ThothWeb: A Note of Clarification

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ThothWeb – a website providing a sort of clearing-house for a wide range of New Age, “mind, body & spirit” and “occult” subjects – has today sent out a newsletter to subscribers which has generated a number of email enquiries to LAShTAL.COM…

The newsletter – I received 6 copies in my inbox, so it’s probably got quite a circulation! – refers members of ThothWeb to a sub-site called The Book Of Thoth, which looks like this:

My enquirers have not surprisingly asked the level of involvement that LAShTAL.COM has in The Book Of Thoth, given that the new site shares LAShTAL.COM’s look-and-feel, overall theme and colour and even uses the same Crowley portrait in the header!

For clarification: I have had no involvement in either ThothWeb or The Book Of Thoth site. There is no connection between those sites and LAShTAL.COM and seemingly little overlap in content or approach.

Of course, I make no comment on the contents of either ThothWeb or The Book Of Thoth…
ThothWeb can be visited here:
And, The Book Of Thoth here:

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