Crowley and Gnosticism

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In what I take to be a significant improvement, I note that the serious newspapers — at least in the UK — seem able now to refer to Crowley without adding the soubriquet, “Satanist”, and in non-occult stories.

For example, the Independent Online, in an article that I thoroughly recommend about the “Gospel of Judas” controversy, notes:

The modern world is not big on salvation – though our obsession with “personal fulfilment” is an attenuated version of the notion – but we are still terribly keen on secrets. The persistence of Gnosticism through the centuries is testimony to that, surfacing in everything from medieval heresies to modern romanticism – it is there in William Blake, in theosophy, Aleister Crowley, Jung and most recently in the work of Philip Pullman.

“History of Christianity: The Gospel according to Judas” by Paul Vallely and Andrew Buncombe.

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