The Dee Day Conference

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An announcement from the good people at The Atlantis Bookshop:

The Atlantis Bookshop presents

The Dee Day Conference

Tobias Churton: Friendly Strangers – Elias Ashmole and John Dee
Robin Cousins: An Elizabethan Progression – John Dee’s travels in England and Europe
Peter Forshaw: John Dee and Alchemical Magic
Helene Hodge: Dee’s Sacred Smoke: The Matter of Magic
David Rankine: Archangels in the Grimoire Tradition
Stephen Skinner: The Goetia
Alan Thorogood: Opening the Gates of Understanding: Liber Loagaeth and the 48 Angelic Keys

Saturday 11 March 2006 ~ 10:00am – 7:00pm
The Albion Room, Thistle Bloomsbury Hotel
Bloomsbury Way, WC1A 2SD
Tickets £40 available only from

The Atlantis Bookshop

020 74052120

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