Gothick – Crowley Inspired CD

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This announcement is included as a news item because of its likely interest to LAShTAL.COM visitors. It should not be considered as a recommendation (I haven’t heard the item) or as an advertisement (no payment has been received for its mention here).

Abyss Walker by British band Gothick includes a number of tracks inspired by the works and life of Aleister Crowley including “In Cefalu”, “Law of the Strong” and “John Dee’s Crystal”. There are also a number of Typhonian inspired instrumentals such as “From the Oceans of Innsmouth”, “Diving for Cthulu” and “Dreams of the Nightside Tunnels”.
A free, 4-track EP and artwork is available to download. The full album is available via Paypal.

The instrumental “Silesti Awakens” can be heard on the latest Thelema Coast to Coast show, number 14.

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