Return of the LAShTAL.COM Chat Room

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As the result of overwhelming demand – well, a couple of you thought it might be quite a nice thing to do – I’m pleased to announce the Return of the LAShTAL.COM Chat Room

Chat Room

Read on for more information…
It’s coming back, but with a difference: in the short term it’ll run for only three hours per week, in the hope that we can co-ordinate attendance so there’s more than just an administrator floating around.

So, log in to LAShTAL.COM tomorrow (Sunday) from 8pm to 11pm GMT for the first session. You’ll see a prominent link to the chat room from 8pm GMT.

Feel free to discuss anything “Thelemic” or “Crowleyan”, but to get the ball rolling, tomorrow’s chat will start with the question: The Holy Books: From the Gods or from Crowley’s subconscious?

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