New issue of Lion & Serpent available

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The latest issue of Lion & Serpent (the journal of Sekhet-Maat Lodge, OTO) is now available – click on Vol. 10, No. 1.

This issue is 20 pages and includes…

  • aurgasm by Frater nolon
  • The First Page by Frater HydraLVX
  • in bluegreen & vermilion by Soror ARGM
  • The Hemlock Queen by Frater Greg Foster
  • Masters of Names, Masters of Numbers: A Very Concise History of Jewish Qabalah, Part 6 & Bibliography by Frater Brian Keck
  • Evolve by Frater Andropos Troy
  • Lux Hydra by Frater Joseph Thiebes
  • winter’s children by Soror ARGM
  • Untitled by Frater Greg Foster

Please forward this information to other interested parties.

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