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Just an update from the webmaster here.

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I arrived in Cairo on Saturday with my son and we stayed in the Le Meridiens Pyramids hotel overlooking the pyramids.


A visit to the pyramids over the weekend resulted in the reading of some selected passages from the Holy Books outside the Great Pyramid and inside Kephrens’ pyramid. (The legs are only just beginning to recover from the latter!)

A visit on Monday to the Egyptian Museum (“the ill-ordered house”) resulted in a lengthy search for the stele of Revealing. I was told by several guides and staff that there were no wooden painted stelae in the Museum, which was a little irritating! Eventually, though, I saw it beckoning to me from a side room off the main sarcophagi hall immediately following the shrines of Tutankhamen.

Tourists following in my footsteps would do well to note that the stele is in Room 22.

What can I say about it that’s not already been said? It’s an awesome artefact, splendidly painted and almost hauntingly beautiful.


More soon, but, by the way, where are the News Submissions? Come on, I’m counting on you lot to keep this site ticking over in my absence!

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