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Since the site’s earliest days, members of LAShTAL.COM have been provided with the opportunity to discuss Thelema and the life and works of Aleister Crowley openly, freely and without fear of ridicule.

The interactive functions of LAShTAL.COM include the Forums, News submissions and comments, the “Shout Box” and, until recently, the Journals.

However, with modern media focusing so closely on the Blogging phenomenon, it’s time for the site to rise to the challenge…

Members are therefore invited to apply for a LAShTAL.COM Blog – Blogs will have their own permanent web address (e.g., and updating them is simplicity itself.

With just the most basic “restrictions” – no unlawful content being the main one – LAShTAL.COM Bloggers are assured of reliable, cutting-edge Blogs (we are using WordPress software at the moment) – for at least as long as their Blogs remain current and interesting and Thelemic in content…

For free!

Blogs are provided subject to availability and online application: applicants must read and agree to Terms of Service as part of the application process. No guarantees given or implied.

Select the Blogs option in the Main Menu to continue…

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