Donations: A gentle reminder…

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This is, as the title suggests, just a gentle reminder that LAShTAL.COM has no means of generating an income. Regular visitors will know that, right from its earliest days, I made a deliberate decision not to use the site for income generation through advertising or through Amazon “associates” and the like.

As a result, I’ve ended up paying for the registration, hosting, bandwidth, design and development of the site, supplemented by the occasional generosity of a handful of Registered Members.

I note that, at the time of writing, there are 954 members, only one of whom sends regular contributions, for which I am very grateful.

If you find little of value on the site then this appeal for donations is obviously not intended for your attention. However, if you find it useful and you’re in a position to make a contribution towards the running costs, please Read More…
The easiest, most efficient and cost effective way for donations to be sent to the site is by using a debit or credit card through PayPal. This results in no additional costs to contributors.

Simply visit and Send Money to

I’m looking at alternative methods and am happy to discuss options ifyou really don’t want to use PayPal. One very generous Member, for example, has in the past sent me items he has published in order that I can sell them through eBay to raise funds.

Thanks for taking the trouble to read this rather dull “News” item. Normal service will now be resumed!

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