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The second list from Caduceus Books in as many days … and it’s an absolute corker!

Some remarkable items annotated by Frieda Harris, early typescripts of the Holy Books, Crowley typescripts, carbon copies and half-a-dozen first editions, along with a wealth of bibliographic and biographic information.

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A European Library purchased the entire catalogue of the Frieda Lady Harris, Aleister Crowley Tarot list recently sent out so this list of items has been brought forward.


1) Frieda Harris and Crowley’s Teachings
2) Holy Books Circulated Within A.’.A.’.
3) Crowley Typescripts etc.
4) Some Frater Achad / Universal Brotherhood items
5) A Curse from Kenneth Anger & Miscellaneous Thelemic Items
6) Some Miscellaneous Esoteric Items
7) Some Forthcoming Events
8) Payment Methods


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1) Frieda Harris and Crowley’s Teachings

Frieda Lady Harris and Aleister Crowley, annotations in Yi-King, Sacred Books of China, The Texts of Confucianism Part II, Clarendon press 1899 xxiv + 448pp Has ownership signature of Frieda Harris. Also four elderly postcards of Loch Ness (where Crowley had his base, Boleskine) tipped in. On reverse of free front endpaper Harris has carefully noted the numbers of the 84pp which have annotations. Comparison with Motta’s Equinox Vol. V No. 3 The Chinese Texts of Magick and Mysticism confirms that what Frieda Harris has done is record Crowley’s Comments on the I Ching. However the comments here are very variant from the published form, generally being much briefer (perhaps an early version) though there are also slight differences of wording and attributions. Moreover also recorded are comments on the Introduction and substantial annotations on the reverse of one of the plates which have not been published by Motta. Wear to edges marks to cloth binding loose preliminary pages creased. One plate missing another damaged but annotations unaffected. Also included is I Ching, RKP 1951 xliii + 395 (Wilhem translation) considerable underlining and notes by Frieda Harris plus to small sheets of paper loosely enclosed with her annotations. considerable wear to cloth, pp edges bit grubby. Order No. 370023 #500

Aleister Crowley (as Baphomet Xth Degree OTO), De Natura Deorum, handwritten ms in the handwriting of Frieda Harris 2 leaves with three sides of writing. Crowley composed the original text in 1912, following an act of sex magic for knowledge of the mysteries of the IXth degree OTO. It became the instructions for the VIIth degree of the Order. The ms presented here is the copy Frieda Harris made, probably in the 1940’s. It differs crucially from both Crowley’s handwritten ms now held at the Warburg institute and those published in King’s Secret Rituals of the O.T.O. and the more recent O.T.O.Rituals and Sex Magick. It has only the first two sections, the latter sections which refer to the initiations & authority structure of the Order are not included, perhaps because these aspects of the Order were not functioning in Frieda Harris’s day. Also there are extra sentences which makes the role of the feminine in the OTO system pre-eminent. The section ennunciating a sexual, mystical perception of landscape is expanded and made more specific and, again, there is more reference to the feminine. The reverse of the last sheet has a pencil sketch of a Solomonic sword. The appearance of the document suggests that Frieda Harris copied it, rather than wrote from dictation. This important item suggests that in Crowley’s day a more feminised perception of the OTOs Mysteries operated amongst the women members, which is not reflected in the published documents. Moreover it is important evidence concerning the status of Frieda Harris in the Order, and a window upon how it operated in Crowley last years VG Order No. 370013 #1500

Aleister Crowley, Untitled, Not Dated Typescript 1pp nd Copy (probably by Yorke) of end of a letter from Crowley to Frieda Harris. The beginning of the letter is missing. It does have the PS which discusses “a possible solution of the very mysterious puzzle of the Yi” and then gives some details VG Order No. 370011 #100

Aleister Crowley, XXXIV Ta kwang, Not Dated Typescript 1pp. An analysis of attributions and nature of the Hexagram Ta Kwang. Unpublished. This an undated copy of text sent by Crowley to Lady Frieda Harris was probably made by Gerald Yorke VG Order No. 370007 #200


2) Holy Books Circulated Within A.’.A.’.

Aleister Crowley, Liber Liberi vel Lapis Lazuli, Adumbratio Kabbalae Aegyptiorum Sub Figura VII; Liber Trigrammaton Sub Figura XXVII; Liber DCCCXIII vel Ararita Sub Figura DLXX, Typescript Typescript 60 leaves & 3 blanks, with simple sewn binding and card covers 19 handwritten corrections, inserts of Hebrew (some done on a large scale with considerable care) & Greek letters plus the sigils associated with Chap IV verse 44 of Liber VII, here rendered more clearly than in available reprints. An end note places study of each of each Liber in the context of the Grades of the A.’.A.’., this context not present in reprints. The officers of the A.’.A.’. listed as authorising it include, by motto, George Cecil Jones and Major J.F.C.Fuller. This item is from the collection of Frank Bennett who practised sex magick with Crowley at Cefalu and headed the OTO in Australia Some wear to card covers but VG Order No. 370001 #450

Aleister Crowley, Liber Trigrammaton, Not Dated Typescript (carbon copy – probably first generation) 6 leaves. Trigrams handwritten in pen. Gives the impramatur, or A.’.A.’. Authority for this Class A text which is not presented in the standard reprint. The last leaf carries a statement, again not in the standard reprint, placing the into the context of A.’.A.’.study. It also has a space where the document’s owner can place their name (here left black). The statement goes on “By authority of V.V.V.V.V. this book is published and issued. The Price, one Guinea, is to be remitted to the Treasurer throught the Philosophus introducing”. This suggests that this document may be considered a published, or at least circulated, edition of the text. This item passed from Crowley to Gerald Yorke to Harold Mortlake, a bookdealer based in Cecil Court, London. There is a brief pen note in Yorke’s hand on front page and corrected typing mistakes confirms that this carbon was made at the same time as item 370005 which has annotations in Crowley’s hand. Somewhat rubbed etc G+ Order No. 370004 #350

Aleister Crowley, Liber Trigrammaton, Not Dated Typescript (carbon copy probably second generation, typed at same time as item 370004) 6 leaves. Trigrams handwritten in pen. Gives the impramatur, or A.’.A.’. Authority for this Class A text which is not presented in the standard reprint. The last leaf carries a statement, again not in the standard reprint, placing the into the context of A.’.A.’.study. It also has a space where the document’s owner can place their name (here left black). The statement goes on “By authority of VV.V.V.V. this book is published and issued. The Price, one Guinea, is to be remitted to the Treasurer throught the Philosophus introducing”. This suggests that this document may be considered a published, or at least circulated, edition of the text. This copy has 60 words of penned annotations clearly in Crowley’s hand. A remarkable item, very rare edition of a Holy Book intended for circulation within A.’.A.’. Annotated by the Beast. This item passed from Gerald Yorke to Harold Mortlake, a bookdealer based in Cecil Court, London somewhat aged but G+ Order No. 370005 #900

Aleister Crowley, Liber Trigrammaton, 1909 10pp Being pp from the 1st Ed. of the Holy Books. Liber Trigrammatton conveniently falls upon one sheet which, when folded, forms a signature of the book. However this sheet was never sewn into a book but, having three portions removed which carried six pages of the previous text, has then been issued to members of the A.’A.’. For a price of one guinea to be paid to ones superior in the Order, there being a space where the new owner can record their name. Comparision with a first edition set of the Holy Books confirms that Vol.I was thus issued to the probationer, Vol.II was issued to the Neophyte. The sheet forming the first section of Volume III plus some additional pages giving the text of Liber L was issued to the Zelator. Liber Trigramaton, in this unbound form offered here, was issued to the Practicus. The following section, comprising Liber DCCCXIII Ararita was issued to the philosophus. Thus this present item is an important testament to how the Holy Books were circulated within the A.’.A.’., in the early days. It is printed on high quality paper, each page being bordered in gold and the title page having the gold embellishment using the die with the Egyptian columns surmounted with the winged disc that Crowley used on Book of Lies etc. The lush gold printing symbolised Tiphareth abnd Crowleys Master of the Temple status. Fine Order No. 370006 #300


3) Crowley Typescripts and a ms item

Aleister Crowley, A.C. on the Yi Ching, Typescript 6 sheets typed on one side, first generation carbon copy. Written in 1937 This two part essay has been published as an introduction to Crowley’s writings on the I Ching. Probably from Frieda Harris this typescript is variant from the published versions and the version in the Warburg VG Order No. 370010 #500

Aleister Crowley, Limericks from A.C.’s Diaries plus two poems., typescript plus three associated items, nd 5 leaves typed on one side, almost certainly made by Gerald Yorke. It notes the date of each limerick was composed. The limericks are gloriously obscene, and a third of them, judging from Red Flame Bibliograpyy are unpublished. These generally describe sexual acts between humans (either whimsical inventions or members ot the Theosophical Society) and animals, birds mostly! Also included are two poems from Snowdrops from the Curate’s Garden, one per leaf, also presumably typed out by Yorke, and a typed letter signed by him to the bookdealer Harold Mortlake. It includes two Crowley poems, the very short “Oh Mummy” and “A Good Time Coming”. Yorke notes that these were unknown to him, and they appear to be unpublished. Both are light entertainment, the later commencing “The Bishop is boiling the baby with hashish” An enjoyable item to catalogue! VG Order No. 370014 #375

Aleister Crowley, Lodge of Perfection & IVth Degree, Typescript 27 leaves. Plus signed note by Gerald Yorke stating this to be an early version that Crowley later rewrote as Freemason’s objected as it was too close to the Royal Arch ritual. On reverse Yorke wrote the name Leon Engers Kennedy, presumably the source of the ritual. He of, course, painted the famous portrait of Crowley that is reproduced in the Blue Equinox). It is curious to see the version Yorke identifies as being supplanted – it is very much the same as published by Francis King but does have an additional and significant diagram (recording a particular magical gesture) which is in neither the manuscript in the Warburg or King’s publication Secret Rituals of the OTO or the later OTO Rituals and Sex Magick. It may be surmised that Engers made a note of what he was orally instructed in the initiation ritual that he experienced under Crowley as, while the text refers to the gesture, it does not state what exactly it is. VG Order No. 370002 #550

Aleister Crowley, Yi King (Unfinished), Not dated (1942?) Typescript (first generation carbon copy) 6 leaves. Typescript notes work was begun Dec. 23 1941 12.30 pm. Royal Court Diary confirms that he continued for a further 2 hours “Went on till I dropped” The Trigrams are attributed to the sun & moon, yoni & lingam and the four elements. Each trigram is then combined with another to give a hexagram (cognate with the treatment of the elements of the court cards in the tarot). Clearly this approach proved fruitful as the notes per hexagram increase as the document progresses. However the project was not completed. The top copy of this typescript is in the Yorke collection at the Warburg VG Order No. 370003 #350

Aleister Crowley (as Ko Yuen), Shih Yi, A Critical And Mneumonic Paraphrase of the Yi King by, Typescript nd 34 sheets (1st generation carbon copy) typed on one side. Written in rhyme, to assist memory, ennunciates Crowleys attributions of the trigrams with the 4 elements, kteis & phallus, Sol & Luna and their justaposition to form the hexagrams Accents etc added by hand. This copy has the variations associated with early copies, from the Cefalu period It has a handwritten correction & diacritical marks by Gerald Yorke. Compared to the published versions it has an unpublished brief introduction (5 lines), a superior rendition of the Chinese hexagram names into English and myriad differences of punctuation VG Order No. 370009 #900

Aleister Crowley, Handwritten postcard, Not Dated Written on both sides with diagrams of I Ching hexagrams, plus some titles of the hexagrams & very brief notes. The idea being pursued is open to speculation but appears to relate the hexagrams to the human face. Curious artifact of the Old Man’s thought in motion Fine Order No. 370012 #400


4) Crowley First Editions

Aleister Crowley, Hail Mary, Equinox nd 1st Ed thus (1912) card covers small format 96pp First published in 1909 by the Catholic publisher Burnes and Oates under the title Amphora. They completely missed the lesbian subtext of the adorations, supposedly from a nun, to the Virgin Mary. Even the first letters of the prologue spell out a profanity! Front cover detached, rear cover missing, good deal of wear Order No. 370045 #75

Aleister Crowley, In Residence, The Don’s Guide to Canbridge, Elijah Johnson 1904 1st Ed. Card covers x + 94pp + 19pp catalogue of Crowley’s publications and announcement of a prize for best essay on his works. Also some amusing adverts probably penned by Crowley for local Cambridge companies. As is usual the card covers are quite faded otherwise Very Good with some rubbing to edge of card G Order No. 370043 #110

Aleister Crowley, Oracles, The Biography of an Art, S.P.O.R.T. 1905 1st Ed. Camel hair binding viii + 175pp + 14pp catalogue of Crowley’s works. This includes the announcement for the competition for an essay on Crowley’s writings which gave rise to the Star in the West. The application form for special purchase of volume I of Collected Works intended for entrants is also present though partly detached along the perforations. The camel hair is worn with fragments missing top and tail spine. Creases along spine. Slight foxing to page edges and first couple of pages. Binding a little loose. Decent copy of scarce book in fragile original binding G Order No. 370043 #275

Aleister Crowley, Rites of Eleusis, nd Pages vi + 124pp + 39pp from Equinox Vol I no. 6 (1912). This is the Rites of Elusis Section and subsequent pages bound in plain card carrying typed label “The Rites of Eleusis as performed at Caxton Hall Westmintser in October and November 1910 by Miss Leila Waddell and Mr. Aleister Crowley. It has the label of Librairie des Sciences Occultes, Amsterdam. Also has first publication of Liber A’Ash, Liber Resh, Liber Tvrris, Liber Tzaddi and Liber Cheth VG Order No. 370044 #60

Aleister Crowley, Star and Garter, S.P.O.R.T. 1904 Large format (11ins x 8ins) 77pp The work consists of a series of poems, identified by number. The fact that there are 33 suggests that there may be some reference to the higher degrees of freemasonry. The delicate camel hair binding is, as usual, largely missing from spine, front cover loose Order No. 370046 #125

Aleister Crowley, Thumbs Up, O.T.O. 1942 Card covers 8pp Has the 1746 Winona Avenue address being published by the Agape Lodge in Crowley’s lifetime. Has the sigil of the Beast printed on front cover. Loosely inserted into purpose made hardcover binding this item, aside from some uneven sunning affecting back cover, is very clean and bright F Order No. 370042 #90


5) A Curse from Kenneth Anger & Miscellaneous Thelemic Items

Kenneth Anger, A Curse, 1970 Small round talisman in an unopened envelope addressed to John Symonds. If it is the same as other curses that Anger sent it will be a carefully drawn Sigil of the Beast in red ink and “CURSE YOU” typed on reverse, An ambiguous present for a friend? A note in Mr. Symonds handwriting recording that Anger was a film maker who made an “interesting” film about Crowley which he saw with Gerald Yorke and Lady Frieda Harris. He records that he received such curses daily from Anger, until the postal rates increased! F Order No. 370016 #90

George Brooke, Correspondence, with John Symonds, three items, 1957 – 67 1) Typed leter signed, one side 1957, to John Symonds discussing Symonds forthcoming book about Crowley (the Magic of A.C. 1958). It would appear that Brook was working oon the typescript and other papers belonging to Symonds. Gerald Yorke is also mentioned.
2) Typed Letter Signed, 2 leaves closely typed on one side. Discusses typescript of Confessions, (Brook receives an acknowledgment for making available his collection of Crowleyana). There is discussion of various Crowley diaries, also the problems that Gerald Yorke had which led him to entrust the material to the Warburg. Also mention of Kenneth Grant.
3) Membership certificate for the Idler’s Club, certifying that John Symonds is a member, signed by George Brook as president. Unclear as to the nature of the club but given the title and the Aubrey Beardlsey designs one imagines it an amusing whimsy for those with an interest in decadence All VG/F Order No. 370018 #35

Aleister Crowley, Tango Song, Words by Aleister Crowley with music by Bernard Page, Mandake Press Ltd Not dated. Very large format 14″ x 10″ 4pp (inc. covs) printed on card. Facsimile of sheet music issued by Wieland and Co. publishers of the Equinox. VG Order No. 370048 #15

E.J. Dingwall, Typed Letter Signed, to John Symonds, 1973 1pp the recipient is Crowley’s biographer and editor, and this letter is in response to the publication of the Magical Record of the Beast 666. Of which Dingwall says “I enjoyed (it) very much indeed except in parts where I found it very boring” The Crowley diaries clearly mentions a few people Dingwall knew, and he asks Symonds further questions about them as Crowley’s account does no fit in with his knowledge of them. One of his queries relates to Henry Feilding and his investigation of the medium Florence Cook. Enclosed is an undated letter to Symonds from Psychic News (typed, small format, 2pp unsigned) which gives the background of Feildings researches for the Society of Psychical Research, including his investigation of Cook VG Order No. 370017 #25

Jenny Nicholson, The Man Who Chose Evil, in Picture Post, 17th Nov. 1955 5pp Illustrated article Magazine rather worn Good only Order No. 370049 #10

John Symonds, Medusa’s Head, Typescript, nd pre 1991 288 large format leaves printed on one side in two card folders with title and signature of the author. Photostats of typescript for this work which was published in a limited edition of 350 copies in 1991, the text for that book being drawn from these photostats. The annotations here reproduced show many changes in wording, and there are substantial sections which are crossed out, and hence were not included in the publication. One deleted section has Crowley scudding across the night sky on a witch’s broom! VG Order No. 370047 #70

John Symonds, Trickster and the Devil, a Play in Two Acts, nd (c1990?) Typescript. 65 large format leaves printed on one side. Has some annotations in handwriting of author. The characters include Aleister Crowley, Marth Kuntzel, Adolf Hitler, Heirich Tranker & Hanna his wife, Hans Bomsdorff, Albin Grau, Rudolf Hess and Hitler’s niece F Order No. 370041 #70

Various (Ed. Peter Koenig), In Nomine Demiurgi Saturni, 1925 – 1969, ARW 1998 Paperback 414pp Illustrated, German text. A few pages of introduction is followed by reproductions of correspondence, documents texts etc relating to the Fraternas Saturni F Order No. 370047 #50

Snoo Wilson (relating to Aleister Crowley), 4 items, The Beast, A Fantasy on the Life and Sex Magick of Aleister Crowley, 126pp typescript in card folder. This early form is very different to the published version of the play. It involves scenes with many characters from Crowley’s childhood and encounters with Frank Harris etc which were dropped from the published version. This typescript has annotations by John Symonds which note where incidents have been taken from the Great Beast. The published version is also present:- The Number of the Beast & Flaming Bodies, John Calder 1983 1st Ed Paperback x + 92pp. F The play was performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company, the presence of The British Theatre Review 1974, Vance-Offard 1975 247pp Illustrated F confirms that it was the earlier version that was performed and praises the play highly. The author, a respected playwright blends fact and invention to portray an ambiguous Crowley with curious suggestions concerning Jack the Ripper. A similar alchemy of fact and fiction is employed in Snoo Wilson’s I Crowley, Mandrake Press 1997 Paperback 252pp. A Fine copy is included Order No. 370020 #90


6) Some Frater Achad / Universal Brotherhood items

As Frater Achad (Charles Stansfield Jones) involved himself less in Thelema he became increasingly active in the Universal Brotherhood or Mahacakra (ie Great Circle). This order seems to have originated in Germany and taught esoteric Yogic theory. Achad came to head the Order in the US and introduced Thelemic concepts to the abstruse teachings of the Order. He also advocated organisational changes.

Frater Achad, Handwriten Letter, to Bro.’. Trellar, February 14 1949 Two small format pages, nearly 250 words. He describes the very real and quite extreme physical hardships that he and his family have been enduring and apologises for falling behind with correspondence VG Order No. 390006 #60

Frater Achad as Adyton Alcyon, Typed Letter Signed, to Bhagavajjaya Aticela, not dated (c1950) 6pp the first sheet having impressive blue and silver blocked symbol. The letter describes and invites the recipient to join to the “Adyton of the Integral Fellowship” a body of Initiates who have “illumination as their only function”. This appears to be cognate in some ways with the A.’.A.’. But operating within the milieu of the Universal Brotherhood which Achad operated at this period. A good deal of detail is given as to how this body should relate to the wider Order. VG Order No. 390007 #90

Frater Achad as Vajrasattva Guru, The Second Epistle of Vajrasattva Guru to the Members of the Diamond Council, Typescipt (carbon copy) 12pp Fastened with Achad’s preferred paperclip which forms an inverted trangle. First page having printed symbol. Achad proposes a new structure for the Universal Brotherhood that expresses its nature and the nature of a human being. Occassional handwritten annotations. First page somewhat worn but overall VG Order No. 390010 #75

Frater Achad as Vajrasattva Guru, Typed Letter (Carbon Copy), to Members of the Diuamond Council, Not Dated (c.1950?) 18pp First page has printed esoteric symbol. Presumably bottom copy as at times is difficult to read. Gives considerable information as to Jones vision for how the Unversal Brotherhood should operate VG Order No. 390011 #50

Anon, Thelema Araka, July 11th 1932 Typescript (carbon copy) 5pp fastened with preferred paperclip of Achad which forms an inverted triangle. This is a discussion document concerning “Sutra DVI” that had been studied in the “Cakrapati of Thelema” section of the Universal Bortherhood. Also included are two small typed notes relating to circulation of the material and a further 1pp carbon copy dated 21st July 1932 discussing VG Order No. 390012 #50

Dhirabhavajaya, Private Guptabhashya on Various Aspects of the Great Teaching and some Partitive Teachings, Chela Stage, typescript (carbon copy) Not Dated (c.1950?) 150pp including index. On very thin, translucent paper. This is instructional text for the Order M. which appeaars to have been formulated by Frater Achad from the Universal Brotherhood. Draws on Indian tradtion to express universal mysteries Fine Order No. 390008 #90

Sonnenstrahl-Wodensheim 8218, Twentyseventh Abhimantric, Postmantric of the Eighth, Instruction to Carakas Who Have Received the Eighth Mantra, Not Dated 131pp in folder Mimeographed sheets with occasional rubber stamped embellishment. Much underlining and annotation, two loose sheets with handwritten notes loosley inserted. Universal Brotherhood material believed to have been written before Frater Achad joined the Order. Includes 4pp “Ritual for the Communication of the Mantra” by Dragobane 8217. There is dampstaining to bottom section of folder affecting some pages Order No. 390009 #100


7) Some Miscellaneous Esoteric Items

George William Gilmore, Animism, or Thought Currents of Primative Peoples, Marshall Jones 1919 1st Ed. xiii + 250pp VG Order No. 390002 #15

Victor Neuburg (Editor), Larkspur, A Lyric Garland, Vine Press 1922 1st Ed No. Limited Edition of 550 copies this being number 489 Top edge gilt, printed on antique laid paper. Rubicated title page and last page giving publishers details and a vignette of satyrs dancing to pan pipes. Decorated capitals Wood cuts by Dennis West. Title page and last page giving publishers details are rubricated as is the prologue which descibes the selection of poems as “The Flashes of god-light in this little book would have been as intelligible to Adami and to menes as they are to us; their meaning will remain undisturbed for many aeons. The shadows change their shaps and fly; the Light is one and immortal. It is the word of the gods to man.” Has a bookshop stamp of free front endpaper and a binders label on rear pastedown. Corners bumped, some wear to paper copvering back board otherwise VG condition Order No. 390004 #60

Anon (Victor Neuburg), Swift Wings, Songs in Sussex, Vine Press 1921 1st Ed Numbered limited edition of 550, this being number 488 printed on antique laid paper xiii + 59pp Rubicated title page and last page giving publishers details and a vignette of satyrs dancing to pan pipes. Decorated capitals. The author was an acolyte of Aleister Crowley who practised sex magick with the Beast in the North African desert. He rejected Crowley though Thelemic references appear in his later work. The founded the Vine Press which produced elegant books influenced by the earlier Arts and Crafts movement. Neuburg’s spiritual embrace of the rural idyll married to his anarchism (he edited the major English anarchist journal) might be seen a precursor to the radical ecopaganism of the modern period. Title page signed by author and a curious collage made up of five cut ups from a letter from Neuburg has been arranged to read that he is proclaiming authorship of the text!. Discreet ownership signature of a F. Walters. Endpapers browned, some wear to paper label with slght loss, wear to corners G+ Order No. 390003 #80

Pharaon, Liber Niger Legionis, The Grimoire of Pharaon,, Octavia Press 2005 Hardback 162pp. Second edition limited to only 72 copies (this being number 27) each signed and sigilised by the author. Intelligent text drawing upon the work of Austin Osman Spare, Kenneth Grant and Andrew Chumbley to ennunciate system an original system of Gnostic sorcery. It eschews traditional esoteric cosmolgy that describes the Supernal or Divine that is in oppostion to the Infernal. Instead it regards all that can be described or conceived as hostile or diabolical and any attempt to describe that which is not is seen as inherently illusory. Thw response to this insight is the Black Gnosis where the Infernal sorcerer brings realises the transience of his or her own identity and perceives the infernal nature of reality by identifying and calling forth the currents that underly it, recognising their sentience and power. Thus the Infernal Sorcerer becomes a mirror for that which is beyond and true Gnosis may be glimpsed. As the author draws upon the entire magickal tradition the Daemons summoned are tradtional however, it is their relevance to this coherent system of Gnostic Socery and our modern culture that is emphasised. The author is independent and original. Though the work of the Infernal Socery is explicity referred to as Cainite and explores the mysteries of Cain and clearly relates to the work of Andrew Chumbley the author does not claim membership of the Cultus Sabbatai. After describing differnet aspects and of this system of Gnosis and magical practice 36 Daimons are listed. The nature of each, their meaning and relevance to the systems is described and their sigil given. Fine Order No. 390001 #110

Gavin Semple, Study for a Portrait of Frank Letchford, July 2nd 1916 – December 30th 1998, Fulgur 2002 No. 10 of 45 deluxe copies hardbound in dustwrapper in slipcase. 41pp Illustrated. Warm and well written account of one of Austin Osman Spare’s closest friends. The plates show illustrated axioms and philosophical speculations addressed to Mr. Letchford by Spare. Also one of the few magical steles created by Spare, this one a wedding gift to the Letchfords. Clearly Spare shared his thoughts with the man and this touching biography provides insights into the artist’s work.. The book is elegantly designed and of course displays the high production values of the publisher All components at least Fine Order No. 390005 #50

Austin Osman Spare, Book of Ugly Ecstasy, Fulgur 1994 Large format (12ins x 10ins) top edge gilt bound in quarter white leather and white cloth. 56pp (printed on one side) Coloured frontispiece tipped in. Also enclosed is No.17 of 102 paper and card talismans (with silk tie) which were issued to those who had subscribed prior to publication. This, a deluxe copy has top edge gilt plus specially thick boards. In the rear board there is a moulded recess in which is set a plaster relief talisman. The paper used is superior to the trade edition which is a high quality production in its own right. Accompanying flier enclosed F+ in F + DW in F+ slipcase Order No. 390013 #195

C.C, Zain, Esoteric Psychology, Part IV – How to Rule the Stars, Brotherhood of Light 1919 10pp duplicated pages stapled in card wrap, Correspondence lesson which is related to Brotherhood of Luxor though any tantric aspect appears lost. Interesting to see the original format with top page carrying image of face in clouds drawn by an untutored hand Some yellowing, staples rusty Order No. 390014 #12


8) Some Forthcoming Events

Events at Treadwells Bookshop, 34 Tavistock St, Covent Garden, London Please book in advance at or tel. 0207 240 8906

7pm Friday 16 June Dr Gail-Nina Anderson, Victorians and their Belief in Fairies #5.00

11 am – 6 pm Sunday,18 June Pwyll, Rhiannon and the Spirits of the Land, by Deer Tracks Workshops. Workshop Series from the Mabinogion #40.00

7pm Tuesday 20 June Mr Derek Langan, The Irish Gothic Movement #3.00

2 pm to 6 pm Saturday 1 July, Louise Tondeur, Creativity, Writing and Magic Workshop Series #18.00

11 am – 5.30 pm Sunday, 2 July Pete Jennings Rune Workshop #35.00

7 – 8.30pm, Thursday 6 July, Delianne Forget, Walking Tour: Magicians, Wizards & Warlocks of London #6.00 Tickets are purchased in advance at Treadwell?s Bookshop.

3.00 pm – 4.30 pm Tuesday 11 July, Delianne Forget, Walking Tour: Magicians, Magic & Paganism in the British Museum #6.00 Tickets are purchased in advance at Treadwell?s Bookshop.

12 noon – 6 pm Saturday 15 July, Rebecca B and Rebecca Making Soap for Magic: Planetary Correspondences and Hands-on Practice #40.00

11 am – 5 pm Sunday, 16 July John Harrigan, Hypersigils and Personal Fiction Suits (Chaos Magick) #35.00


7.30, Saturday 17 June, Horse Hospital, Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London FoolishPeople Company, Dark Nights of the Soul (experimental, challenging occult/magickal theatre) #7


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2) International Money Order made out in British Currency
3) Foreign cash small amounts please send securely, large amounts please send by registered post.
4) Direct transfer to my bank from a bank in your country. My bank details as follows:- Caduceus Books, Lloyds Bank, 2 Pavement,York,YO1 2NE.
Swift Code LOYDGB2L
Branch Identification Code LOYDGB21225
International Bank Account Number (I.B.A.N.)
Sort code (or Routing Number) 30-99-99
Account number 01126431
5) Cheque in British currency made out to Caduceus Books
6) Payment through PayPal at, my user name is my email address:-
7) Postal Orders in UK currency only
8) Internaitional Money Order or Bankers Draft in UK Pounds

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