Jung and Crowley

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Nuhad418 very kindly gave permission for his excellent article, White Stains: Pornographic Occult Poetry as Shadow Confrontation and Cathartic Liberation, to be hosted on LAShTAL.COM. It clearly struck a chord with visitors, given that it’s been downloaded from here 674 times, as at the time of writing.

I am very flattered that Nuhad418 has kindly consented to allow the thesis he wrote for his Master of Arts in Religion to be hosted on LAShTAL.COM.

I cannot overstate my admiration for this insightful work: Magick/Liber Aba and Mysterium Conjunctionis: A Comparison of the Writings of Aleister Crowley and C G Jung.
Now, this file is in PDF (Adobe) format and is around 10mb in size. To download it, click on Downloads in the Main Menu, then Texts. It’s listed there as Jung and Crowley – A Thesis by nuhad418.

The Downloads are only available to Registered Members.

The document is reproduced with kind permission of the author. It is copyright and must not be reproduced further in whole or part without permission of the author.

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