Crowley and William Seabrook

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Crowley receives a mention in a review of Undercover Surrealism: Picasso, Miró, Masson and the Vision of Georges Bataille is at the Hayward Gallery, London SE1, until July 30, in today’s (UK) Guardian newspaper:

Among the circle of writers, photographers and artists whose cause Bataille championed, or whose work he included in Documents, were minor characters as troubling as William Seabrook: adventurer, amateur ethnographer, author, self-confessed cannibal, alcoholic and sado-masochist. He was also, to boot, a friend of both Man Ray and Aleister Crowley. Seabrook’s images of heads enclosed in eyeless leather masks appear alongside human heads and skulls, and portraits of a sitter wearing an incongruously hilarious and cartoonish carnival mask.
It’s an interesting review of a very promising exhibition.

For the full article, visit,,1772276,00.html

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