Waratah 3: “Star Building”

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Thanks to house418:

house 418 is proud to announce the publication of Waratah No 3 “Star Building”.


Waratah No 3 highlights the writing of Fr. Numa, an important figure in the development of the O.T.O. in Australia since the early 1990s. Much of the work explores the nature and mission of the O.T.O., and provides an informed and distinctive perspective on its Mysteries and processes of initiation.

Waratah No 3 features ten articles, eight by Frater Numa, with substantial selections from six series of artwork by Barry William Hale and collaborators, and the art diaries of Steven McCubben.

Quarto, 154 pages, eight in colour, high quality 130 gsm matt art paper.

Limited to 190 copies and 20 numbered artist’s editions.

Waratah No 3 is available from the following booksellers:

Weiser Antiquarian Books (USA) www.weiserantiquarian.com US$56.00 + Postage

The Atlantis Bookshop (UK) www.theatlantisbookshop.com GBP31.00 + Postage

Australian residents can purchase Waratah No 3 directly from house 418

AU$65.00 + Postage

Artist’s editions will be made available from 1 July 2006. Email house418@otoaustralia.org.au for details.

house 418 welcomes trade enquiries.

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