Logos Mantram Magic by Arnold Krumm-Heller

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Ordo Templi Orientis Australia has announced the publication of Logos Mantram Magic by Arnold Krumm-Heller. A highly significant work.

Dr. Arnoldo Krumm-Heller (1876-1947), ‘Frater Huiracocha,’ was a seminal figure in early 20th century esotericsm and occultism, having studied under Theodor Reuss, Papus, and Aleister Crowley.

A representative of the Martinist Order and the Memphis-Misraim Rites in Central and South America, he founded his own organization, the Fraternitas Rosicruciana Antiqua (F.R.A.).

Logos Mantram Magic was published in Spanish in 1930. This first English edition has been published by the Australian O.T.O. in association with the Krumm-Heller family. It contains a new Foreword by Arnoldo’s son, Parsifal Krumm-Heller, and has been edited and annotated by Parsifal Krumm-Heller, Stephen J. King and Dietrich Bergman.

This edition includes rare photographs and other matierals from the Krumm-Heller family. The cover was designed by Annette Eustace using Arnoldo’s personal bookplate design for his library.

A review will appear on LAShTAL.COM in due course…
For further details, including how to order, visit http://www.otoaustralia.org.au/house418/logos.htm

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