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It’s early days yet, but Akolasia has made a strong start.

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Thelema is prone to dismissal among female mystics due to a perception of misogyny and gender inequality within the philosophical and magickal structure. Thus, most tend to gravitate toward the other extreme to magickal systems overly saturated with goddess icons. The idea of following any extreme measure and path is intimately associated with imbalance, which is antithetical to the basic tenet of Thelema and magick.

Thelema, in its purest spiritual essence, is genderless. Its earthly manifestation is a different story. Male and female energies are radically different, yet completely harmonious once each is fully empowered and in tune with their true self. Yet still, the last vestiges of the patriarchal reign still holds sway, even in such an avant garde philosophy as Thelema. This is only in reference to the earthly manifestation of Thelema, not its spiritual essence.

Consider now that all directives, received transmissions and guidelines for working with the Feminine Divine of Thelema have been imparted to us by men. This does not make Liber Babalon or Liber Cheth any less inspiring or beautiful, but it concludes that the Sacred Feminine, while awake, is still rubbing the sleep from Her eyes. Neither is this a suggestion for all women to go and receive a Holy Book. It simple suggests that women have not been active in defining their own role and manifesting their own essence and spirit in relation to the New Aeon; rather letting the other half do this for them. However, this has given women an optimal starting point to begin the process of manifestation.

Let the re-evolution begin!

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