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In the first of an occasional series of articles, I am very pleased to be in a position to offer for download a classic article about Crowley and Thelema.

“Flexipop” was a weekly popular music magazine in the UK published in the early 1980s. Usually packed to the rafters with ephemeral nonsense – pop music lyrics and the like – the final issue (“No 666”), published in 1983, was exceptional and is now seen as having marked the turning point in Thelemic culture. Without wishing to overstate things, the Flexipop issue redefined the way in which Crowley would be viewed by the media.

It would no longer be sufficient for newspaper and magazine articles simply to regurgitate the “goat orgy” nonsense alluded to in previous years. Crowley now required serious consideration. Of course, many articles since have been as shallow as previous, but since the publication of Flexipop 666 they would be exposed as the vacuous hack jobs they always were.

The article was written by the talented musician David Tibet, whose work with Current 93, Psychic TV and others is now legendary…
So, click on this link to download the article in Adobe Acrobat format..   Flexipop No. 666 Crowley Article

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