Aleister Crowley, Black Magic and … Robbie Williams!?

Perhaps not everyone’s first guess: Robbie Williams, Thelemite?

In a review of Robbie Williams’ forthcoming album, Intensive Care, The Times (UK) includes the following:

Random Acts is Robbie’s risible account of flirting with black magic, having recently confessed in an interest in the occult, spoken all kinds of nonsense about wanting to conjure the spirit of Horus, the mythological Egyptian deity, and not ruling out the possibility of entering one of the fashionable faiths such as Scientology, Buddhism and Kabbalah. Here, he sings of putting a spell on a lover who spurned him. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he comes across as more David Blaine than Aleister Crowley.”
For the full review, visit:,,14932-1830172,00.html

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