“LAShTAL.COM is Unavailable”: The Full Untold Story…

You checked in but the site wasn’t available: just a brief note and an unusually prominent appeal for funds…

Over to Ian, Technical Administrator, who has worked tirelessly – certainly sleeplessly – this weekend to get things resolved:

Lunarpages wore grey, LAShTAL.com wore blue

Attentive members of LAShTAL.com will be aware of the recent troubles with our ex-webhost, Lunarpages. Just as Paul & myself were cooing over the new blogging software & looking forward to releasing the now beta-tested Thelemic Bibliography, some unnamed bureaucrat at Lunarpages pulled the plug. Which is not to say we hadn’t seen it coming – LAShTAL.com has been enjoying unprecedented popularity of late, trying the hand of Thelema in its own inimitable and (we trust) user-friendly manner! – though we did think it might have been genteel of Lunarpages to offer some kind of warning. Instead, they simply marched in and “liberated” us from their company…

Well, past webhosting being over, the battle was just begun… and a couple of days later, passing all the difficulties that could possibly have befallen us (you name ’em!), here we are again, at our own little pad; and, thanks largely to the generosity of our members – whose names will be recorded memorably – we have a fine base for our Tac H.Q.

It ain’t quite perfect yet: there will be some interruption of service over the next couple of days, and at the moment (due to circumstances which really are beyond our control) we have had to prevent email communication via lashtal.com; so please bear with us as we sort all of that nonsense out, and we’ll be back to normal before you know it.

In case I didn’t mention it, Lunarpages.com will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes; but amongst the saved will be those who so kindly gave of their substance, in the name of Mary Magdalene or of Babalon or of Pan, at the crucial moment. To one and all, who come in joy and pleasaunce, rejoice!

We’re back online!

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