The Ninth Arch – A Review

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Thanks to Mogg Morgan for giving me permission to reproduce his review of Kenneth Grant’s The Ninth Arch:

Kenneth Grant’s numerology may be suspect, his historical sources unreliable, but his poetical intuition is strangely prescient. I may not want to be part of the only true order but I can’t help admiring his eclecticism, his culture, his generosity towards other artists and writers… This book … is a final act from a highly creative magician and writer who has done more than any other living adept to explicate Crowley’s magical universe and to initiate us all into some very sinister mysteries.

I have had the immense good fortune to read some of the poems from Grant’s forthcoming Convolvulus. Even a cursory glance at them is sufficient to persuade the reader that his vision is powerful and convincing… Whether it’s Thelema or not is, of course, a matter of some debate.
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