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Some interesting items in the latest Caduceus Books list…
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I. Items from the collection of a doctor.
II. Austin Osman Spare Portfolio
III. Forthcoming Events
IV. Abbreviations
V. Payment Methods


I. Items from the collection of a doctor.

The following items were acquired as research materials by an English gentleman
who was taking a Phd, the title of his thesis being “Themes in British Occultism
since 1945″. The doctorate having been secured, they are now offered for sale

1) General Occultism
2) Items relating to Aleister Crowley
a) Books by Crowley
b) Books about Crowley
c) Typhonian OTO related items
d) Items relating to other followers and fellow travellers
3) Items by and about Austin Osman Spare
4) Items relating to Witchcraft and Paganism


1) General Occultism

Ghayat Al-Hakim, Picatrix, The Goal of the Wise, Ouroboros 2002 Numbered Limited
Ed. Of 1000 First translation into English of this Arabic grimoire which was
influential upon Ficino, Pico della Mirandola, Peter of Abano & Agrippa. The
Inquisition cited is possesssion as reason to arrest Casanova. A very nice
production M in F DW Order No. 350002 £40

George Andrews (Ed), Drugs & Magic, Panther 1974 1st Ed Paperback
591ppSubstantial work on the ritual use of drugs VG Order No. 350054 £15

Ethel Archer, Concerning Dream Poetry, Imagination and Originality, Rider not
dated 16pp leaflet, larger format. Articles reprinted from the Occult Review and
sold separately. These works give a good impression of author’s approach. She
describes how poetry can be borne of and manifest dream states and that
imagination can touch upon exalted consciousness. Great poems being more
channeled than contrived. Such offprints from the Occult Review are very rare,
perhaps testament to the respect in which she was held by the journal VG Order
No. 350042 £25

Franz Bardon, Frabato the Magician, An Occult Novel, Merkur 1995 Hardback 206pp
Plates. Title was the author’s stage name when he made his living as a stage
magician. Describes a magical battle with black magicians in the dying years of
the Weimar Republic and revelatiosn which led to the author’s classic occult
works Fine in Fine DW Order No. 350066 £20

Franz Bardon, Initiation into Hermetics, A Practice of Magic, Ruggerberg 1981
294pp Frontis., Coloured Plate remarkably coherent & undogmatic system for the
development of such powers as astral travel & clairvoyance. An impressive work
Fine in VG Dw Order No. 350065 £20

Charles Richard Cammell, The Triumph of Beauty, Poseidon 1945 Card covers,
rubricated title page No. 157 of 250 copies signed by author vi + 28pp. Nicely
produced, presumably in defiance of war standards regulations then in force!
Additional signed dedication by author to Ethel Archer VG Order No. 350043 £35

Ithell Colquhoun, Living Stones, Cornwall, Peter Owen 1957 1st Ed 204pp Plates
and illustrations by author. Author was prominent surrealist artist and writer
concerning the Golden Dawn. She was a druid, member of the O.T.O. and the Order
of Pyramid and Sphinx which revived Golden Dawn rituals and experimented with
Enochian. She lived in Cornwall and this anecdotal account describes her studio,
the customs and so forth. Has 9pp article on Crowley. One can perceive tantric
themes hidden in the Colquhoun’s illustrations. The book is in VG condition
though the cloth is faded where damage to the DW has exposed it to light,
notably the top half inch of DW covering the spine is missing with some loss of
text, DW covering tail of spine and corners is chipped. Order No. 350018 £25

David Edwards, Dare to Make Magic, Rigel 1971 1st Ed Author helped found Order
of the Cubic Stone, then worked independantly. A variety of techniques for
exploring the first Sephioth of the Tree of Life are clearly presented.
Entertainingly opionated & readable 94pp Illus VG in G (rather worn) DW Order
No. 350006 £20

Michael FitzGerald, Storm-Troopers of Satan, An Occult History of the Second
World War, Robert Hale 1990 Hardback 1st Edition 208pp Ex-Linrary otherwise
Good in VG DW Order No. 350014 £10

Darcy Kuntz (Comp. & Ed.), Golden Dawn Source Book, Holmes 1996 1st Ed Number 78
of Limited Edition of 200 copies bound in hardback bound in white cloth blocked
in red with signed certificate carrying an additional illustration loosely
enclosed. 223pp Pref. By R.A. Gilbert. Reproduces correspondence between
founders and prominent members of the GD, also early articles concerning the
Order. Percursors of the GD – Ron Heisler; Origins of GD – Francis King; Modern
Scholarship & GD – Gerald Suster; Deeper Roots of the GD – Rafal Prinke;
Daybreak, Early History & Origins of the GD – Richard Kaczynski; Aurora
Mysteriorium – Gareth Medway. A comprehensive cross index of members’ names &
mottos Fine Order No. 350003 £65

Toyne Newton, Demonic Connection, An Investigation into Satanism in England &
the International Black Magic Conspiracy, Blandford 1987 Hardback Plates 160pp
Paranoid conspiracy theory concerning black magic at Chanctonbury Ring in
Sussex, England. In fact the site does have an association with matters occult
of which the author is quite unaware, which makes this work a curiousity. Pages
yellowing somewhat VG in F DW Order No. 350040 £12

Rosaleen Norton, The Art of Rosaleen Norton, With Poems by Gavin Greenlees,
Glover 1982 Very large format(13ins x 10ins) 78pp 4 cold Pls & many Illus. The
large format carries well the lascivious & uncosy occult visions of Norton whose
importance is coming to be recognised F in F DW Order No. 350048 £70

Graham Phillips and Martin Keatman, The Eye of Fire, Grafton 1988 Small format
paperback 204pp Plates. Account of a paranormal investigation which went
horribly wrong, from authors of the Green Stone. A less well known Andrew
Collins adventure VG Order No. 350016 £30

Melita Denning & Osborne Phillips, Planetary Magick, A Complete System For
Knowledge and Attainment, Llewelyn 1989 Paperback xxxv + 400pp Authors headed
Aurum Solis, an occult order which was apparently founded in 1897 to teach
ceremonial magic. It operates a system of Hermetic magic which is different from
the Golden Dawn. This work provides group rituals for working planetary forces
for purposes of attunment, creation of an elixer, divination, visions, healing
etc VG Order No. 350064 £25

Israel Regardie, Ceremonial Magic, A Guide to the Mechanisms of Ritual, Aquarian
1985 Substantial advice on opening the Watchtowers and Bornless Ritual. Gives
use of Unicursal Hexagram in Hexagram rituals, and innovation introduced,
probably be Regardie, around 1930 but published here for the first time. OP
Paperback 127pp VG Order No. 350067 £10

Timothy d’Arch Smith, The Times Deceas’d, The Rare Book Department ot the Times
Bookshop in the 1960’s, Stone Trough Books 2003 Ltd. Ed. Of 400 copies 140pp
Illustrated Delightful memoirs from author of Books of the Beast, Montague
Summers Bibliography, Love in Ernest etc. The author had an early interest in
occultism and whilst at the Times Bookshop he organised an exhibition and
catalogue of rare occult books. He was also involved in the Golden Dawn related
Order of the Pyramid and Sphinx which practiced Enochian Magic and about which
virtually nothing is written. His memoirs are peppered with anecdotes concerning
figures in occultism, Gerald Yorke (a picture is reproduced), Francis King,
Isabell de Steiger, Isabel Regardie, Kenneth Anger etc. M in M DW Order No.
350068 £45

Various, Formaos, Periodical of the Occult Arts Vol. I No.5, 1987 30pp
Illustrated leaflet Articles inc Understanding Austin Osman Spare – Lionell
Snell; Pete carroll – magic of Chaos; Ritual Aspects of tantra Lokaneth
Maharaji; Graphic Symbolism in the Magical Tradition – Rafal T. Prinke. Artwork
by Paul Ryan, Stephen Sennitt, Spare etc VG Order No. 350033 £10

Various (Inc. Pete Carroll), Liber Bootleg, Not Dated (1990?) 1st Ed. Original
Audio Cassette this copy being number 239. Recording of ritual by London Temple
of Illuminates of Thanateros (I.O.T.). Over 90 minutes of ritual incuding Mass
of Chaos; Theogyny of Hesiod; Asgarth Pathworking; Enochian Call of the 10th
Aethyr; Evocation of Tiamat etc. Homely production values Fine Order No. 350049


2) Items relating to Aleister Crowley

a) Books by Crowley

Aleister Crowley, Selected Poems, Crucible 1986 Ed. & Intro Martin Booth
Paperback 206pp Poetry, of course, was Crowleys major vehicle for expressing his
ideas magickal, mystical & philosophical ideas VG Order No. 350019 £18

Aleister Crowley, Snowdrops from a Curates Garden, Teitan 1986 Frontis xxi +
197pp A.C’s pornography, still sparky by today’s standards Prolegomenon Martin
Starr. Out of print but this copy stillsealed in original cellophane Mint in
Mint DW Order No. 350029 £75

Aleister Crowley, White Stains, The Literary Remains of George Archibald Bishop,
A Neuropath of the Second Empire, Duckworth 1986 xv + 118pp Introduction by John
Symonds. A work of pornography, first published anonymously in 1898, michevously
attributed to his Plymouth Bretheren uncle. Poems include Necrophilia and the
Ballad of Passive Paederasty F in F DW Order No. 350010 £50

Aleister Crowley & Others, Gems from the Equinox, New Falcon 1986 xxxiv + 1134pp
VG+ Order No. 350034 £35

b) Books about Crowley

C.R. Cammell, Aleister Crowley, the Man, the Mage, the Poet, Richards 1951 1st
Ed xiii + 230pp Plates Broadly sympathetic biography by a friend, has
bibliography compiled by E.N.Fitzgerald Pls OP mark on rear board VG- Order No
350035 £20

Daniel Mannix (relating to Aleister Crowley), The Beast, The Scandalous Life of
Aleister Crowley, Ballantine 1959 1st Ed Small format 140pp Often overlooked
biography as it was only published in paperback and is now scarce VG Order No.
350038 £25

Susan Roberts, Magician of the Golden Dawn, The Story of Aleister Crowley,
Contempory 1978 Scarce and useful account primarily based on interviews with
Gerald Yorke, Israel Regardie, Warburg Institute & published material Scarce in
Europe xv + 337pp F in VG DW Order No. 350017 £20

John Symonds, Medusa’s Head, Or Conversations between Aleister Crowley & Adolf
Hitler, Mandrake 1991 1st (& only) No. Ltd. Ed of 350 216pp.Signed by the
author. It should be remembered that Symonds knew Crowley towards the end of
the War so would have direct knowledge concerning the Old Mans attitudes. This
work of fiction will be based upon that. Loosely enclosed is a brief typed
letter signed to the author from Right Honourable Lord Brocket responding to
John Symonds enquiry concerning an ancestors meeting with Hitler Fine in DW that
has three quarter inch tear otherwise VG. Order No. 350034 £65

John Symonds, The Beast 666, The Life of Aleister Crowley, Pindar Press 1997 x +
608pp The most dificult to obtain version of Symonds biography Mint in VG DW
Order No. 350039 £75

c) Typhonian OTO related items

Kenneth Grant, Aleister Crowley & the Hidden God, Muller 1973 1st Ed. Plates
245pp Chapter headings include the Scarlet Woman; the Tantric Element of the
OTO; Dream Control by Sexual Magick; Sabbatic Wine & the Devil’s Graal; the
Witches Sabbath & the Reincarnation of Primal Obsessions; Atavisms. Though
there is no inscription or bookplate to confirm it this copy belonged to Frank
Letchford, a good friend of Austin Osman Spare. He took a DW from another book,
turned it around and wrote the title on the spine. This protected the Steffi
Grant designed original dustwrapper keeping it ibn Very Good condition (there is
some rubbing to the edges and a scratch on the section covering the back
board). A wise precaution as been predominantly black and a relatively delicate
paper the dustwrapper does not wear well. The book itself is in Fine condition.
A very nice copy Order No. 350036 £75

Kenneth Grant, Beyond the Mauve Zone, Starfire 2000 367pp Coloured Frontispiece
by Steffi Grant, Plates. F in F DW Order No. 350058 £160

Kenneth Grant, Cults of the Shadow, Muller 1975 1st Ed. viii + 244pp Plates
Typhonian tapestry of tantra, Crowley, Achad, Bertioux & Spare. Striking
illustrated dustwrapper by Steffi Grant with OTO lamen on spine.Corner clipped
from front free end paper otherwise VG+ in DW which is price clipped and very
rubbed Order No. 350031 £40

Kenneth Grant, Gamaliel, Diary of a Vampire & Dance Doll, Dance, Starfire 2003
158pp Frontispiece plate by Steffi Grant. This copy number 22 of 81 numbered
deluxe copies bound in quarter leather and decorated gold paper covered boards
signed by Kenneth and Steffi Grant F in F DW in original Starfire card box
Order No. 350045 £95

Kenneth Grant, Magical Revival, Muller 1972 1st Ed. 244pp Plates The first of
the Typhonian Trilogies and in some ways the foundation stone upon which the
remainder were built. An important work of historical importance. Leatherlike
binding No duswrapper VG Order No. 350046 £75

Kenneth Grant, Ninth Arch Arch, Starfire 2002 xxxvii + 603pp No.35 of 97 copies
signed and numbered by Kenneth and Steffi Grant, bound in quarter goatskin and
handmade paper. Coloured plate frontispiece (The Essential magical Formula of
Zos-Kia, Man is a Bundle of Ids by Austin Osman Spare. Monochrome plates. This
work completes the three trilogies and a coloured plate bound at the end of the
book reproduces the dustwrappers of all nine books. This work presents Book of
the Spider, a text received by the Nu Isis Lodge of the O.TO. under Grant. The
work is commented upon and receive analysis by gemetria Grant’s innovative work
is quite incomparable in field of modern occultism Fine in Fine DW in original
Starfire cardboard box Order No. 350015 £170

Kenneth Grant, Outer Gateways, Skoob 1994 264pp Plates Fine in Fine Order No.
350059 £30

Kenneth Grant, Outside the Circles of Time, Muller 1980 1st & only Ed Plates
xii + 316pp pages paper yellowing as usual with this title otherwise Fine in
Fine DW F in VG DW Order No. 350041 £150

Various, Sothis, Vol.I No.4, 1974 Ed. by Mike Magee Truly excellent Thelemic
journal born of the Typhonian current, this has Songs of the Witch Woman by Jack
Parsons, Jack the Ripper by A.C.etc LF card covs.122pp. Enclosed a duplicated
letter signed from a contributor admitting a spurious claim to be A.’A.’. VG
Order No. 350024 £25

Various, Sothis, Vol.II No.1, 1976 Large format card covers 100pp Ed. Mike
Magee then prominent member of Typhonian OTO, he later left to form Amookas.
Truly excellent Thelemic journal. Forward Kenneth Grant; Fr. Custor & Sr.
Artemis, diary Fragments; Kamesvaranta, Aparajitastotra; Fr. I.I.V. The Arrow
Star; Liber Pyramidos; Mike Magee, the Substance of Lust VG plus Order No.
350025 £25

Various, Sothis Vol.II No.2, A Magazine for the New Aeon, 1977 Truly excellent
Thelemic journal working Kenneth Grants tradition, contributions by Dadaji, John
Dee (Sloane Ms 3191), Crowley (Elixir of Life) & items on Gnostic amulets,
African Gods etc OP LF Illus. Spine somewhat darkened but VG Order No. 350023

Various, Starfire, Vol.II No.1, OTO (Typhonian) 1992 Large format. Illus. 158pp
Excellent Thelemic journal, the official organ of the Typhonian OTO Articles by
Mick Staley, Andrew Chumbley, Paul Lowe, Gavin Semple, Margaret Ingalls artwork
etc F Order No. 350026 £25

Various, Starfire, Vol.I No.5, Starfire 1994 Over 200 pp Substantial articles
on Spare by Gavin Semple & Randall Holmes, also articles by Mick Staley, Paul
Lowe & Andrew Chumbley Ed. by Mick Staley, a prominent member of the Typhonian
OTO, an impressive LF Illus. Journal Now out of print VG Order No. 350027 £40

Various, Starfire, Vol.I No.4, 1991 Large format, card covers 80pp Illustrated
Ed. by Mick Staley, a prominent member of the Typhonian OTO, an impressive
journal. Articles include Mick Staley on the Vision & the Voice; Stephen
Dziklewicz on Dagon etc F+ Order No. 350028 £25

d) Items relating to other followers and fellow travellers

Kenneth Anger, 1,2 and 3, British Film Institute not dated. Three VHS videos
(European Format) Presenting Angers surviving filmwork in its entirety:-
Fireworks; Puce Movement; Inaugeration of the Pleasure Dome; Rabbit’s Moonp;
Eaux d’Artifice; Scopio Rising; Kustom Karr Komandos; Invocation of My Demon
Brother; Scorpio Rising. Over two and a half hours of film Fine Order No.
350020 £45

John Carter, Sex and Rockets, The Occult World of Jack Parsons, Feral House 1999
1st Ed xxv + 229pp Illus Author actually Paul Rydeen. Excellent & lively account
of one of the post Crowley Thelemites whose life, and death, are truly shrouded
in mystery. Some underlining throughout F in chipped VG DW Order No. 350052 £12

Stephen Flowers, Fire and Ice, The History, Structure & Rituals of Germany’s
Most Influential Modern Magical Order: The Brotherhood of Satrun, Llewellyn
Paperback Illus xviii + 214pp The Fraternitas Saturni split from the OTO though
wo letters from its head, Fr, Gregorius to Crowley (here reproduced) confirm
there was close contact. Aside from its inheritance of OTO sexual magic
techniques the Fraternitas Saturni also developed its own techniques which are
discussed here. Inscription VG Order No. 350030 £20

Frieda Harris, Prince of Flame, Original Photograph, Not Dated (c1940s) Black
and White photograph of Prince of Wands cards signed and titled on reverse by
Harris who also gives her London address Fine in glazed frame Order No. 350060

Lady Frieda Harris, Bump into Heaven, Mitre Press nd (1950’s?) 63pp Poems by
artist of Crowley’s Book of Thoth. Includes a series of poems dealing with
Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosencreutz plus Capricirn the Goat, Vision of the
Pentagram etc Fine in Fine DW Order No. 350022 £75

Grady McMurtry, Red Flame I; The Poetry of Grady Louis McMurtry, A Thelemic
Research Journal, 2001 New edition with new 2pp forward, 40pp Introduction
(effectively an excellent biography by Jerry Cornelius. 144pp of poems, 25pp
extensive notes concerning the poems. paperback The authoritative publications
of the poems which perhaps provide the best glimpse on the man who played a
remarkable and historic role in Thelemic history. Smaller format but stouter
binding than the 1st Ed M Order No. 350013 £20

Marcelo Ramos Motta, Calling the Children of the Sun, A.’.A.’. 1999 Paperback
204pp In Portugese & English Gives considerable information concerning Motta’s
magickal career, with information concerning FRA, other rosicrucian groups, OTO
etc F Order No. 350012 £25

Gerald Suster, Hitler & the Age of Horus, Sphere 1980 Sees Hitler as a Black
Magician perverting the forces of the New Aeon for selfish ends. Small format
paperback 231pp Plates VG Order No. 350037 £20


3) Items by and about Austin Osman Spare

Robert Ansell, Bookplate Designs of Austin Osman Spare, Bookplate Society &
Keridwen Press 1988 No Ltd Ed of 500, this being No. 433 Card covs with
decorated DW 36pp OP Illus. A quality production indeed Scarce VG+ Order No.
350051 £35

Austin Osman Spare, Original Drawing, Not Dated (c1946-47) 9ins x 7ins pencil.
A portrait probably of a movie star. Below the portrait is Spare’s hand is the
axiom “It exhilirates my soul that I am everything that exists – all klnowledge
fortifies this desirous trait” In modern glazed frame An image of this drawing
can be viewed here:- … -2-23.html
Order No. 350062 £180

Austin Osman Spare, Collected Works, His Art, Philosophy & Magic, Sorcerers
Apprentice 1982 No Ltd Ed of 481this being number 132, Commences with a Brief
Biography and an essay “Sorcery of AOS” by Pete Carroll Automatic Drawing
article, Earth Inferno, Book of Pleasure, Focus of Life, Anathema of Zos. Large
format 11.5ins x 8ins 198pp decorated card covs The standard of reproduction is
not great but this publication proved to be very influential upon modern occult
scenes especially Chaos Magick, this title is an artifact of this influence VG
Order No. 350021 £90

Austin Osman Spare, From the Inferno to Zos, Vol. I, The Writings & Images of
A.O.S., First Impressions 1993 Large format 13ins x 10ins 362pp To AOS (poem by
Crowley); Book of Satyrs; Book of Pleasure; Focus of Life; Anathema of Zos;
Automatic Drawings (with Frederick Carter); exhibition catalogues; images from
books illustrated by Spare, accounts of Spare and a Spare Bibliography by Clive
Harper Two corners bumped but VG+ Order No. 350008 £160

Austin Osman Spare, Original Drawing, Not Dated (c1946-1947) 7ins x 6ins pencil
and pastel. Movies stars Dirk Bogarde and Lauren Bacall. After suffering post
traumatice stress syndrome and physical injury in the Blitz Spare recoved his
drawing skills by portaying film stars from magazines. In modern glazed frame.
An image of this drawing can be viewed here:- … -2-29.html
Order No. 350063 £160

Austin Osman Spare, Vicatrix, Original Drawing, Not Dated (c1946-47) 9ins x 6ins
Pencil with some pastel. Below drawing Spare has written following text “In
perceiving the material Universe our conceptions from it are largely determined
by the “culture” of our minds. Thus our observations are never direct, always
biased or cooured by education, ethics and other arbitrary idealogies”. This
item is from the collection of Frank Letchford who knew Spare well and wrote a
memoir of him. In glazed frame. An image of this drawing can be viewed here:- … -2-26.html
Order No. 350061 £180

Ed. By Clifford Bax & Austin Osman Spare, Golden Hind, Vol. I No.1, Chapman &
Hall 1922 Very LF (15ins x 11ins) (iv) + 48pp Car covs. This issue carries 8
Illus by Spare (some printed in monochrome colour) including the lithograph the
New Eden (11.5 x 18ins). This, and the other journal Spare published demonstrate
that Spare’s art did not develop in a vacuum, also that he presented some of his
most occult art to a general audience. This copy has prepublicity flier with
anonymous lithograph in monochrome colour with Frank Letchford’s annotations
which describes which of the contributors Spare knew plus other information.
(Mr. Letchford was a friend and biographer of Spare) He also identifies the
Illus as being Spare’s. Also a flier for a Haydn Mackey title (he was a friend
of Spare, and contributor to the Golden Hind etc.) Also enclosed prospectus (3pp
leaflet) for Volume II of the Golden Hind. Written by Clifford Bax it refers to
some of the controversies stirred by the publication VG Order No. 350053 £135

Austin Osman Spare & Others, Form, A Quarterly of Arts, Nos. 1 and 2, John Lane
1916-1917 1st Ed Very large format 17ins x 12ins 58p & 44pp. Card covers. The
only two issues published. Edited by Spare and he also contributes many striking
illustrations including full page and double page lithographs. Also has his and
Frederick Carter’s Automatic Drawing. Striking for the context into which Spare
introduced hardcore occult themes. He did not compromise! Covers of No. 1
spotted and worn with wear to spine and edges. No.2 top and tale of spine worn,
edges rubbed G & VG- Order No. 350057 £225

Austin Osman Spare, From the Inferno to Zos, The Writings & Images of A.O.S.,
First Impressions 1993 Large format 13ins x 10ins 362pp To AOS (poem by
Crowley); Book of Satyrs; Book of Pleasure; Focus of Life; Anathema of Zos;
Automatic Drawings (with Frederick Carter); exhibition catalogues; images from
books illustrated by Spare, accounts of Spare and a Spare Bibliography by Clive
Harper Two corners bumped but VG+ Order No. 350008 £160

Austin Osman Spare (relating to), From Inferno to Zos Vol.II, The Artists Books
(1905-1927), Dr. W. Wallace, First Impressions 1995 Large format 13ins x 10ins
xiii + 442pp + 16pp glossary & Bibliography Illus Marbelled eps A Substantial
investigation of the cultural & occult background of the books, and then a
detailed examination of the symbolism & references in the pictures. He argues
that the Alphabet of Desire relates to Enochian. He discusses such influences as
Blake, Dante, Nietsche, Crowley of course, Kabbala, Alchemy, Ancient Egypt etc.
As he examines each picture in turn even those who disagree with some of his
conclusions will admire the window openes upon the wealth of symbolism in
Spare’s work. Fine Order No. 350007 £60

Austin Osman Spare (relating to), From Inferno to Zos, Vol.III Michelangelo in a
Teacup by Frank Letchford, First Impressions 1995 Large format 13ins x 10ins
360pp Illus marbelled eps Reproduces many photos of Spare as well as his artwork
(occult themes & other material, also presents Frank Letchfords account of
Spare, his art and his life Fine Order No. 350009 £60

Various, Formaos, Periodical of the Occult Arts Vol. I No.5, 1987 30pp
Illustrated leaflet Articles inc Understanding Austin Osman Spare – Lionell
Snell; Pete carroll – magic of Chaos; Ritual Aspects of tantra Lokaneth
Maharaji; Graphic Symbolism in the Magical Tradition – Rafal T. Prinke. Artwork
by Paul Ryan, Stephen Sennitt, Spare etc VG Order No. 350033 £10


4) Items relating to Witchcraft and Paganism

Freya Aswynn & Patrick-L-O-Kill, Fruits of Yggdrasil, Vinyl LP Record, Eyas 1987
Only 800 or so copies were issued, this one is signed by Freya and O’Kill. It is
missing the booklet but has the inner picture sleev in Very Good condition as is
the embossed outer sleeve. O-Kill was a founder member of Death in June whose
first gig was a Rock Against Racism event but then went on to promote Nazi
themes masked with disingenious sophistry. Death in June continues in this vein
while in contrast Freya Aswynn has moved on from past mistakes. Nazism
intermixed with occultism and avante garde music in this period, this item is an
artifact of these connections The record is in Fine condition Order No. 350001

Andrew Chumbley, Azoetia, A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft, Xoanon 2002 the
Sethos Edition Frontispiece and preliminaries + ix + 365pp with many original
striking illustrations. Quality paper sheets hand bound in gilt stamped emerald
buckram. Numbered limited edition of 484 copies this being copy 263. First
published ten years ago in a limited edition of 300 paperback copies this is a
remarkable work. The author sought expression for the British Traditional
Witchcraft into which he had been initiated. Oaths of secrecy forbade blatant
description of the Cunning-craft so he drew with insight, upon Ancient Egyptian
mythology, Gnosticism, alchemy, tradtional sorcery, Masonic symbolism, tantra
and the work of Austin Osman Spare to generate a vehicle for its mysteries.
These are enshrouded in a cogent and coherent system of Sabbatic ritual and
sorcery, encompassed by a magical alphabet, that can be utilised for both
spellcraft and the gnosis. This work is born of a magical act of creation
continuously guided by active dreamwork and the Daimon of the Grimoire itself,
whose name, “Sethos” is acknowledged for the first time with this publication.
Care has been taken to retain the youthful fire of the first edition yet the
text has been revised with new formulae and many new illustrations never
previously seen. It has been observed that the last hundred years have seen
myriads of books on occultism but very few occult books. Andrew Chumbley’s
achievement is very unusual. The ability to create a grimoire is now a rare art
– one thinks of the work of Franz Bardens, Kenneth Grant and of course Austin
Osman Spare – there are very few others. Furthermore the books themselves are
created as talismans. Ideas incarnate intended as seeds to be planted in the
Universe. One reason why there are never enough of them! Fine Order No. 350047

Richard Deutsch, Ecstatic Mother, Portrait of Maxine Sanders – Witch Queen,
Bachman Turner 1977 Illus 173pp Sought after biographical work VG in VG DW
Order No. 350004 £90

Carlo Ginzburg, Ecstasies, Deciphering the Witches Sabbath, Penguin 1992
Paperback 339pp Plates Influential academic work which sets Sabbath accounts
into context of medieval peasant belief finding harmonics with ancient
shamanism, fertility ritual & spiritism. When the persecution complex of
medieval Christianity encountered these shamanic dream cults so the accounts of
the Witches Sabbath were generated Fine Order No. 350011 £10

Carlo Ginzburg, Night Battles, Witchcraft & Agrarian Cults in the 16th & 17th
Centuries, John Hopkins University 1992 Paperback xxii + 209ppIn north Italy the
Inquisition stumbled across the Benandanti, who believed themselves transported
at night as werewolves to do battle in the skys with the witches for the crops
VG Order No. 350044 £10

Ronald Hutton, Shamans, Siberian Spirituality and th Western Imagination,
Hambledon & London 2001 ix + 220pp Fine in VG DW Order No. 350005 £15

Gavin Semple (re Robert Cochrane), A Poisoned Chalice, The Death of Robert
Cochran, Reinke Verlag 2004 18pp card coverd booklet with tipped in plate.
Limited Edition of 100 copies signed by the author Slight crease but near fine
Order No. 350032 £20

Alawn Tickhill, Apogeton, Sorcerer’s Apprentice 1985 Paperback iv + 107pp OP
Modern grimoire, increasingly sought after.Born of the cross fertilisation of
chaos magic and modern paganism F Order No. 350050 £25

II. An Austin Osman Spare Portfolio

This handmade half leather postfolio contains an original Austin Osman Spare
drawing (pencil with subtle pastel colouring) plus reproductions of this and the
other 23 illustrations which accompanied it in a sketch book completed by Spare
whilst visiting Vera Wainwright in Cornwall in 1944. Also included is a
reproduction of the sketch book cover, an pencil drawing by Spare combining
their portraits and an introduction describing their relationship.

A full description of the porfolio can be found at:- … ttext.html

The original drawing in this portfolio can be viewed at:- It shows not wholly
incarnate trees rising from the ground, behind broken rocks have finely drawn
human faces, An enigmatic man kneels on the ground whilst another stands
twisting his arm behind his head in a characteristic Spare gesture

This portfolio, number 13 of 24, is offered for sale at £700


III. Forthcoming Events

Austin Spare Memorial Gathering – a celebration of the man 50 years after his
death, Sunday 14th May, London, Details in future emails.

Esoteric Conference & Occult Book Fair, Saturday 10 June 2006 10.30am-6pm.
Assembly Rooms Ludlow Shropshire. Tickets £10 in advance from Verdelet PO Box 58
Craven Arms Shropshire SY7 8WG
Speakers are Nigel Pennick – East Anglian Witchcraft; David Rankine – John Dee
and the Enochian System; Geraldine Beskin – Spare & his Occult Art; Guy Ogilvy
-The Alchemical Artes; Prof Rotherham… Arthur & the Matter of Britain

Treadwells Bookshop, 34 Tavistock St, Covent Garden, London. Tel. 0207 240 8906
email Following lectures cost £5 and commence at 7.15
for 7.30:-
28 February (Tuesday), Stephen Alexander – Eros and Thanatos: Death and
1 March (Wednesday), James North – Science, Magic and the NeoPlatonist
7 March (Tuesday), Stephen Alexander – Suicide and the Practice of Joy Before
14 March (Tuesday), Stephen Alexander – Solar Economy and Human Sacrifice’
15 March (Wednesday), Christina Oakley and Caroline Wise – Florence Farr:
Actress, Priestess, Magician of the Golden Dawn
18 March (Saturday) Lisa Mead – Hoodoo, A Day Course, 11am-5pm £40.00
Oakley and Caroline Wise
19 March (Sunday) 19 March (Sunday ), Louise Tondeur -Creative Writing for Magic
and the Imagination, An Afternoon Course with, £18.00


IV. Abbreviations
1st Ed First Edition; aeg All edges gilt; Anno.
Annotations; bd Binding; bds Boards; Bkpt Bookplate; Bkt Booklet; cl
Cloth; cold Coloured; dec Decorated; discold Discoloured; DW Dustwrapper;
Ex-lib Ex-library with stamps etc; F Fine (almost like new); facs Facsimile;
fep Free end papers; Frontis. Frontispiece; G Good (well used); gt bl Gilt
(gold) blocking; HB Hardback; Illus Illustrated; Insc Insciption; IP In
Print; Ltd Limited; LF Large Format; M Mint; Pb Paperback; mks Mark; n.d.
Not Dated; OP Out of Print; o/w Otherwise; Pub. Published; SF Small
Format; sp Spine; teg Top edge gilt; Trans. Translated; UP University Press;
VG Very Good (some signs of use)Minor Inscriptions & small booksellers labels
generally not mentioned


V. Payment Methods

1) Credit card (Mastercard, Access or Visa) or Debit Card (Switch or Solo). If
you have previously ordered I may have a record of your credit card number. If
not, for security reasons some people like to send their number in the following
a) by fax
b) telephone (there is an answering machine to which only I have access
when I am not here)
c) divide it into two and send it in two separate email messages. For extra
security one can be sent to and the other to my secondary
email address
d) encode it. I would suggest leaving the first four digits unchanged but for
the remaining digits add 3 to each digit (ie 1 becomes 4, 7 becomes 0, 9 becomes
2 etc) leaving the expiry date unchanged. This arrangement can be referred to as
e) spell some of the numbers out eg 44six8 etc
2) International Money Order made out in British Currency
3) Foreign cash small amounts please send securely, large amounts please send by
registered post.
4) Direct transfer to my bank from a bank in your country. My bank details
as follows:-
Caduceus Books, Lloyds Bank, 2 Pavement,York,YO1 2NE.
Swift Code LOYDGB2L
Branch Identification Code LOYDGB21225
International Bank Account Number (I.B.A.N.)
Sort code (or Routing Number) 30-99-99
Account number 01126431
5) Cheque in British currency made out to Caduceus Books
6) Payment through PayPal at, my user name is my email address:-
7) Postal Orders in UK currency only
8) Internaitional Money Order or Bankers Draft in UK Pounds

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