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Visitors will know how impressed I am by the bibliographic content of the secondhandhand book lists published by Caduceus Books.

I have on occasion posted these lists in their entirety, but am now editing them to include those items of most obvious interest to Thelemites and students of Aleister Crowley. For those that want to see the full lists, please contact Caduceus Books and ask to be put on their mailing list.

For example: C F Russell's copy of Crowley's Book of Thoth – Aleister Crowley, Book of Thoth, O.T.O. 1944 1st Ed. xii + 287pp Coloured plates, top edge gilt. Quarter leather binding with raised bands and gilt decoration (the design from Crowley's signet ring and the O.T.O. lamen, with decorated paper (Egyptian design) on boards by Sagorski & Sutcliffe. Top edge gilt. It was printed by Chisick Press on unbleached handmade paper. Numbered limited Ed of 200, this being No. 193. 8 coloured tipped in plates of the cards. Signed by Crowley with the phallic 'A' . £3,750″

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C.F. Russells copy of Crowley’s Book of Thoth

Aleister Crowley, Book of Thoth, O.T.O. 1944 1st Ed. xii + 287pp Colourd plates, top edge gilt. Quarter leather binding with raised bands and gilt decoration (the design from Crowley’s signet ring and the O.T.O. lamen, with decorated paper (Egyptian design) on boards by Sagorski & Sutcliffe. Top edge gilt. It was printed by Chisick Press on unbleached handmade paper. Numbered limited Ed of 200, this being No. 193. 8 coloured tipped in plates of the cards. Signed by Crowley with the phallic ‘A’ . There is some wear on the top and tail of the spine and at some points along the spine particulalry affecting the raised bands. There is wear to the corners exposing the boards below. Loosely enclosed are three copies of the U.S. prospectus for the Book of Thoth. This being a single sheet of handmade paper folded once to give a 4pp leaflet 10ins x 7.5ins. The inner pages describe the book, its importance and its binding. It also mentions the original pictures are available for sale by private treaty. The last page has the familiar Egyptian border of pillars at the side, hieroglyps below and Hadit above. It announces lectures by Frater Viator (one shows slides of the tarot cards and other illustrations) plus offers indivdual instruction for students who aspire to the A.’.A.’. and then gives the address and phone number of Max Schneider. All three copies have been folded, two have some disclouration. Also loosely enclosed is a small section of manilla wrapping paper upon which has been typed ” From:- A. Crowley, Netherwood, Hastings 28/7/45″ These presumably being the return address when the book was originally posted, carefully cut out and retained for 60 years now. Front pages is printed with a line drawing of Thoth. Though in G+ sound condition the book has clearly been read, and no surprise, it has an inscription “Agape Lodge O.T.O. 1003 S. Orange Grove, Pasedena st – 9 1289” From 1943 – 46 this address was the home of the Agape Lodge and Jack Parsons so presumably it was read there by members of Agape Lodge and perhaps the “bohemians, artists, musicians, anarchists and other exotic types” to whom offered rented rooms in the local paper. From there the book passed into the posession of C.F. Russell with whom Crowley practised sex magick at Cefalu and a noted occultist and author in his own right. It is sold on behalf of the Russell estate. Order Number BOT1 #3750

Anon, Goetia, Equinox Bookshop 1976 ix + 65pp Large format facsimile edition which faithfully reproduces the appearance, though not the fragility, of the first edition. Translated by “A Dead Hand” (ie MacGregor Mathers – alive & well but he and Crowley (Ed., verification, Intro & Comments) had fallen out by the time this was first published in 1904. The Equinox Bookshop was founded by Jimmy Page and this item is an important testament to the interpenetration of the worlds of rock and the occult and so is of cultural significance This copy is in stunningly good condition, literally as new M in M DW Order No. 75005 #80

Anon, SSOTBME, An Essay on Magic, Nigel Grey-Turner 1979 In fact written by Lionel Snell aka Ramsey Dukes, Lemuel Johnstone etc. Illus with Book of Saytrs by A.O.Spare. Elegant & thoughtful work, well received now OP & sought after. Paperback 95pp F Order No. 2048 #15

Allan Bennett (Anand M.), The Wisdom of the Aryas, Kegan Paul etc 1923 1st xxix + 147pp Author taught Crowley magic and contributed to the Equinox. It was Bennett who, accoding to Crowley, supplied the crucial insight which convinced him that mathers had become a Brother of the Left Hand Path. Meanwhile Bennett embraced Buddhism, was ordained a Buddhist priest and played a crucial role in bring Buddhism to the West. Interestingly this book is dedicated to Clifford Bax who assisted Bennett greatly. Bax, of course, was a colleague of Austin Osman Spare, co-editing the Golden Hind VG in DW that is soemwhat worn Order No. 300261 #35

Andrew Chumbley, Qutub, Also called the Point, Fulger 1998 Drawing upon the Yatukih Sorcery of Ancient Persia, the Yezidic cult of Shaitan & the widdershin dance of the Sufi the author manifests an evocatory poem of 72 verses, 11 talismanic Illus & the Rite of the Opposer, the Sabbatic Craft expressed in Arabic terms. Comentary, Glossary etc 80pp A handsome book now out of print and highly soughtafter F in F DW Order No. 2186 #300

Aleister Crowley, Astrology, With a Study of Neptune & Uranus, (Liber DXXXVI), Spearman 1974 Ed. & Intro. by Stephen Skinner Frontis Illus xx + 204pp VG in G+ DW Order No. 60153 #20

Aleister Crowley, Book of Lies, Weiser 1974 Hardback Classic & important Crowley, one chapter symbolised the secret of the IXth degree. Crowley at his best! Frontispiece 196pp Has the bookplate of Equinox Bookshop, operated by Jimmy Page in the 1970s Fine in VG DW Order No. 70078 #25

Aleister Crowley, Cocaine, Luminist 2005 Card covers with coloured illustration in clear plastic wraps Anarchist publisher. 18pp Mint Order No. 110289 #5

Aleister Crowley, Heart Girt With A Serpent, Luminist 2005 Card covers with coloured illustration in clear plastic wraps Anarchist publisher. 30pp Mint Order No. 110288 #5

Aleister Crowley, Jack the Ripper, Anon. 1988 No.Ltd.Ed. of 100 Card covered booklet 10pp. The anonymous editor gives a list of references relating to Crowley and the Ripper. Published on the 100th anniversary of the Whitechapel murders F Order No. 55021 #32

Aleister Crowley, Moonchild, Sphere 1972 Paperback 301pp Has the OP Grant & Symonds footnotes informing the reader who Crowley is libelling in this important occult novel involving a crucial magical formulae. Introduction by Kenneth Grant VG= clean copy Order No. 26021 #7

Aleister Crowley, Only a Dog, Anon. 1987 1st Ed. No. Ltd. Ed. of 80, each with a Thoth Tarot card tipped in, this copy No.41 has The Aeon, Change.. 4pp short story card covers. Handsome production. No publisher is given but the place of publication is stated as Cambridge U.K. F Order No. 55003 #20

Aleister Crowley, The Drug, Privately Printed 1996 Card covers, numbered limited Edition of 93 copies decorated end paper, tipped in frontispiece 6pp. A tasteful production which commences with the words “I never guessed my quiet friend was a wizard” and then gives an early fictionalised account of psychedelic drug experience F Order No. 80249 #10

Aleister Crowley, The Great Drug Delusion, & Other Writings (The Drug Panic; Absinthe, the Green Goddess; Liber XVIII – The Fountain of Hyacinth, Midnight Press 52pp card covered boohlet. A collection of Crowley’s writings on drugs, the Fountain of Hyacinth being his diary of an attempts to escape addiction Mint Order No. 110295 #12

Aleister Crowley, The Stone of Cybele, Luminist 2005 Card covers with coloured illustration in clear plastic wraps Anarchist publisher. 22pp Mint Order No. 110287 #5

Aleisterr Crowley, De Arte Magica, Of the Art of Magic, H. G. White not dated (1970’s) Card covers 20pp Ownerhship signature of Stephen Dzicklewicz Unusual edition which has 8 footnotes added by publisher. Card of covers have been coverd in protective plastic VG Order No. 110363 #12

Aleister Crowley (commented by Marcelo Motta), Magick and Mysticism, Being Book Four Part II; Being Oriflamme Vol VI No.2, Society O.T.O. 1982 Paperback 174pp Crowley’s text interspersed with substantial comments by Motta printed in italics. 13pp of book reviews by Motta and others including Martin Starr. An article by Motta:- How to be Toothless but Toothsome or Hanging on by the Skin of your Gums. 8pp of ” O.T.O. News” with mention if Chris Ellis following his imprisoned in U.K. for attempting to firebomb a publisher who did not recognise Motta’s copyright claims, also discussion of upcoming court action against Weisers. 2pp adverts for Motta publucations Scarce Very Good Order No. 110362 #55

Aleister Crowley (Commented Marcelo Motta), Yoga and Magic, Being Book Four Part I; Oriflamme Vol.VI No. 1, Society O.T.O. 1984 Paperback (86pp) Crowleys text in interspersed with substantial comments by Motta printed in italics There are also 4pp of book reviews by Motta; 6pp of “O.T.O. News” which rants against forthcoming Weisers (mentioning forthcoming legal action) Helen Parson Smith, Gerald Yorke, Llee Heflin etc 8pp adverts for Motta related publications. Scarce Very Good Order No. 110360 #55

Aleister Crowley Ed. Marcello Motta, Commentaries of Al, Equinox Vol.V No.1, RKP 1976 1st UK Ed. (xx) + 288 + (103pp) Controversial as Motta adds his comments to A.C.’s, many find these very useful, as centre’s of pestilence go! F in F DW Order No. 70035 #60

Aleister Crowley, Snowdrops from a Curates Garden, , Teitan 1986 Frontis xxi + 197pp A.C’s pornography, still sparky by today’s standards Prolegomenon Martin Starr. Out of print but this copy stillsealed in original cellophane M in M DW Order No. 70044 #100

Ramsey Dukes (Ed.), Thundersqueak, Or Confessions of a Right Wing Anarchist being the Suicide writings of Liz & Ambrose Lea, T.M.T.S. 1976 1st Ed Paperback 134pp Actually by Lionel Snell, a classic F Order No. 300247 #20

James A. Eshelman (Re Aleister Crowley), The Mystical and Magical System of the A.’.A.’., College of Thelema Large format hardback 11ins x 9ins xiii + 282pp Author was a prominent member of the Caliphate O.T.O. but resigned to concentrate upon A.’.A.’. Work with Phyllis Seckler and College of Thelema, Phyllis Seckler, whose work was acknowledged by Karl Germer, was taught by Jane Wolfe who was taught by Crowley. This work describes in great clarity the nature of each step in the A.’.A.’. F in F DW Order No. 110016 #225

Dion Fortune, Winged Bull, Aquarian 1971 323pp It has been suggested that fiction was the best vehicle for Fortunes occult ideas F in VG DW Order No. 4175 #15

J.F.C. Fuller, The Star in the West, A Critical Essay Upon the Works of Aleister Crowley, Bakunin Press 1908 Card covers (6pp) Introduction by Guy Aldred, 327pp. This edition was priced at one shilling and sixpence and was published at a loss top present Crowley’s teachings to those of a more modest pocket (the previous edition having sold for six shillings). Aldred was a prominent and very active anarchist. He commends Crowley’s teachings to his comrades, describing him as “..a pioneer of human progress.” It is interesting to note that the next edition of this work appeared in 1974 published by Gordon Press which also published many works realting to anarchism, including other books issued by Aldred. The political currents of Thelema are ever complex though. Fuller became a blackshirt fascist and Gordon Press issued anti-semite books too. Card covering spine somehwat creased, worn at top an tail Good Order No. 110358 #95

Jean Overton Fuller, Magical Dilemma of Victor Neuburg, Allen 1965 1st Ed xv + 295pp Plates Excellent occult biography VG in VG DW Order No. 8038 #45

R.A. Gilbert, Baphomet & Son, A Little Known Chapter in the Life of the Beast 666, Holmes 1997 Card covered booklet 36pp Illus Describes the early years of the OTO in England under Crowley, before the Special Branch raid Gives an ealry, pre-Thelemic initiation ritual. Edited by Darcy Kuntz, this copy is signed by him Fine Order No. 5509 #6

R.A. Gilbert, Golden Dawn Scrapbook, The Rise & Fall of a Magical Order, Weiser 1997 Coloured Pls & many Illus 200pp Excellent text by premier Golden Dawn researcher F in F DW Order No. 300570 #20

Kenneth Grant, Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God, Muller 19733 1st Ed 245pp Plates VG clean copy in Good DW which is rather rubbed and chipped Order No. 110039 #35

Kenneth Grant, Hecate’s Fountain, Skoob 1992 288pp Plates Gives an account of the workings of the Nu-Isis Lodge under Grant, plus his Necronomic interpretation of the Book of the Law Now out of print F in F DW Order No. 110037 #50

Kenneth Grant, Magical Revival, Skoob 1991 244pp Plates Inside cover signed & with private seal of Frater Achad Osher 583 VIII: OTO F in F protected DW Order No. 98011 #80

Kenneth Grant, Nightside of Eden, Skoob 1994 xiv + 304pp Plates Grimoire of the qulippoth, a work that has achieved some noteriety! F in F DW Order No. 300105 #20

Paul Gregor, Magic + Sex = Religion?, An Introduction to the Psychosynthesis of Sex, Sebescen 1980 Paperback 200pp Very scarce book which draws upon Brazilian Quimbanda and its attitudes to sex to articulate a new form of psychotherapy to allow the liberation of Will. Quimbanda is denegrated by more mainstream Umbanda voodoo traditions as lefthand path black magic. Slight scuffing to cover but Very Good copy Order No. 110359 #60

Franz Hartmann, Occult Science in Medicine, Weiser 1975 1st Pub 1893. Author played important role in Theosophy & founding of the OTO. Known as “Dirty Franz” by H.P.B. on account of his strangely greasy appearance! 100pp. This work is alchemical & theospohical in approach OP F in G+ DW Order No. 1691 #17.5

Francis King, Magical World of Aleister Crowley, Coward, McCann & Geoghegan 1978 1st US Ed. Lucid account of Crowleys magickal endeavours with a very useful information concerning Crowley associates Fine in Good + protected DW Order No. 110330 #20

Francis King, Ritual Magic in England, (1887 to the Present Day), Spearman 1970 1st Ed Especially strong on Golden Dawn & its survivals, excellent work that charted new territory in it’s day & still commands attention. Very readable Plates 224pp G+ in G+ DW Order No. 2322 #20

Francis King, Satan and Swastika, the Occult & the Nazi Party, Mayflower 1976 Small format 288pp. Only Pub in Paperback, scarce as most copies were pulped because of allegations of plaigarism by the James Webb, author of the Occult Underground and the Occult Establishment. King’s publisher should have been more robust, the accusations were without substance, being a product of a paranoid insanity which sadly cost Webb his life. In fact this book should be noted for presenting a rare original thesis concerning Hitler’s occultism Fine Order No. 2211 #70

Francis King, Tantra for Westerners, A Practical Guide to the Way of Action, Aquarian 1986 Paperback 155pp Excellent work now OP Examines tantric traditions from various parts of the world with a view point firmly rooted in western occultism. Recommended Fine Order No. 4396 #12

Isobel Sutherland and Francis King, Rebirth of Magic, Corgi 1982 Paperback 217pp. The only edition of this work which describes the French occult revival, the Golden Dawn and its derivatives. Dion Fortune and the Society of Inner Light, ritual magic in the USA, sex magic, witchcraft etc VG Order No. 100045 #10

Jack Macbeth 38, The Totemic Invocation of The Shadow Selves, A Rite of Otherness Entire, SilverStar Associates Star Associates, Samhain 2004. Numbered Limited Edition of 50 copies (120pp) Tipped in coloured plates, handsomely decorated endpapers, molded boards, Coptic binding (the page signatures being held in place by cloth bands that run over the outer edge of the boards and then disappear into a slot to be fixed under the pastedowns. The boards are bound in cloth. Each copy is thenloosely wrapped in a piece of leather which, in fact, is the usable portion of a whole calf’s hide. Each copy is signed and numbered by the author with a different decorative sigil usually including various axioms related to the work. Inspired by the work of Carlos Casteneda, Andrew Chumbley,Kenneth Grant and Austin Osman Spare this work describes and is the manifestation of a Rite of Sorcery that is enacted over 5 nights. It involves shape shifting and beyond that the invocation of the Black Man of the Sabbat which is an icon for the Other ie That-Which-Is-Not-I, the Shadow Self or the Negative-I. The intent is to touch real Gnosis. The author notes that “…there is no single text book on the art of sorcery, it is re-invented by each sorcerer regardless of the prior work of others. It is a living system developed and manipulated perpetually to aid the will and desires of the individual” This is exactly what he succeeds in doing with this work. A talismanic production indeed. This particular copy has a variant binding, being in red silk which hugs the moulding of the board in a particularly striking way. It is very substantially sigilised by the author. Fine Order No. 110505 #200

S.L. MacGregor Mathers & Others, Astral Projection, Ritual Magic & Alchemy, Being Hitherto Unpublished Golden Dawn Material. Ed. & Intro. Frances King, Spearman 1971 1st Ed. 254pp Presents the Flying Rolls & other instructional documents provided to Golden Dawn. members. Important. This copy signed by Francis King VG in VG DW Order No. 300245 #40

Christopher McIntosh, Rosy Cross Unveiled, The History, Mythology & Rituals of an Occult Order, Aquarian 1980 1st Ed 160pp Plates Illuminating, well researched & very informative. F in VG DW Order No. 70023 #25

Christopher McIntosh, The Devil’s Bookshelf, A History of the Written Word in Western Magic, Aquarian Press 1985 1st & only Ed. Paperback 208pp History of grimoires and their use VG Order No. 2087 #25

Theodore Reuss & Others (Ed. Peter Koenig), Der Kleine Theodor Reuss Reader, ARW 1993 Paperback 102pp Illustrated Almost all German Text but reproduces the 4pp notice issued by OTO / Hermetic Brotherhood of Light in Switzerland in 1917 to members internationally plus freemasons and Theosophists. The political nature of the text is intruiging, in response to the war it calls for the “…establishment of Brotherhood Colonies on co-operative bases all over the world, aside from all capitalist societies and enterprises. New Ethics, a new religion, a new social order, based on the principle of co-operation of All, on the common possession of the soil and the means of production by All, and on true freedom” spine slightly faded VG Order No. 96004 #50

Ray Sherwin, Book of Results, Revelations 23 Press 1992 Illustrated 56pp Paperback Seminal Chaos Magic work bringing Spares techniques of sigil magic to a new audience VG Order No. 70177 #25

Geoff Smith, Knights of the Solar Cross, M.A.A.T. Lodge 1983 Having cognisance of OTO influence upon Wicca felt empowered by those inititiations to declare himself Baphomet X OTO. His ennunciation of the nature Order relates it to Theosophy & other traditions, he seeks to reactivate the pre-Crowley OTO. A curiosity. 36pplarge format pamphlet VG Order No. 1753 #25

John Symonds, Medusa’s Head, Or Conversations between Aleister Crowley & Adolf Hitler, Mandrake 1991 1st (& only) No. Ltd. Ed of 350 216pp. It should be remembered that Symonds knew Crowley towards the end of the War so would have direct knowledge concerning the Old Mans attitudes. This work of fiction will be based upon that. F in DW that has three quarter inch tear otherwise VG Order No. 56011 #45


5) Abbreviations
1st Ed First Edition; aeg All edges gilt; Anno.
Annotations; bd Binding; bds Boards; Bkpt Bookplate; Bkt Booklet; cl Cloth; cold Coloured; dec Decorated; discold Discoloured; DW Dustwrapper; Ex-lib Ex-library with stamps etc; F Fine (almost like new); facs Facsimile; fep Free end papers; Frontis. Frontispiece; G Good (well used); gt bl Gilt (gold) blocking; HB Hardback; Illus Illustrated; Insc Insciption; IP In Print; Ltd Limited; LF Large Format; M Mint; Pb Paperback; mks Mark; n.d. Not Dated; OP Out of Print; o/w Otherwise; Pub. Published; SF Small Format; sp Spine; teg Top edge gilt; Trans. Translated; UP University Press; VG Very Good (some signs of use)Minor Inscriptions & small booksellers labels generally not mentioned


6) Payment Methods

1) Credit card (Mastercard, Access or Visa) or Debit Card (Switch or Solo). If you have previously ordered I may have a record of your credit card number. If not, for security reasons some people like to send their number in the following ways:–
a) by fax
b) telephone (there is an answering machine to which only I have access
when I am not here)
c) divide it into two and send it in two separate email messages.
d) encode it. I would suggest leaving the first four digits unchanged but for
the remaining digits add 3 to each digit (ie 1 becomes 4, 7 becomes 0, 9 becomes 2 etc) leaving the expiry date unchanged. This arrangement can be referred to as “YOUR CODE”
e) spell some of the numbers out eg 44six8 etc
2) International Money Order made out in British Currency
3) Travellers cheques in UK Pounds
4) Foreign cash small amounts please send securely, large amounts please send by registered post.
5) Direct transfer to my bank from a bank in your country. My bank details
as follows:-
Caduceus Books, Lloyds Bank, 2 Pavement,York,YO1 2NE.
Swift Code LOYDGB2L
Branch Identification Code LOYDGB21225
International Bank Account Number (I.B.A.N.)
Sort code (or Routing Number) 30-99-99
Account number 01126431
6) Cheque in British currency made out to Caduceus Books
7) Payment through PayPal at, my user name is my email address:-
8) Postal Orders in UK currency
9) Internaitional Money Order or Bankers Draft in UK Pounds

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