Aleister Crowley’s London

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As home of The Aleister Crowley Society, LAShTAL.COM is honoured to be in a position to offer all members a free download of Aleister Crowley’s London.

This is an audio recording of a talk given at London Earth Mysteries by Dr Christina Oakley Harrington, on the subject of “Aleister Crowley’s London”. Crowley wrote a good deal about his own life, but this talk gives a chance for Crowley’s neighbours, associates and friends to have a posthumous word-or-two about Crowley from their own perspective. In what is a light-hearted look at Crowley’s escapades, “Christina tells anecdotes and does silly voices.”

Dr Oakley Harrington’s talk is informative and entertaining: her obvious passion for the subject matter is engaging – I am flattered that this site has been chosen by her for its publication.

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