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Ben Fernee has just published his latest online secondhand book lists, and there are some fascinating items in these categories:

2) Aurum Solis
3) Brothers of the Path
4) Cultus Sabbatai
5) Fellowship of Isis
6) Institute of Experimental Geomancy
7) Societas Rosicrucian in Anglia
8) Typhonian O.T.O.
a) Original Art Work
b) Books
c) Journals
d) Ephemera
9) Zos Kia Cultus

As before, because of the lasting useful of the bibliographic information, I am repeating the whole book list here. If you want to be included on the mailing lists then just contact Caduceus Books.

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2) Aurum Solis
3) Brothers of the Path
4) Cultus Sabbatai
5) Fellowship of Isis
6) Institute of Experimental Geomancy
7) Societas Rosicrucian in Anglia
8) Typhonian O.T.O.
a)Original Art Work
b) Books
c) Journals
d) Ephemera
9) Zos Kia Cultus
10) Abbreviations
11) Payment Methods



Anon, Bhavana Upanishad Ritual, Weirdglow-Sothis 1981 8pp leaflet. Intro. By Lokanath Maharaj Fine Order No. 110732 #6

Anon, Dhvajadi,, Sothis Weirdglow not dated (c1980) 10pp card covered booklet in card covers which in this case have been protected. A system of divination utilising Sanscrit letters, plus giving elemental and astrological attributions of the signs. Good deal of off setting otherwise F Order No. 110727 #5

Anon, Matrrkanheda Tantra, , Sothis-Weirdglow not dated (c1980) 8pp leaflet Tantric text, a good deal of off setting otherwise Fine Order No. 110725 #5

Anon (Michael Magee?), Concord of Cosmic People, AMOOKOS, Arcane Magick Order of the Knights of Shambala, Not Dated 1pp Sheet announcing that the Guru of the Order, Mahendranath, is to return to India after a stay on one year in the UK. It describes plans to build a temple in India that will be an “Occult Laboratory” where overseas visitors will be able to stay. Descibes Michael Magee as Grand Master of AMOOKOS Scarce Fine Order No. 110726 #10

Dadaji, Sinistroversus, (AMOOKAS) 1981 16pp leaflet Author born Laurence Miles, he knew Crowley who advised him to travel East, where he was initiated & then became guru of a tantric cult founded in medieval times. In due course he initiated Amookas where traditional initiated tantra, Thelema & a refreshing sense of humour combined. VG Order No. 110729 #10

Various, Azoth, No. 7, Not dated (c1972) Large format 22pp leaflet. Ed. By Mike Magee when he was a prominent member of the Typhonian OTO. Letter form Mick Staley. Interesting to read. Illustrated VG Order No. 99130 #10

Various, Azoth, No.12, Sothis-Weirdglow 1980 16pp booklet Articles include Sidereal Astrology – New Aeon Nadi; Ganapti Upanishad; Mahendra the Natha – Naked Saints Some off setting otherwise Fine Order No. 110736 #8

Various, Azoth, No.13, Weirdglow Sothis 1981 22pp card covered booklet Mike Magee – Weirdglow Wonder / Weirdglow Goddesses; Lokanatha Maharaj – Magicks of Shambala; Gurudeva Mahendranath – the Plum Blossom Circle of Li Tong (a Taoist rite of tantric group sex described to him by a Malayan Chinese source) F Order No. 110737 #10

Various, Azoth, No.16, Sothis-Weirdglow 1982 22pp card covers Articles include:- Yoni Tantra; Weirdglow Godesses; Elias Ashmole & John Dee (Elias Ashmoles introduction to his copy of John Dee’s Libri Mysteriorum with an account of how he cames by them); Mark Bostel – One Hundred and Sventy One Names of God; Dave Bunting – The Wheel; Dadaji 999 – Aeonic Transmissions (re initiations); Fine Order No. 110739 #10


2) Aurum Solis

Melita Denning & Osborne Phillips, The Magical Philosophy, Book I – Robe and Ring; Book II – The Apparel of Magick; Book III – The Sword and Serpent; Book IV – The Triumph of Light; Book V – Mysteria Magica, Llewellyn Hardbacks. Book I, 1983 2nd Ed. (xiv) + 192pp + (6pp) ads Plates; Book II 1975 1st Ed. (xiv) + 176pp + (5pp) ads. Coloured plates; Book III 1975 1st Ed. (iv) + 265pp + (5pp) ads coloured plates; Book IV 1978 1st Ed. (x) + 251pp + (5pp) ads coloured plates; Book V 1981 1st Ed. Xiv + 466 + (13pp) ads. Authors headed Aurum Solis, an occult order which was apparently founded in 1897 to teach ceremonial magic. It operates a system of Hermetic magic which is different from the Golden Dawn. This work presents the complete published system. Books I, IV & V have very unobtrusive name and address of previous owner blind stamed on front free endpaper, Book II has esoteric bookplate of a previous owner all VG Order No. 110351 #180

Melita Denning & Osborne Phillips, The Magical Philosophy Series, Vol. 1 Books I & II – The Foundations of High Magick; Vol. 2 Books III & IV The Sword and the Serpent; Vol. 3 Book V Mysteria Magica, Llewellyn 1991 Three paperback volumes xliv + 320pp + (4pp) ads, (24pp) + 500pp + (9pp) ads, (13pp) + 450pp + (12pp) ads. Authors headed Aurum Solis, an occult order which was apparently founded in 1897 to teach ceremonial magic. It operates a system of Hermetic magic which is different from the Golden Dawn. This work presents the complete published system, Some creasing to spine of Vol. 3, slight wear to edges but overall VG sound copies Order No. 110350 #95


3) Brothers of the Path

Various, Brothers of the Path, Correspondence and Ephemera, 1939 – 1946 The Brothers of the Path was a U.K. esoteric organisation founded by Anthony Greville-Gascoigne. It offered a three year correspondence course. The first year concentrated on alternative health, the second applied psychology and personal efficiency, the third symbology and ceremonial magic. Suitable members would then be invited to join the Inner Lodge which required undergoing an initiation ceremony. They issued a journal, titled the Golden Dawn, and appeareed to be on friendly terms with Israel Regardie and the Society of Inner Light. This cache of material comprises:-
1) 16 Typed Letters Signed, mostly one side on headed writing paper
2) 1pp Printed description of the Order
3) FL1 6pp Duplicated text decribing the organisation, conditions of membership
4) FL2 5pp Duplicated text giving further description of nature of organisation
5) Syllabus of the First Years Lessons 2pp duplicated text Examination aper No.1 1pp the questions have been answered by Paul Carot and the answers marked
6) Monthly Bulletin March – July 1939, five issues of 1pp format sheet with text duplicated onto large format sheet with coloured title. Gives news etc and there are references to the threat of war and Hitler
7) Special War Bulletin Nos. 1 – 4 1939 – 4th June 1940 each being 2pp large format duplicated except No. 4 which is 4pp. Discussion of the War, threat of Nazism, call on membership to “generate powerful thought-vibrations which will materially assist us to win the victory for Light and Freedom”. Also much discussion of shortages
8) Special News Bulletin 4/10/1946 4pp Describing relocation to Southern Ireland
9) Bulletin Christmas 1946 7pp describes the new premises in detail which will be the headquarters for the Order
10) Students Manual, Official Publication No. XXXII. Publication in Class A, revised and enlarged edition January 1938 80pp. 10ins x 8ins Stapled paperback, self printed with some pages coloured and seal blindstamped on pre-title page.

These 31 items give a good flavour as to how a certain section of UK esotericists responded to the threat and commencement of the War. Some sheets quite worn but generally VG Order No. 110794 #120


4) Cultus Sabbatai

Andrew Chumbley, Azoetia, Xoanon 2004 (Sethos) 366pp. Illustrated. This is number 2 of 11 copies of the X series having variant endpapers bing a black snakeskin effect and variant gilt blocking on the front cover (being an entirely different design from the standard) all encased in a very sturdy clothbound slipcase All Fine Order No. 70254 #600

Andrew Chumbley, Azoetia, A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft, Xoanon 1992 1st Ed 1st No.272 of No. Ltd. Ed of 300 Heady mix of A.O.Spare & Traditional Witchcraft by very respected author. Signed and sigilised by author using an extended version of his magical name. Ths sigil is unusual and expresses a particular stage in the authors magical journey when he was contributing to Starfire, the journal of the Typhonian OTO. The shape of the sigil appears to be an artifact of this association VG Order No. 42002 #375 Another copy, No. 127 Inscribed by author “To Simon with a Thousand blessings” and signed with his full name and sigils. Loosely inserted is 1pp prepublication flier dor the book. The book has been well read with creases down the spine. At one point the binding has cracked so the book tends to fall open at that point, however the pages are fimrly in place. There is some grubbiness to the edges of the pages, slight creasing to cover and some wear to the corners. Good Order No. 42002 #250

Andrew Chumbley, Qutub, The Point, Fulgur for Xoanon 1995 1st Ed 80pp Illustrated. Drawing upon traditions concerning Yezidee corcery. This copy is signed and sigilised by author. Loosely inserted is the 4pp leaflet issued by Xoanon a a pre-publication flier which describes the book and gives a synopsis Fine in VG DW Order No. 110009 #500


5) Fellowship of Isis

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, Communion with the Goddess, Part I The Vital Elements, Cesara 1976 1st Ed. Card covered booklet Limited Edition Fine Order No. 110750 #15

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, Communion with the Goddess, Part II Initiation and the Mysteries, Cesara 1976 1st Ed. Card covered booklet 40pp Limited Edition Fine Order No. 110751 #15

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, Communion with the Goddess, Part III The Occasional Rites, Cesara 1976 1st Ed. Card covered booklet 47pp VG+ Order No. 110755 #15

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, Communion with the Goddess, Temples of the West, Cesara 1977 1st Ed. Card covered booklet 51pp Limited Edition Signed by the author Fine Order No. 110752 #20

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, Communion with the Goddess, The Temples of Asia Minor and Greece, Cesara 1977 1st Ed. Card covered booklet 48pp Limited Edition Signed by the author VG+ Order No. 110754 #20

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, Communion with the Goddess, Temples of Greece, Second Part, Cesara 1977 1st Ed. Card covered booklet 52pp Limited Edition Signed by the author Fine Order No. 110753 #20

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, Communion with the Goddess, Symbolism of Temple Architecture, Cesara 1978 1st Ed. Card covered booklet 46pp Limited Edition Signed by the author Fine Order No. 110748 #20

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, Communion with the Goddess, Temples of the Near and far East, Cesara 1976 1st Ed. Card covered booklet 46pp Limited Edition, signed by the author VG Order No. 110749 #20

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, Cult of the Goddess, Cesara 1978 Card covered booklet 28pp Signed by the author Fine Order No. 110756 #10

Olivia Robertson, Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess, Liturgy of the Fellowship of Isis, Cesara 1st Ed not dated Card covered booklet 56pp. Signed by author dated 1979) VG Order No. 110757 #20

Olivia Robertson, The Call of Isis, Cesara 1975 1st Ed Small format paperback vii + 126pp. Important work by founder of Fellowship of Isis Signed by the author F Order No. 110759 #20

Olivia Robertson, The Call of Isis, Neptune Press nd (c1990) Author created the Fellowship of Isis, an international network of Goddess worshippers Illus Paperback 195pp Plates VG Order No. 300285 #10

Olivia Robertson, The Isis Wedding Rite, Cesara 1976 1st Ed Card covers 16pp Frontispiece. Signed by the author Some wear G+ Order No. 110758 #8


6) Institute of Experimental Geomancy

Rev. J. F. Kearns, Silpa Sastra, Institute of Experimental Geomancy 2001 40pp booklet hand printed and hand bound in card covers. Introduction by Patrick McFadzean First published in 1876 this is one of the first examples of westerners becomingh aware of the Vast Vidya, the traditional techniques employed in Hindu architecture to manifest temples worthy to the Gods and secular buidings which would be auspicious Fine Order No. 110881 #3

Patrick McFadzean, Geomancers Guide to the Vastupurusa Mandala, Institute of Experimental Geomancy 2001, Card covers 84pp. Hand printed, hand sewn and hand bound in card covers. Investigation of the anture and use of the mandala that underlies much Hindu architecture, both sacred and secular. This relates human construction to the human body and the Universe and its application is considered necessary if the building is to be auspicious Fine Order No. 110880 #5

Patrick McFadzean, Vastu Vidya, Studies in Indian Geomancy, Institute of Experimental Geomancy 1999, 124pp hand printed, hand sewn and handbound in card covers. Illustrated Masterly summary of the living tradition of sacred geometry, choice of auspicious location and astrological timing of building by which a temple may be built. Alos has an eye for the tantric philosophy underlying the procedures. Fine Order No. 110879 #10


7) Societas Rosicrucian et Anglia
This masonic Order was founded in 1867, a Rosicrucian Order dedicated to the exploration of the myteries of that tradition, Kabbalah and Hermeticism. Its membership is restricted to masons and it has nurtured an ethos of high standards of esoteric scholarship. It has the rare distinction amongst esoteric bodies of having never had its initiation rituals published. It was immensely influential upon the Golden Dawn, the founders of the latter all being members of the S.R.I.A.

Anon, Initiation Rituals:-
First Grade, Zelator, small fomat card covered booklet 28pp printed in 1971, two diagrams have coloured details. Holograph annotations in pen gives passwords and words of the degree which are missed out in the text. VG Second Grade, Theoricus, small fomat card covered booklet 22pp printed in 1972.Holograph annotations in pen gives passwords of the ritual (though not the word of the degree) which are missed out in the text. An additonal has duplicated text attributed to the Birmingham and Midland College of the S.R.I.A which gives what may be a chant associated with the ritual. Fine Third Grade, Practicus, small fomat card covered booklet 28pp printed in 1970, Holograph annotations in pen gives the word of the degree (and also those of the preceding degree) which are missed out in the text. There are no passwords specific to this degee Fine Fourth Grade, Philosophus, small format card covered booklet 11pp. The word of the degree is not printed and the lecture of the degree is of such length as to be given as a printed book (not present) These four items Order No. 110874 #200

T.M. Greensill, History of the S.R.I.A., Privately Printed 1987 Card covers (x) + 289pp Written in celebration of 120th anniversary of the Order’s foundation. Illustrated. Typewriter typeface. Comprehensive and difficult to obtain history VG Order No. 110509 #55

The following series of monographs were originally given as lectures to one of the lodges of the groups, known as “colleges” of the S.R.I.A. Each was considered worthy of being made available to other S.R.I.A. members and so were issued as a series of card covered booklets with text on one side of each leaf and printed spine. The text in a typewriter typeface.
Fra. George Bonner, Plotinus, Series No.1, S.R.I.A. 1988 Privately printed, card covers 30pp. The original lecture was given in 1971 Fine Order No. 110866 #20

M.W. Fra. F. M. Rickard, Comenius in Relation to Rosicrucianism, Series No.2, S.R.I.A. 1988 Privately printed, card covers 33pp. The original lecture was given 1936 Fine Order No. 110863 #20

V.W. Fra. Martin B. Caunter, That Glorius Luminary of Nature, Series No. 3, S.R.I.A. 1988 Privately printed, card covers 33pp. The original lecture was given in c1987 Fine Order No. 110864 #20

Fra. Cecil N. Potter, The Position of the Tarot in the Cabalistic System, Series no. 4, S.R.I.A. 1988 Privately printed, card covers 26pp with foldout. The original lecture was given in 1923 complementing by W. Wynn Westcott read to the same group the previous year Fine Order No. 110867 #20

V.W. Fra. The Revd. F. E. Crate, Pre-Christian Gnosticism, Series No.5, S.R.I.A. 1988 Privately printed, card covers 20pp. The original lecture was given in 1923 Fine Order No. 110865 #20

R.W. Fra. Fulke R. Radice, Greek Cosmology and Theogony, Series No. 6, S.R.IA. 1988 Privately printed, card covers 24pp. It is not stated when the original essay was given Fine Order No. 110873 #20

Fra. F. B. Brook, The Eleusinian Mysteries, Series No. 7, S.R.I.A. 1988 Privately printed, card covers 38pp. It is not known when the original lecture was given but the author died in 1949 Fine Order No. 110868 #20

Fra. Norman Hackney, The Story Of Creation as Set Forth in the Sepher ha Zohar, Series No.8, S.R.I.A. 1988 The original lecture was given in 1962 Fine Order No. 110862 #20

Fr. H. Bertram Harding, The Occult in Buddhism, Series No. 9, S.R.I.A. 1988 Privately printed, card covers 22pp. The original lecture was given in 1920 Fine Order No. 110870 #20

Fra. Bernard Springett, Zoroaster, The Great Teacher, Series No. 10, S.R.I.A 1988 Privately printed, card covers 36pp. The original lecture was given in 1923 Fine Order No. 110869 #20

Fra. Tom Bancroft, World in Chaos, Series No. 11, S.R.I.A. 1988 Privately printed, card covers 19pp. The original lecture was given in 1957s Fine Order No. 110872 #20

R.W. Fra. Lt. Col. H. C. Wilson, Mithraism, Series No. 12, S.R.I.A. 1988 Privately printed, card covers 44pp. The original lecture was given some time before 1957 when ill healt prevented the author from attending meetings Fine Order No. 110871 #20


8) Typhonian O.T.O.

a) Artwork:-

The following items are the original artwork for a number of illustrations which appeared in Starfire magazine. Images can be viewed at:-

where the link to the appropriate page will be found at the bottom of the artists page

Billy Devenny, The Unveiling of Isis, c.1989, pencil on paper, 21ins x 13ins in larger glazed frame. Signed, dated and titled #195 This work was reproduced in Starfire Vol.I No.3

Robert Taylor, The Arrow of Thelema , c.1991, pastel, paint and pencil on paper 12ins x 8ins in glazed frame which is chipped on the top edge. This work explores the Fifth Aethyr of the Enochian system and was reproduced to accompany an article regarding that system in Strafire Vol.I No.4 The artist is an important figure in Typhonian O.T.O. #195

Robert Taylor, Vampire, c.1992 pencil on paper 11ins x 8ins in larger decorative glazed frame. This work was reproduced in Starfire Vol.II No.1 Starefire to accompany the short story Ghostly Amalgam. #195

Jeff Willis, Untitled, 1989 pen on paper 15ins x 10ins unframed. Reproduced in Starfire Vol.I No.4 to illustrate an article concerning Enochian. Signed and dated #175

b) Books:-

Anon., Liber Natura vel Essence of 210, Longship Warrior undated Large format card covers 28pp, illustrated. Probably early 1990s Published by and probably largely penned by Gareth Hewitson May author of highly soughtafter Dark Doorway of the Beast. Series of essays and illustrations. Very scarce Typhonian publication VG Order No. 110292 #25

Kenneth Grant, Against the Light, A Nightside Narrative, Starfire 1997 Part autobiographical occult fiction which has been very well received indeed. Grant, head of the Typhonian OTO, has for years annunciated a strange & compelling Gnosis of the Shadow New Order No. 2674 #15.99

Kenneth Grant, Aleister Crowley Eil Dio Occulto, Astrolabio 1975 paperback 201pp Illustrated Italian text translated by Paolo Valli spine creased G+ Order No. 84813 #20

Kenneth Grant & Austin Osman Spare, Convovulus, (including Black to Black & Gull’s Beak), Starfire 2005 With Drawings By Austin Osman Spare, Starfire 2005e.v. An. 101, Hardback in dustwrapper 188pp Mint in Mint DW Order No. 110838 #25

Kenneth Grant, Cults of the Shadow, Muller 1975 1st Ed viii + 244pp Plates One of the foundatioon stones of the Typhonian Current. This copy has neat ownership inscription of John Balance. VG in a DW which is somewhat rubbed around the edges, it is slightly chipped at the top of the spine Order No. 300006 #65

Kenneth Grant, Gamaliel, the Diary of a Vampire & Dance, Doll, Dance, Starfire 2003ev 158pp This being number 81 of 81 copies in deluxe binding of quarter morrocan goatskin leather and handmade paper. In addition to the signatures of Kenneth and Steffi there is an inscription to a named person in Kenneht Grants hand wishing her “Thelemotyphonic Greetings! Perhaps the first appearance of this word! Jacket design by Steffi Grant incorporating self portrait by Hamsa, It is she, better known as Clandia, who Gerald Gardner regarded as stolen property when she left his coven for Grant’s Nu Isis Lodge of the OTO. He asked Spare to devise a spell to retrieve lost property and its tragic effects have been described in Images and Oracles of Austin Osman Spare. This occult fiction has been very well received Order No. 50000 #135 Another copy this being standard, Mint in Mint DW Order No. 10000 #25

Kenneth Grant, The Other Child, And Other Stories, Starfire 2003 Coloured frontispiece, the Stella Lode, by Steffi Grant 216pp Fine in Fine DW Order No 110050 #25 Another copy, Signed by Kenneth and Steffi Grant Mint in Mint DW Order No. 110051 #50

Kenneth Grant, Outer Gateways, Skoob 1994 264pp Plates Mint in Mint DW Order No. 99146 #25

Kenneth Grant, Outside the Circles of Time, Muller 1980 1st & only Ed Plates xii + 316pp pages Occasional penciled underlining, paper yellowing as usual with this title otherwise The most difficult text of the three Typhonian trilogies to obtain. F in VG DW Order No. 300016 #225

Kenneth Grant, Remembering Aleister Crowley, Skoob 1991 1st Ed. Reporduces AC.’s correspondence with the author & coloured Illustrations of some artwork & regalia. Large format 66pp F in F DW Order No. 300576 #15

Kenneth Grant, Snakewand, & the Darker Strain, Starfire 2000 168pp Frontis Pl by Austin Osman Spare. DW designed by Steffi Grant. Two novellas which relate to the magickal workings of the Nu Isis Lodge of the OTO, which was headed by Grant. It has been suggested that, as with Dion Fortune, the clearest expresion of Grant’s magick is to be found in his fiction. This work relates to voodoo traditions, which were an important component of the Nu Isis Lodge workings New Order No. 8008 #25

Gareth Hewitson-May, Dark Doorway of the Beast, New World 1992 Forward by Kenneth Grant (he describes the work as akin to a glass of ice cold lager on a hot summers day) Now scarce Typhonian work which gives a systematic analysis of the nature of the Crurrent. One of the most difficult artifacts of the Typhonian Current to obtain. A few Illus 224pp + appendices, index etc Leatherlike binding. OTO lamen gilt stamped on spine F in F DW Order No. 10264 #200

c) Journals

Various, Khabs, Official Organ of O.T.O. Typhonian O.T.O. 4pp large format leaflet (11ins x 8.5ins) Gives information about appointments, resignations and expulsions. Order announcements, some short articles and reprints of Crowley. Striking artwork on cover Vol II No.1, 1985 fold marks but VG Order No. 110366 #5 Vol II No.2, 1986 Fine Order No. 110367 #7 Vol II No.3, 1986 Fine Order No. 110368 #7 Vol II No.4, 1987 Fine Order No. 110369 #7 Vol II No.5, 1987 Fine Order No. 110370 #7 Vol III No.1, 1989 Fine Order No. 110371 #7 Vol III No.2, 1989 Fine Order No. 110372 #7 Vol III No.3, 1990 Fine Order No. 110374 #7 Vol III No.4, 1990 Order No. 110375 #7

Various, Mandragore, Vol. III No.2, Grove of Star & Snake 1978 Card covered booklet, 11ins x 9ins 36pp Illustrated No. 117 of Limited Edition of 151 Typhonian / Maatian journal very influenced by Kenneth Grant. Homely production values Scarce Back cover loose but otherwise sound G+ Order No. 300381 #30

Various, Mezla, Autumn Equinox An.LXX (No.6), (1974) Large format leaflet 4pp Issued by the Typhonian OTO in the USA and an interesting statement of its position. Most of this issue is taken up with second part of Book of the Cephaloedium Working G Order No. 98061 #10

Various, Snowflakes Through Strain, The First, Longship Warrior Not dated (c1991) Large format card covers 54pp Illustrated with coloured embellishment. Thelemic journal associated with Typhonian O.T.O. Contributions are all anonymous. Has substantial article Mark of the Beast VG+ Order No. 98041 #30

Various, Sothis, Vol.I Nos. 1 – 5; Vol. II Nos 1, 2, 1973 – 77 Seven items, a complete Set, all large format card covers. Altogether 866pp large format, illustrated. Excellent occult journal closely associated with Typhonian OTO and constitue an important element of the Typhonian corpus. Edited by Jan Bailey, David Hall & Mike Magee. Articles and contributions by Kenneth Grant (Two Forwards); Aleister Crowley – Three Schools of Magic / Liber Trigrammaton / Soldier and the Hunchback / Cocaine / Liber Artemis vel Coitu / Jack the Ripper Liber LXV / Preliminary Analysis of LXV / Liber Pyramidos / Elixir of Life; Frater I.I.V. – Time and the World / Liber 600 / A Thelemic Creed / The Arrow Star; Frater O.R. – Earth’s Magistry; Soror T – Emerald Ecstasy / Suvasini; Fr. I.A. – A Note on Genesis; Frater 444 – Liber Okto vel Baphomithr; Frater Achad – Liber QNA / Liber 31; Frater M.G.N. – The 93 Current; Frater Q.P.O. – ORORO, A Nu Formula for the Akashic Egg / Function of the OTO; Soror Tanith – OTO in New York; Elias Ashmole & John Dee – Mansucripts; Frater 252 – Aspects of the Aeon; Frater A.I.S. – New Attribution; Frater 444 & Frater I.I.V. – Commentary on Liber Oz; R. Aird – Tales From A Garden; Frater 77 – Book of the Brazen Angel; Peter MacFarlane – War Engine / OTO Change is Stability; Frater E – Lber Phuk; Zervan – Induction of Ecstasy; J.W. Parsons – Songs of the Witch Woman; R. Davies – Dog of the Abyss; A. Holub – Drawings; M. Magee – Substance of Lust; Frater Custor & Soror Artemis – Diary Fragments; Kamesvarananta – Aparajitastotra; Dadaji – The Londinium Temple Strain; D. Hall – Amulet of the Anyss; K. Wowk – Tarot, Exploding the Myths; Frater Ananael & Soror Ocho – Seven African Gods; A.C. Evans – Two Drawings; 27 – Twenty Seven; N. Grey – Quantum Magic This set are in Fine condition Order No. 110828 #250

Various, Star and Snake, Barbara Collins 1984 Card covers 11ins x 9ins 92pp Illustrated. Articles include |Philip Deitch – the Cult of the Phoenix anf the Dark Qabalahs of Nu-Set; Brian Dragon – The Hidden Kingdom (Pictish and Elven Witchcraft / Towards a Pictish Tree of Life. Artwork/poems etc. The dedication to Aossic Aiwaz and other signals indicate that this publication is inspired by the Typhonian OTO, surprising as it comes from Berkeley, California F Order No. 100416 #20

Various, Starfire, A Magazine of the New Aeon Vol.I No.1, 1986 Large format Card Covs 52pp Excellent journal closely associated with Typhonian OTO. Inc. OTO – A Brief History; P.Turner – The Tarot & Liber Al; M/Staley – Going Beyond; S. Dziklewicz – Stele of Revealing & the Abomination of Desloation etc etc. Highly soughtafter F Order No. 300363 #75 Vol.I No.3, 1989 Large format 108pp Illus Exellent Typhonian journal. This edition has the important Lam Statement by the Typhonian O.T.O.; Peter Smith – Disciple of Dagon; ; Jack Parsons – the Babalon Working (with introductories by Michael Staley and Yukki Yaura; Michael Staley – Heart of Thelema also artwork, poems etc F Order No. 300489 #75 Starfire, Vol.I No.4, 1991 Large format, card covers 80pp Illustrated Ed. by Mick Staley, a prominent member of the Typhonian OTO, an impressive journal. Articles include Mick Staley on the Vision & the Voice; Stephen Dziklewicz on Dagon etc F+ Order No. 175 #30 Starfire, Vol.II No.2, Starfire 1999 LF Illus 200pp & 8pp ads Official Statement Concerning OTO; Damian Sinclair, Dreaming Attention; Robert Taylor, the Black Stone; Michael Staley, Iridescent undulations & the Sacred Fire; Nigel Aldcroft-Jackson, How to Leap Forth by Standing Still; Margaret Ingalls; Chaos Magic & Maat Magick; Nicholaj Frivold, Into the depths of Severity & All Beauty; Damian Sinclair, Pax Noblis; Stephen Dzicklewicz, A Mantra for Evoking the Great Old Ones; Andrew Chumbley, Opening the Way for the Daemons of the Void; Michael Staley, Transformation; Austin Osman Spare & Besz-Mass;Simon Hinton, Liber AL intelligence; An Instrument of Succession etc New Order No. 300491 #12

e) Ephemera

Anon. (Kenneth Grant?), A Preliminary Statement Concerning Conditions of Membership of the Ordo Templi Orientis, O.T.O. (Typhonian) Not Dated (1986) Single photocopied sheet folded once to make 4pp leaflet. First page has OTO lamen & Ordo Temple Orientis. Next two pages gives brief account of nature of the Typhonian OTO succintly stating aspects which are at variance with other traditions. For instance it states that no financial obligations are placed upon members at all, that members cannot belong to any religious, occult or political organisation which has no officially accepted the Law of Thelema. It is stated that this item is issued by Order of the Sovereign Sanctuary of the Gnosis under the Seal of the O.H.O. of the O.T.O., 718 ‘.’. The name of the candidate to whom this item was sent is typed on the front page Fine Order No. 110502 #35

Aleister Crowley, Liber Oz, Not Dated (1970s) Card 6ins x 4ins with Liber Oz printed on one side and peacock with a tail of eyes on other, the reference being to the Peacock Nagel of the Yezidi. Probably issued by Sothis, the excellent journal of the 1970’s associated with the Typhonian OTO one corner creased VG Order No. 110503 #10

Kenneth Grant, Typed Letter Signed, To Stephen Sennitt, 5th Nov. 1997 335 words on large format sheet with words Ordo Templi Orientis and lamen printed in red as letterhead. It mentions Sennitt’s book Liber Koth and a ouija board session carried out by him where there was contact with an entity which identified itself as Black Eagle. Grant makes some cautionary remarks concerning contact with identities and also mentions contact with “.. an erstwhile member of Yelda Paterson’s coven” Nice item Fine Order No. 110515 #165


9) Zos Kia Cultus

Kenneth Grant, Images & Oracles of Austin Osman Spare, Muller 1975 1st Ed Ltd to 1000. Very sought after. Large landscape format. 96pp Many Illustrations. Striking use of red print. VG in VG DW Order No. 10037 #120

Kenneth Grant (re. Austin Osman Spare) Images and Oracles of Austin Osman Spare, Fulgur 2003, numbered limited edition of 500 copies.
Landscape format hardback 12ins x 10ins, printed in red and black, frontispiece printed in brown ink. 104pp . Many illustrations. This work presents a cogent and concise exposition of Spares system of sorcery and Gnosis. The text is augmented with numerous illustrations, many never seen elsewhere. This new edition has a new preface by Kenneth Grant but then adheres to the format, design and binding of the original. However it should not be seen as a facsimile. This edition is immensely better than the first. Rather than merely copying a copy of the first edition the entire book has been reset, but using the original font. Where ever possible (ie almost everywhere) the original of the illustrations has been sought out and recopied so the images are immensely clearer and sharper. Myriads of tiny glitches have been corrected. A remarkable testament to the dedication to high standards of production that this publisher has championed. A highly recommended book that has an historic significance in the development of modern occultism Mint in Mint DW Order No. 71026 #90

Kenneth Grant (re. Austin Osman Spare) Images and Oracles of Austin Osman Spare , Fulgur 2003, one of 93 deluxe copies bound in quarter morocco in slipcase. Signed and numbered by Kenneth and Steffi Grant.
Landscape format 12ins x 10ins, printed in red and black, frontispiece printed in brown ink. 104pp . M in M DW in M slipcase Order No. 80055 #350

Kenneth and Steffi Grant, Images and Oracles of Austin Osman Spare, Fulgur 2003 Card covers, . Mint Order No. 80070 #19.50

Austin Osman Spare, Formula of Zos vel Thanatos, Fulgur 2005. Giclee art print limited to 93 examples only, 17ins x 11ins, each signed and numbered by Kenneth and Steffi Grant. Spare created the original wooden stele for Kenneth and Steffi Grant in 1955. It incorporates portraits of the artist and both recipients, with Steffi Grant represented in the form of the Egyptian Goddess Isis. It is replete with sigils and symbols and the original is an important artifact of the Zos Kia Cultus. This reproduction has been produced to the highest standards on 310 gram mould made acid free paper. Limited Stock Available. Order Ref. AOS- STELE #93

Austin Osman Spare, Earth Inferno, 1905 1st Ed. 18ins x 13.5in 30pp Numbered limited edition of 265 this being numbered 1. This copy is one of 50 bound in green cloth, the majority being in brown wrappers. A rare copy of the first book published by Spare, one of the illustrations is also hand coloured by him. There is a good deal of discolouration to the paper covering the boards and slight but unobtrusive foxing of some of the pages otherwise As usual with this edition there is slight spotting to the pages but in this instance it is very unobtrusive, there is slight soiling though, again, this not obtrusive. Binding a little loose and some cracking but this is barely noticable Cloth somewhat dampstained amd lifting from the boards slightly. Because of the large format it is usual to find damage to the corners however in this instance it is confined to a little creasing Externally fair, internally Very Good. Order Ref. AOS-INFERNO #1250


10) Abbreviations
1st Ed First Edition; aeg All edges gilt; Anno.
Annotations; bd Binding; bds Boards; Bkpt Bookplate; Bkt Booklet; cl Cloth; cold Coloured; dec Decorated; discold Discoloured; DW Dustwrapper; Ex-lib Ex-library with stamps etc; F Fine (almost like new); facs Facsimile; fep Free end papers; Frontis. Frontispiece; G Good (well used); gt bl Gilt (gold) blocking; HB Hardback; Illus Illustrated; Insc Insciption; IP In Print; Ltd Limited; LF Large Format; M Mint; Pb Paperback; mks Mark; n.d. Not Dated; OP Out of Print; o/w Otherwise; Pub. Published; SF Small Format; sp Spine; teg Top edge gilt; Trans. Translated; UP University Press; VG Very Good (some signs of use)Minor Inscriptions & small booksellers labels generally not mentioned


10) Payment Methods

1) Credit card (Mastercard, Access or Visa) or Debit Card (Switch or Solo). If you have previously ordered I may have a record of your credit card number. If not, for security reasons some people like to send their number in the following ways:–
a) by fax
b) telephone (there is an answering machine to which only I have access when I am not here)
c) divide it into two and send it in two separate email messages.
d) encode it. I would suggest leaving the first four digits unchanged but for the remaining digits add 3 to each digit (ie 1 becomes 4, 7 becomes 0, 9 becomes 2 etc) leaving the expiry date unchanged. This arrangement can be referred to as “YOUR CODE”
e) spell some of the numbers out eg 44six8 etc
2) International Money Order made out in British Currency
3) Travellers cheques in UK Pounds
4) Foreign cash small amounts please send securely, large amounts please send by registered post.
5) Direct transfer to my bank from a bank in your country. My bank details as follows:- Caduceus Books, Lloyds Bank, 2 Pavement,York,YO1 2NE.
Swift Code LOYDGB2L
Branch Identification Code LOYDGB21225
International Bank Account Number (I.B.A.N.)
Sort code (or Routing Number) 30-99-99
Account number 01126431
6) Cheque in British currency made out to Caduceus Books
7) Payment through PayPal at, my user name is my email address:-
8) Postal Orders in UK currency
9) Internaitional Money Order or Bankers Draft in UK Pounds

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