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Ben Fernee of Caduceus Books has just circulated a remarkable list of manuscripts and books…

I have no commercial interest in Caduceus Books but I believe that Ben’s current list is of great significance to Thelemites. He is making available a huge number of items from the collection of Ithell Colquhoun, at what appear to be very reasonable prices.

The list itself is fascinating for the information it imparts. Take, for example, the following item:

Ithell Colquhoun, The Torso Laughs, Typescript 14 leaves typed on one side by Ithell Colquhoun with annotations in her hand. Very remarkable piece in which she describes the background of Pat MacAlpine, Crowley’s last Scarlet Woman and mother of Ataturk Crowley. She also presents Pat’s account of her first meeting with Crowley and how it came about, the conception of Ataturk whom we learn was intended to be a Magickal Child – as per Moonchild (though a different spirit was invoked). Gives good account of Pqat’s views of Crowley and we learn that she alone was present when the Old Man died and what his last words actually were (not “I am perplexed” or “Sometimes I hate myself”). In fact we learn that Gerald Yorke and Frieda Harris were informed that the end was near but declined to come, Pat thought because they were afraid. This piece also provides an account of the “Penwith Coven” a magical group which gave rise to accounts of Black Magic Murders and so forth and which Pat MacAlpine was a member of, and a good description of Crowleys connections with Cornwall VG Order No. 73053 £225

I can do no more than to most earnestly recommend that all serious collectors of Thelemic books contact Ben and request his lists.

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