The Gnostic Mass by Kenneth Anger

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Visitors with long memories to this site may recall The Guardian article from March 2002 about Kenneth Anger’s movie based on the Gnostic Mass.

Following the untimely death of John Paul Getty, many of us assumed that the movie was “off”. However, I’ve received information to the effect that the project is very much “on”… More news as I get it… Crowley’s black mass to be filmed

Guardian Unlimited staff
Thursday March 21, 2002

Kenneth Anger, the actor, author of Hollywood Babylon and cult film-maker, is preparing to make a 40-minute film version of The Gnostic Mass, an old occult ceremony set out by the renowned satanist Aleister Crowley in 1910, with Sir John Paul Getty backing the film.

There have been rumours of a film version in the past but most attempts have been scotched by budget considerations. The bill for Anger’s effort now looks like being in the region of some $50m. Anger’s last film was 1980’s Lucifer rising. He was honoured last week at Argentina’s Mar del Plata Film Festival.

The cast has not been finalised but it is believed that Anger has approached Chloe Sevigny to play the priestess, Vincent Gallo as the priest and Dennis Hopper as the deacon.

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