Welcome To Our Third Administrator

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Those among you with sharper eyesight and probably too much time on your hands may have noticed that the list of Administrators on LAShTAL.COM has grown by one in the past few days.

ianrons very kindly volunteered to upgrade the site following some recent problems here. He has transferred the web space to a much improved host and you’ve probably all noticed significant speed improvements as a result of this and some techie tweaks of his own.

Ian’s role here is non-editorial, by which I mean that the content and approach of LAShTAL.COM will always remain my task and responsibility, but he will perform the roles of technical administrator and design assistant. He will also operate as a co-moderator of the Forums, with my full authority to edit and delete posts in accordance with the notes of guidance.
This will free more of my time so I can focus on some really remarkable content enhancements over forthcoming months.

These will include significant improvements to the media and article libraries and improved integration of the Galleries.

Ian is working on a more interactive version of the software behind the Bibliography which will, I’m sure, enable it to develop into a resource of great value to Thelemites and those interested in the works of Aleister Crowley.

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