Pineal Gland; Julius Lachner – The Problem of the Tarot Card (refers to Golden Dawn attributions before advancing an original system of Kabbalistic and astrological attributions) worn reading copy Order No. 110174 #6 Vol. XXXI No. 6, US June 1920 Approximately 64pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- J.W. Brodie-Innes – Some Psychic Memories; B.R. Rowbottom – Belief Custom and Magic; Oliver Fox – Beyond the Pineal Gland; Julius Lachner – The Problem of the Tarot Card (refers to Golden Dawn attributions before advancing an original system of Kabbalistic and astrological attributions) worn reading copy Order No. 110174 #6 Vol. XXXII No. 1, US July 1920 Approximately 64pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- A.P. Sinnett – The Superphysical Aspect of Set; Edmund Russell – The Secret Doctrine, Personal Recollections of Madame Blavatsky; M. Lewes – Bird Lore and Superstition; Leopold Montagu – A Mysterious Discovery in Derbyshire worn covers, paper browning delicate Order No. 110175 #6 Vol. XXXII No.5, US Nov. 1920 Approximately 64pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- Franz Anton Mesmer; Helen Nelson – Tea Leaf Reading; Charles Davis – Soul of the Celt covers rather worn Good only Order No. 110181 #6
Vol. XXXIII No.3, US March 1921 Approximately 64pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- William Kingsland – Mysticism and Rational;ism; Lewis Spence – Atlantis and the Maya Civilisation; Angel Martyn – Spirit Projection. Advert for two sets of Crowley’s Equinox!. Front cover detached, rear cover absent, reading copy Order No. 110179 #5
Vol. XXXIV No. 3, US Sept. 1921 Approximately 64pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- H. Stanley Redgrove – Occultism and Modern Science; M.M.M. – Concerning Animals, Birds and Insects; D.S. Godwin – Ghosts; C.M. – Detection of Murder Through A Dream; F. Fielding-Ould – Jeane of Arc; Philip Maleod – – Some Dangerous Apparitions. Front cover detached, worn reading copy Order No. 110178 #5
Vol. XXXIV No. 4, US Oct. 1921 Approximately 64pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- Ethel Archer – The Unfinished Prayer Mat; Lee French Occultism and Art; F.S. Coryn – Riddle of Manifestation; Sirdar Irkbal Ali Shah – Occult Lore of Burma; letter from Arthur Conan Doyle. Review of Freemasonry and the Ancient Gods by A.E.Waite worn covers detached, reading copy Order No. 110176 #5 Vol. XXXV No.1, US Jan. 1922 Card covers. Approx 78pp. Articles include:- J. Allsopp – A Cumberland Witch; J. Ellam – Buddhist Occultism; Rosa Barrett – St. Brigid or St. Mary of the Gael; Georges de Dubor – Medical magnetism covers worn and detached, reading copy Order No. 110274 #5 Vol. XXXV No. 3, US March 1922, Card covers. Approx 78pp. Articles include:- J. W. Brodie-Innes – Concerning Obsessions; Sirdar Ikbal Ali Shah – Fairies of the East; Lewis Spence – Story of Atlantis; G.L. Becton – Witchcraft In Our Village In The Last Centurary; W.N. Neill – Abrahadabra. Letter from Arthur Conan Doyle, covers worn internally sound Order No. 110276 #8
Vol. XXXV No. 5, US May 1922 Approximately 64pp card covers, illustrated. This edition’s articles include:- F.A. Lamprill – Language; R.B. Ince – Magnetic Theories of the Marquis de Puysegur; A.E. Waite -Great Gnostic Miscellany; J. H. Power – Surce of the River Lethe. Advert for Brotherhood of Light, offshoot of Hermetic Brotherhood of Light operated by A.S. Raleigh. Covers chipped and worn, espeically over spine, otherwise sound Good Order No. 110177 #10
Vol. XXXV No.6, US June 1922 Card covers. Approx 78pp. Articles include:-D. Goodwin – The Communion of Saints; H. Dallas – A Study of Hauntings; H. Stanley Redgrove – In Defence of Alchemy; Vivian Tidmarsh – Clothes that Inspire Terrible Dreams. Letter from Isabelle de Steiger. Two book reviews by A.E. Waite covers worn, internall sound Good Order No. 110269 #9 Vol. XXXVI No. 1, UK July 1922 Card covers. Approx 78pp. Articles include:- H. Stanley Redgrove – John Varley, Artist and Astrologer; H. ernest Hunt – Mysticism of Shelley; William Gillespie – Royal Healers; Constance Frost – Haunted Houses and Exorcism. Two book reviews by A.E. Waite. Covers fragile and worn, internally sound Order No. 110271 #8
Vol.XXXVII No. 3, US March 1923 Approx. 60pp card covers illustrated. This issue includes:- A.C. (not Crowley) – Some Personal Experiences of a Psychic Nature; Eva martin – To Saturn, the Dak Angel; Lewis Spence- More Light Upon Atlantis, Novel and Startling Theories; J.S.M. ward – Roman Catholicism and Freemasonry; S. Foster Damon – The Evidence for Literal Transmutation. Dampstaining, covers worn, delicate Order No. 110185 #8
Vol. XXXVII No. 5, US May 1923 Approx. 60pp card covers illustrated. This issue includes:- H.Stanley redgrove – A Master of Magic, Alphonse Louis Constant (Eliphas Levi); A.E. Waite – Comte de Saint- Germain as an Occult Personity; Bernard Fielding – The Castle of Glamis and the Supernatural in Scotland Half page advert for books of Frater Achad. Covers and some pages rather manky, a reading copy Order No. 110186 #6
Vol. XXXVII No. 6, US June 1923 Card covers. Approx 78pp. Articles include:- H. Stanley redgrove – Herb Magic; Maunsell Tyrell – Mysticism of Alice Meynell; J. W. Brodie-Innes – Story of the Sword; A.E. Waite – Legend of the Horse dampstained reading copy Order No. 110270 #5 Vol. XLII No.6, US Dec. 1925 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Articles include:- G. Baseden Butt – Mysticism, the Basis for World Unity; A Buckland-Plummer – the Ordeals of Occultism; Christine Crossland Taylor – Rosicrucian View of Initiation; H. Stanley redgrove – New Researches in the Physical Phenomina of Spiritualism. Letter from Arthur Conan Doyle. Small ad for books by Frater Achad A bit manky, worn Order No. 110206 #7 Vol. XLIII No. 6, US June 1926 Card covers. Approx 78pp. Articles include:- A. Summers – Utility of Dreams; William Kingsland – Madame Blavatsky and the Secret Doctrine; William Loftus Hare – Greek Idea of the Soul; Some dampstaing Good Order No. 110261 #10 Vol. XLIV No.4, US Sept. 1926 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Articles include:- Edward Lawrence – The Occult Significance of Oaths; H. Tabor – Sword of the Spirit; A.E. Waite – Raymond Lully; Lewis Spence – Kalevala, Mythology of Finlanmd; Brother Andrew – Order of the Sons of God (Melchezedek); Philip Welby – Occultism and Science dampstained Good only Order No. 110203 #7 Vol. XLV No. 6, US June 1927 Card covers. Approx 78pp. Articles include:- Josephine Verlage – Redemption of Mephistopheles; W. Feazey – Spectre Dogs; T.C Bridges – Witchcraft Today. Review of Dion Fortune’s Secrets of Dr. Taverner dampstaining to covers but Good Order No. 110273 #10 Vol. XLVIII No. 3, UK Sept. 1928 Card covers. Approx 78pp. Articles include:- Allan Neville Taylor – Avatars of Ishtar, Philip Harrison – Hammer of Witches; Thomas Foster – John Bunyon; Tudor Morgan – Speed and the Fourth Dimension dampstaining Good Order No. 110267 #7 Vol. LXIII No.1, January 1936 Card covers approx 78pp illustrated. Articles Include:- E.J. Langford-Garstin – Astrology and Alchemy; H. Stanbley Redgrove – Smell; W.G. Raffe – Works of Madame Blavatsky (missing ms?) dampstained reading copy Order No. 110232 #5 Vol. LXV No. 2, April 1936 Card covers approx 78pp. Articles include:- A. gardner – Serialism in Relation to Telepathy; Helen Boulnois – Preparing for Kundalini; V. Charlemagne – Supernormal Sense of Birds and Animals; Colin Cllout – Morroan Legends about Djinn Good Order No. 110248 #10 Vol. LXIII No. 3, July 1936 Card covers approx 78pp. Articles include:- John Brown – Balkan Magic Today; Levitation Scientifically Accomplished; Henderson – Rationale of Avatars; Blavatsky’s Psychic Smokescreen. Book review by Ethel Archer. Adverts for Mein Kampf and Mussolini’s autobiography dampstaining and spotting Order No. 110244 #6 Vol. LXV No. 4, Oct. 1936 Card covers approx 78pp. Articles include:- G.M. Hort – magical operations of Dr. John Dee; Col Braghine – Mysticism of the Zodiac; L. Strong – Vision & Trth (dreams); Ernest Wykes – Solar, Lunar and Planetary Radiations some dampstaining and wear Order No. 110249 #7 Vol. LXIV No.3, July 1937 Card covers approx. 80pp Articles include J. Courtenay Ja,es – Greatest of Initiates; Felix Guyot – Yoga and Its Psychological Basis; Ralph Shirley – Problem of Dream Interpretation; Bernard Bromage – Tantric Magic; Editorial – Brotherhood and Internationalism; Max Freedom Long – Spiritual healing in Polynesia; William Loftus Hare – Shri Meyer Baba Order No. 110324 #12 Vol. LXIV No.4, Oct. 1937 Card covers approx. 80pp Articles include S. Sarna – Evidential Value of Automatism; F.W. Rixon – Personal Investigations Into Telepathy; Philip Eschbach – Occultism and Initiation; F.J. Robinson – Problem of Emergent Life; E. Gibbes – Suicides; H. Hunt Gribb – Some Irish Hauntings. Card covering spine worn otherwise Good Order No. 110323 #8 Vol. LXV No.1, Jan 1938 Card covers. Approx 78pp. Articles include:- Ralph Shirley – Witches and Witchcraft; Philip Eschbach – Occultism and Initiation; Alta Piper – Some Avoidable Pitfalls in Psychic Research some damp staing to spine but Good + Order No. 110272 #10 Vol No. LXV No.3, July 1938 Card covers. Approx 78pp. Articles include:- P. Bowen – An African Black Sabbath; Col. Braghine – Primeval & Popular Occultism; Rev. Edward Lanmgton – Child Witches; Ralph Shirley – Pineal Door; Felix Guyot – Prana covbers dampstained but Good Order No. 110263 #8 Vol. LXVI No. 1, Jan 1939 Card covers approx 78pp. Articles include:- Lewis Spence – Fairy Folk and Second Sight; Melchior – Secret of Alchemy Rediscovered; Geoffrey Hodson – Psychic Powers and World Crisis Part I. 3pp review of Regardie’s Philosopher’s Stone Some damp damage Order No. 110250 #6 Vol. LXVI No. 2, April 1939 Card covers approx 60pp. Articles include:- Geoffrey Hodson – Psychic Powers and World Crisis Part II; Bernard Bromage – Occult and the Art of Detection; H. Stanley redgrove – Book of Formation; Felix guyot – Prana and Metaphysical Phenomina some dampstaining Order No. 110251 #6 Vol. LXVI No. 4, Oct. 1939 Card covers approx 60pp. Articles include:-Col. Braghine – Rhabdomancy; H. Hamilton – The Occult Side of Poetry; h. Woodman – Egyptian Ka and the Etheric Body; Colin Bennett – Dream as a Cosmic Matrix dampstaining, reading copy Order No. 110257 #5

C.P. Ravilious (re Aleister Crowley), Aleister Crowley, A Life in Chess, Chess Monthly Dec. 1997. 6pp article in large fomat 12ins x 8ins card covers 46pp illustrated journal. The author, with the assistance of the Warburg Institute, ploughed through Crowley’s diaries and the biographies for all mentions of chess. He also examined the records of the various chess clubs that Crowley joined, interviewed some still living who played him and discovered that for 6 months in 1894 Crowley edited a chess column in his local paper. The young Crowley endeavoured to galvanise the local club into achieving greatess. The result, according to Crowley, “fell short of breaking up the club, but not by very far”. Readers were weekly treated to a commentary on members deficiences and accounts of Crowley’s brilliance. They would be unlikely to notice the occassional classic match of a recognised master, passed off as though Crowley’s own. Because every move of a competition game would be noted, it is possible for the modern chess expert to objectively judge Crowley’s claims as to his abilities. A photograph of the Eastbourne chess club from the early 1890’s is reproduced, showing a young man who might be Crowley, plus another of him playing the Portugese poet Fernando Pessoa around 1930. The chess gives Ravilious a window upon Crowley’s life, which provides a perceptive and unvarnished view F Order No. 41023 #10

The Sistrum, Official Instrument of the Hermetic & Alchemical Order of QBLH; Vol.! No.1, Summer Solstice 1998 Paperback 87pp Order founded by William Webb (1919-97) An independant Thelemite with affinities to Grant, EQ & others Of interest F Order No. 5496 #12

The Spectrum, No. 4, Bywood 1975 Card covers 10ins x 8ins 36pp Articles include Victor Blake – Alesiter 666 Crowley (5pp); Dr. Arthur Leverette – Magic I; Paul Screeton – Sacred Alignements of Britain; Mike Howard – Shadows of Avalon II etc F Order No. 97096 #8

Star and Snake, Barbara Collins 1984 Card covers 11ins x 9ins 92pp Illustrated. Articles include Philip Deitch – the Cult of the Phoenix anf the Dark Qabalahs of Nu-Set; Brian Dragon – The Hidden Kingdom (Pictish and Elven Witchcraft / Towards a Pictish Tree of Life. Artwork/poems etc. The dedication to Aossic Aiwaz and other signals indicate that this publication is inspired by the Typhonian OTO, surprising as it comes from Berkeley, California F Order No. 100416 #25

The Storm, Issue 16-17 (combined), Mackay Society 1986-8 Card covers 50pp. Mackay (1864 – 1933) was an author and advocate of anarchism & gay liberation. This interesting journal has 4pp leaflet of publications by Mackay Society F Order No. 300626 #13.5

Thee Kali Circle, T.O.P.Y. Heart 1991 1st Ed 34pp booklet Illus. Includes Starry Wisdom by Linda Falario, an account of an exploration of the Nightside of the Tree of Life as described by Kenneth Grant F Order No. 3994 #12

Turbelent Times, Emanations of the 23 Current No. 7 Occulture; Heresy; Knitting, Turbelence not dated 20pp large format leafelt associated with TOPY VG Order No. 300622 #6

Two Worlds, A Literary Quarterly Devoted to the Increase of the Gaiety of Nations. Vol. II No.5, Samuel Roth 1926 Large format 94pp card covers. Limited Edition of 500 copies. This issue reproduces farwell to Synthesis by Austin Osman Spare. Front hinge repaired with yellowing tape Good+ Order No. 110299 #15

Udolpho, The Magazine of the Gothic Society, Spring 1996, Large format, card covers. Illustrated 32pp F Order No. 300415 #5

No.15, Not Dated (c1983 Large format 32pp card covers Illustrated Anarchist journal, Church of the Sub Genius, early Viz etc VG Order No. 99155 #4 No. 16/17 Psychic Terrorism Annual, Not Dated c 1984? Large format card covers 99pp Illustrated 48pp relating to Psychic TV and its concerns. Underground punk-anarcho-occultism F Order No. 99151 #10
No.18/19 Programming Phenomina and Conspiracy Theory, 1986 Large format 148pp Illustrated. Anarcho-conspiracy theory Very Good Order No. 110137 #10

Verdelet, Nos. 1 – 13, 2002-2005, Large format each issue being 20pp. A complete run of this excellent pagan journal with a good eye for that which is significant and important. Intelligent articles and interviews, the latter including Mike Howard, Suzanne Ruthvern, Lois Bourne, Evan John Jones, Professor Ron Hutton, Daniel Schulke. An excellent opportunity to catch up with this lively journal Order No. 110328 #25

Vitriol, Not Dated (c 1990) Card covered booklet 30pp. Stephen Mace – Sorcery, An Application of the Scientific Method to the Study of Sorcery; Mike Magee – Lecture of Tantrika; Alverda – Thelemic Chronology; Sahajanath 13 – The Devil, Lucifer & Satan; Jon Hyslop – Self Control & the Left Hand Path. Leter from Ray Sherwin VG Order No. 98059 #6

Various, Vitriol, No.1, Not dated Card covered booklet 26pp Includes articles by Stephen Mace and Phil Hine G only Order No. 99140 #4

Various (E. Gregory Bishop), Wake Up Down There, The Excluded Middle Collection, Adventures Unlimited 2000 Large format paperback x + 435pp. Selection of articles from noted underground journal of paranormal and conspiracy. Articels include:- Ian Blake – Aleister Crowley and the Lam Statement, Alien Entity Invoked in 1919; Interview with Robert Anton Wilson; Greg Bishop – the last Sin of Wilhelm Reich, the Arizona UFO Battles; Trichster of Truths, Carlos Casteneda and Scholarly Opportunism; Reminents of Thule, Semetic Seeds in Nazi Germany; etc F Order No. 99171 #10

Weirdglow, A Newsletter for the Kaula Natha Clan, Winter Solstiec 1993 10pp leaflet, internal newletter for members of AMOOKAS which was founded by Mike Magee who had previously been a prominent member of the Typhonian OTO asnd who established his own liks with Indian Tantric traditions VG Order No. 98060 #10

White Dragon, No.13, 1996 Large fromat, card covers 30pp. This issue noted for contributions by OTO Foundation members:- Ian Sturrock – the Ehtics, Theory and Practice of Cursing; David Rietti – Sacrifice, Human and Otherwise G Order No. 98023 #7

World Review, November 1951 Card covers 80pp Illustrated. Include 5pp article on Mary Butts who stayed at the Abbey of Thelema Marks to cover G Order No. 99129 #7

Various (Ed. Andrew Collins), Earthquest News, No.5, 1982 Card covered booklet 30pp Shows early work of noted psychic quester Andrew Collins VG Order No. 99133 #10

Various (Ed. Joel Biroco), Chaos (Later Kaos), heady mix of Chaos Magic and controversy and satiricism No.5, Not Dated 32pp Card covers Lionel Snell, Stephen Sennitt; Austin Osman Spare on sigils VG Order No. 300338 #12 No. 6, not dated 35pp card covered booklet. Lively and controversial F Order No. 300336 #12 Kaos, No.7, Not dated (c1991?) card covers 35pp Controversial and lively. Contributions by Hakim Bey, Stephen Sennitt, Ray Sherwin, Nema, Mouse, Bob Black etc F Order No. 300333 #12 No. 8, nd c1990 Card covered booklet 35pp Gossipy, irreverant & sometimes amusingly inaccurate account of occult scenes, Gerald Suster; Stephen Sennitt; David Rietti; Hakim Bey; Nema; Lionel Snell Mouse VG Order No. 300334 #12 No.9, Not dated 36pp leafelt Gerald Suster; Bob Black; Pete Carroll; stephen Sennitt; Hakim Bey; David Rietti; Mouse VG Order No. 300339 #12 No. 10, Not dated (1990?) Card covered booklet 43pp Contributions by David Rietti; Stephen Sennitt; Bob Black; Hakim Bey; Sandy Robertson; Alistair; Richard Wilhelm etc etc VG Order No. 300332 #12 No.11, not Dated 36pp leaflet Ramsey Dukes, Mouse; Halkim Bey Fine Order No 300340 #12

Various (Ed. Steve More), Fortean Studies, Vol. 1, John Brown 1994 Paperback 350ppp Illustrated. Intended as a vehicle for longer, more scholarly and substantial articles than Fortean Times:- Luminous Owls; New England Airship Invasion 1909; Leoopards of the Great Turk; Crypto-Bats etc F Order No. 84662 #20

Various (Inc. Hans Nintzel), Onion, Vol.18 No.148, CSA 1974 Card covers 96pp This issue noted for 18pp article Ceremonial Magic by Hans Nintzel a 20th Century alchemist who studied under Frater Albertus and published alchemical texts under the RAMS imprint spotting to cover G+ Order No. 98001 #9

Various (Re Austin Osman Spare), Fortean Times, John Brown March 2001 Large format 66pp Many Illus. This issue features Austin Osman Spare 8 pages of text and illustrations and the front cover dedicated to him. The main article is a intelligent account by Phil Baker whose full length study is anitcipated with interest. Mark Pilkington gives a good account of Spare’s magic F+ Order No. 300378 #7

Various / Anon, Smile, No.9, No. Publisher Given 12pp large format booklet, illustrated. Anarco-punk philosophy VG Order No. 99153 #4

Various / Anon, Smile, No. 10 Sex Without Secretions, Bedlam Press Not Dated (c1987?) Large format leaflet 18pp Illustrated Anarcho-nihlist new wave journal describing itself as Magazine of Multiple Origins VG Order No. 99152 #4

Various Anon, Ra Hoor Khuit, Vol.I No.1, Starlight 1990 Large format 32pp Articles include Nu Musick (working Spare’s sorcery through sound); Pan; Lady of the Abyss covers marked G only Order No. 110145 #4

Various (Ed. Steve Taylor), Towards 2012, The Journal of Millenial Mutation Part I, 1996 Large format card covers 44pp Illustrations John Eden – You Could Be Dead Tomorrow; Phil Hine – Rips to the Edge; Samuel Lawson – Life’s Middle Name; Mar-Garet Andreas – Pathn of the Sacred Warrior; Leilah Wendell – Interview – Silent Night; Mike Hogan – death and Rebirth in Western Magic; Steve Taylor – Shape of Rage VG Order No. 80021 #10


6) Abbreviations
Ed = Edition; Fine = Fine (ie almost as new) G = Good (ie clearly secondhand); Illus. = Illustrated; LF = Large format; Ltd = Limited; nd = Not Dated; No. = Numbered; pp = Pages; Very Good (is soms signs of wear and age)


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