AOS Exhibition: “Master of Spine-Crawling Frisson”

The Times today includes a reference to the Maas Gallery exhibition…

THERE is ectoplasm in the air at the Maas Gallery, which is showing the work of Austin Osman Spare. The enfant terrible of the Edwardian art scene, obsessed with the occult, was master of spine-crawling frisson. His portrait of the sorceress – improbably called Mrs Patterson – who initiated him into witchcraft at the age of 7 is rumoured to change before the eyes of onlookers. No wonder that the gallery has employed a black-cassocked curate instead of a bouncer for its opening-night party. Gate-crashers are more likely to come out of the ether than in through the door. For the original article, visit the Times Online site.

For visitors unfamiliar with UK television comedy, “improbably called Mrs Patterson” is a reference to a comedic character on the Harry Enfield TV shows.

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