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I am very pleased to be in a position on this Anniversary day to offer a new source of data on LAShTAL.COM: it’s a start at a Thelemic Bibliography, which I believe to be unique online at this time.

The software is exceptionally basic and the data so far available is based upon that part of my own archive that I’ve so far recorded on my own database software.

Click on Bilbiography in the Main Menu…
Now, of course, this Bibliography is going to be absolutely useless if it consists of nothing more than the books in my own meagre collection. I really am looking to each and every visitor to LAShTAL.COM to forward details of their collections to me so that I can add them to the bibliography.

So, please forward details of those books you own or are aware of and that are not currently in the bibliography. I’ll commit to uploading a refresh of the database at least weekly, subject to there being any updates. Likewise, please let me have any corrections.

My plan is to introduce a web-based form for submission of book details. Until that time, please use email or Private Message.

I should say that this approach is almost a last resort and a symptom of my frustration at being unable to find suitable bibliographic software appropriate for this Postnuke environment. If any techies out there can help, please do!

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