The Thelemic Timeserver

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Rarely can Thelemites be accused of obfuscation, though quite often of other things.  However, after a century of clarity, the question “What is the Thelemic date?” still crops up with appalling regularity.  I can hardly dare to touch upon even the slightest whisker of an esoteric consideration such as might apply to the Thelemic date: a subject to which the Most Mysterious Masters whereof yet apply their skills, undaunted by the temptations of those more vulgar occupations, and utterly regardless of the cruelties that Time herself wreaketh upon their shattered corpses: She whose clutches encompasseth All, and from which naught but, apparently, the most eccentric escape.

However, I can supply a tool which will enable webmasters of Thelemic sites to display the Thelemic date without too much difficulty.

The Thelemic Timeserver

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