Babalon Rising Festival

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Thanks to frater_cug:

Babalon Rising is the largest pan-Thelemic festival in the Midwest!

The 2006 Babalon Rising Festival includes apperances, workshops, lectures, performances, and rituals by Lon Milo DuQuette (author of My Life With the Spirits — soon to be a major motion picture! — and the Magick of Aleister Crowley), Nema (author of Ma’at Magick, and member of the Horus-Ma’at Lodge), Richard Kaczynski (author of Perdurabo, the most comprehensive biography of Aleister Crowley ever written), Incus (American Tribal musicians redefining the scope of Pagan music, now on their 6th national tour!), Michael Manor (of Robin’s Hood Community Center and the Qadishi Priesthood), Stinkee Beetle Tribe (Our Haven’s famous favorite fire spinners!) and so much more!

Rituals include a Gnostic Mass, daily performances of Liber Resh, a Thelemic Solstice Ritual, and the first annual Feast of the Beast ritual, among others.
Babalon Rising is an 18 and over event. All proceeds from the festival go towards a not-for-profit charitable fund for Thelemic organizations. For more information about the festival, including online registration, please visit:

June 15 – 18, 2006
Our Haven Nature Sanctuary
French Lick, Indiana

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