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The latest list from Caduceus Books is chock full of fascinating items…

Another lengthy list, I’ve reproduced the Spare and Thelemic items here, together with a link to a PDF version of the catalogue.

Click here for the full list in PDF format…

Caduceus Books
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England, U.K.

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1) Books Relating to the Tarot and Playing Cards
2) Tarot Packs
3) Modern Witchcraft
4) Items relating to Austin Osman Spare
5) Pre-war Esoteric and Occult Books
3) Books Relating to General Esotericism
4) Books Relating to Thelema

1) Books Relating to the Tarot


2) Tarot Packs


3) Modern Witchcraft


4) Items relating to Austin Osman Spare

Austin Osman Spare, Focus of Life, Morland Press 1921 1st Ed Large format 12.5ins x 10ins (viii) 44pp This copy has the deluxe binding of quarter vellum with buckram covered boards of which there were 50 copies, however it is not numbered and it is not signed. It lacks the usual label obscuring Frederick Carter’s true name with a pseudonym. It has one, very neat penned annotation which suggests a Hebrew rendition of one of the phrases. Perhaps the best of Spares books to have in first edition as the illustrations utilise subtle shading and faint lines with shade, there may be components of the designs lost in subsequent reproductions. There is very slight wear to the top and tail of spine, one very obtrusive mark to cloth covering front board, very slight bumping to corners and slight browning for first and last few pages however it should be emphasised that this is
a very nice clean copy VG+ Order No. 400189 £600

Austin Osman Spare, Focus of Life, Morland Press 1921 1st Ed Large format 12.5ins x 10ins (viii) 44pp This copy has the standard binding of quarter white buckram and paper covered boards. What sets it apart is the extra ordinarily Fine condition. Clearly it has been very cherished. A substantial dustwrapper has been made for it and hand titled on front cover and spine with some panache. This has protected the original books to a remarkable degree. The only indication of any age being slight browning to the edges of the pages. Truly Fine condition. It is difficult to imagine one in better condition Order No. 400191 £690

Austin Osman Spare, Portfolio, 2005 Limited Edition of 24 copies, each issued with an original drawing here not present. The portfolio presents high quality reproductions of all 24 drawings from a sketchbook that Spare presented to Vera Wainright following his visit to her cottage in the Cornish village of Helford in 1944. The reproductions are made on 160gsm 100% cotton paper. Also reproduced is the cover of the sketchbook showing Spare’s inscription to Wainright and a pen drawing by him of the two of them together. She is shown in regal profile, her face akin to a Spare mask, the lines entwining with his face below, looking out as a gnarled, horned devil. There is also a one page introductory sheet describing Spare and Wainright and their relationship. This sheet
reproduces photographs of them both. A sheet is provided showing thumbnail images of the
drawings recording the order of the of drawings. All the above are enclosed in a handmade portfolio (10ins x 13ins) bound in half leather (a green basil sheepskin) and handmade marbled paper. The design being chosen as the chance pattern of marbling is sympathetic to the style of some of Spares automatic drawings. All components used are of archival quality. Some of the drawings have a subtle addition of coloured pastels. They show strange landscapes, some time with “vibrationary” (to use Spare’s term) where Spare percieves and portrays an aura. Usually Spare saw this of humans, here he sees it of the landscape itself. These strange vistas are populated by anthropomorthic trees and rocks, strange beasts that emerge from the earth, transformative beings, soul like masks blowing in the wind. Images can be found at:- Fine Order No. 400192 £120

Various (Including Austin Osman Spare), London Mystery Magazine, Nos. 1 – 12, a run, 1950-1951 12 issues. Each issue is a paperback book of approximately 128pp containing articles and short stories married with illustrations from contemporary artists. These include Michael Ayrton, Ronald Searle, Mervyn Peake and Austin Osman Spare. Fiction writers include Lewis Spence, Spare providing two masks for the latters story, ‘Lucifer over London. Hannen Swaffer writes an 8pp article about Spare titled ‘Mystery of an Artist’ featuring four illustrations by Spare, two being full page/ Algernon Blackwood provides a number of stories including ‘Birth of an Idea’ for which Spare supplies one full page illustration and two vignettes. Two masks and a full page illustration by Spare
accompany Martin Gardner’s ‘Horrible Horns’ whilst two of his masks are provided for Dorothy Edwards ‘A Dagger of the Mind?’. . Christina Hole provides a number of interesting articles:- the Horseman’s Word; Screaming Skulls; Robin Hood; The Bones in the Wall (being a very unusual slant on foundation sacrifice). There is a good article on the mythology of the Phoenix by Morris Marples and Robert Fordyce Aickman writes a useful account of Harry Price. There is also a series of articles by Kenneth Walker to which Spare responded to in his essay, Mind to Mind and How by a Sorcerer. This was never printed by the London Mystery Magazine but has since appeared in Two Tracts on Cartomancy and in Mystery of an Artist.. The magazines are bound in four volumes All VG Order No. 400211 £180

Various (Relevant to Austin Osman Spare), London Mystery Magazine 5, 1950 Card covers 128pp Illustrated. Includes 8pp article Mystery of an Artist by Hannan Swaffer illustrated with reproductions of four Spare line drawings. Very scarce some wear to covers Order No. 400133 £95

William Wallace, From Inferno to Zos Vol. II, The Artist’s Books 1905 – 1927, First Impressions 1995 Large format (13ins x 10ins) Bound in quarter leather, gilt edged pages, head and tail bands, marker ribbon, marbled endpapers, gold blocking on spine. xiii + 442pp + 16pp glossary & Bibliography Illustrated. A Substantial investigation of the cultural & occult background of the books, and then a detailed examination of the symbolism & references in the pictures. He argues that the Alphabet of Desire relates to Enochian. He discusses such influences as Blake, Dante, Nietsche, Crowley of course, Kabbala, Alchemy, Ancient Egypt etc. As he examines each picture in turn even those who disagree with some of his conclusions will admire the window opens upon the wealth of
symbolism in Spare’s work. Fine Order No. 400118 £120

5) Pre-war Esoteric and Occult Books


6) Books Relating to General Esotericism


7) Books Relating to Thelema

Red Flame, respected Thelemic journal published by Marlene and Jerry Cornelius:-

Grady Louis McMurtry, Red Flame I, The Poetry of Grady Louis McMurtry, J. & M. Cornelius 1994 Revised 2nd. Ed Ltd to 56 copies Large format 206pp Informative introduction & very comprehensive Fine Order No. 400003 £45

Grady McMurtry, Red Flame I; The Poetry of Grady Louis McMurtry, A Thelemic Research Journal, 2001 New edition with new 2pp forward, 40pp Introduction (effectively an excellent biography by Jerry Cornelius. 144pp of poems, 25pp extensive notes concerning the poems. paperback The authoritative publications of the poems which perhaps provide the best glimpse on the man who played a remarkable and historic role in Thelemic history. Smaller format but stouter binding than the 1st Ed Fine Order No. 400014 £12

Tau Apiryon & Soror Helena, Red Flame II, Mystery of Mystery; A Primer of Thelemic Ecclesiastical Gnosticism, OTO 1st Ed Ltd 93 copies 1995 Large format card covs 224pp work exploring the Mysteries of the Gnostic Mass & history of the Gnostic Catholic Church. Deeply impressive work, highly recommended VG Order No. 400013 £56

Tau Apiryon & Soror Helena, Red Flame II; Mystery of Mystery, A Primer of Thelemic Ecclesiastical Gnosticism, A Thelemic Research Journal, 2001 viii + 224pp Paperback Authors both bishops of the Gnostic Catholic Church and one is Xth degree OTO (Caliphate). Provides an excellent history of the Gnostic Catholic Church and an impressive exploration of the Gnostic Mass, analysing the Greek words and presenting what is known of the Gnostic saints. Very impressive work Fine Order No. 400014 £12

Various, Red Flame III, A Thelemic Research Journal; Friends & Aquaintances of Aleister Crowley, Jerry & Marlene Cornelius 1997 1st Ltd Ed of 156 Large format card Covs Has a very good account of AC’s life that deals with such issues such as his succession to the Xth OTO, presents his article on Jack the Ripper & numerous accounts by various folk of encounters with the Beast VG Order No. 400010 £60

Jerry Cornelius, Red Flame IV, The Aleister Crowley Desk Reference, J. & M. Cornelius 1997 Ltd to 156 copies Large format 216pp Truly impressive catalogue of AC titles, it
does not claim of completeness but offers true bibliographic richness replacing the very scarce Crowley Cross Index as the best way to find in what book a short piece may be published. The nearest thing we have to a complete Crowley bibliography. Clearly born of love! Fine Order No. 400012 £40

Aleister Crowley & Marlene Cornelius, Red Flame V King, A Beastly Book of Changes, 1998 Large format card covers. Ltd. To 156 copies. Prelims + 226pp + Index Brilliant & diligant editing has generated magnificently useful work, collecting Crowley’s writing on the I Ching, giving his paraphrase of each hexagram, his source, and examples from his diaries of its occurence in divination. A landmark of Thelemic research relevant to all with interest in the I Ching Highly recommended closed tear at top of spine but VG+ Order No. 400006 £70

Various, Red Flame No.IV, The Foolish Issue, 1999 Card Covs Large format xii + 220pp Hilarious examination of the laughter dimension of Thelema. Inc. Crowley’s limericks (with Intro & Nontes); The Milkman Letters – an extraordinary set of letters (of similar provenance to another recently surfaced item of “Crowley” correspondence in which “Crowley” ennunciates aspects of Thelemic sexual mysteries, his Milkman’s replies, demanding payment for milk, are also given. A hilarious version of Crowley’s 1947 diaries, the missing chapter from Magick without Tears, the Real Gnostic Mass of the American OTO, the Missing Magickal Links etc, a serious of excellent spoofs Useful
article concerning Crowley in fiction. Highly recceommended Fine Order No. 400001 £50

Achad Osher 583, Red Flame VII, The Magickal Essence of Aleister Crowley, Oct. 12th 1999ev Large format Card Covs xxx + 190pp Limited to 156 copies. Illus Red Flame has secured for itself the reputation as the premier Thelemic journal in matters of Crowley. This issue sold out very quciky and sparked great controversy, as it is an impassioned rejection of authoritarian tendencies of the Caliphate OTO. It gives the symbolism of certain words of OTO degrees as communicated to Grady McMurtry by Crowley, but no longer communicated in the Caliphate OTO. It is informed by an A.’.A.’. linneage from Grady McMurtry which ennunciates teachings concerning the Thelema which it is made crystal clear, may or may not, be of use, but are not presented as dogma. A book with balls Fine Order No. 400009 £165

Jerry & Marlene Cornelius & Others, Red Flame, No.VIII Liber Al vel Legis (the Book of the Law), 2000ev Ltd Ed of only 156 copies iv + 210pp Vibrant work of Thelemic research, analysis instructions concerning study of Liber Al to decide the order “the study of the book is forbidden” to be a trope for slaves. Then follows a textual analysis of the ms from a passionately Thelemic viewpoint showing where, in defiance of instructions, Crowley changed far more than the style of a letter! Also includes info re AA after Crowley’s death. A work of historic importance and delicious controversy in the field of Thelemic reseach which went instantly out of print. There are no plans to ever reprint it. This copy signed by the authors F+ Order No. 400008 £120

Various, Red Flame IX, Aleister Crowley in the Public Eye, 2001ev 10ins x 8ins 213pp xv + 214pp Ltd. To 156 copies Premier Thelemic journal in terms of research into the Crowley tradition. This edition presents contempory newspaper accounts of Crowley and his endeavours which make for fascinating reading. This copy signed by Jerry Cornelius, the editor and compiler. Fine Order No. 400004 £60

Phyllis Seckler, Red Flame X, Jane Wolfe, Her Life with Aleister Crowley Part. 1, Red Flame 2003 Paperback 211pp Illustrated Ltd. Ed. Of 500 copies. Dedicated to the women of Thelema this account of the film star who travelled to the Abbey of Thelema and then returned to USA to become a founding member of Agape Lodge as well as being its last Lodge Master Fine Order No. 400013 £12

Phyllis Seckler, Red Flame XI, Jane Wolfe, Her Life with Aleister Crowley Part. 1, Red Flame 2003 Paperback 226pp Illustrated Ltd. Ed. Of 500 copies. Dedicated to the women of Thelema this account of the film star who travelled to the Abbey of Thelema and then returned to USA to become a founding member of Agape Lodge as well as being its last Lodge Master Fine Order No. 400016 £12

Jerry Cornelius (re Grady McMurtry), Red Flame XII & XIII, In the Name of the Beast, A Biography of Grady Lewis McMurtry,, 2006 Two paperback books, Red Flame 12, 1918-1962, xvi + 204pp +(5pp) index; Red Flame 13, ii + 226pp + (6pp) index. Authoritative account of Grady’s life and magical endeavours with a great deal of information concerning his contacts with Crowley, his relationship with Germer and then the operation of the Caliphate OTO. This lucid and perceptive account gives a wealth of detail which challenges many commonly held notions. Moreover it pays full attention to Grady’s A.’.A.’. endeavours, a dimension crucially important to the man himself, but often overlooked by others. The writer knew Grady well, is sympathetic to him and explains why he followed the path he did. Never-the-less he is not blind to Grady’s faults. Moreover it is massively informative about the circles in which Grady moved. Highly recommended Fine Order No. 400012 £30

Frater Achad, The Chalice of Ecstasy, Being a Magical and Qabalistic Interpretation of the Drama of Parzival by a Companion of the Holy Grail, Yogi nd (modern) 83pp VG Order No. 400137 £8

Anon, Aleister Crowley; Magician or Monster, in New Occult, Sherbourne Press not dated (c1975?) 4pp illustrated article in large format 74pp a magazine. Other articles include Occult and rock music, Nazie astrologers etc VG Order No. 400208 £10

Jean de Bosschere & Anais Nin, Twelve Erotic Images from Little Poems in Prose, Not Dated
(1993) In 1929 Crowley issued his translation of Baudelaire’s Little Poems in Prose. It had to be issued by a publisher based in France as the illustrations, copperplate engravings made up from original drawings by Bosschere would have been considered too obscene in England. One copy was acquired by respected pornographer Anais Nin who hand coloured the images, making them yet more explicit. This item is 12 high quality photographic prints (5.5ins x 3.5ins) of the images as augmented by Nin. They are delightfully evocative of the period and would be very suitable for framing Mint Order No. 400215 £30

Cossy & Sanary, Aleister Crowley, Dupois 1985 Large Format (12ins x 9.5ins) 48pp coloured
comic strip which seems to involve a magical child, Signed inscription by John Symonds to Tony Naylor Fine Order No. 400197 £30

Aleister Crowley, Aleister Crowley’s Illustrated Goetia, Lon Milo Duquette & Christopher Hyatt Illus David Wilson, New Falcon 1992 Paperback 222pp Fine Order No. 400121 £8

Aleister Crowley, Book Four, Parts I and II, Weiser 1986 Paperback 125pp F Order No. 400072 £5

Aleister Crowley, Book of Lies, Weiser 1981 Paperback Illustrated 196pp Fine Order No. 400100 £5

Aleister Crowley, Clouds Without Water, Ed. from a Private Ms. by Rev.C. Verey, Yogi Pub nd (1970s) small format paperback xxi + 142pp Includes the poems the Augur, the Alchemist, the Thaumaturge, the Adept, the Black Mass, the Vampire etc. The first letters each line at various points spelt out the names of Crowley’s lovers. One, the sculptress Kathleen Bruce, was wife to the explorer Scot of the Antartic. Needless to say it was brought to his attention! Fine Order No. 400036 £10

Aleister Crowley, Commentaries on the Holy Books, Equinox Vol.IV No.1, Weiser 1996 x + 382pp Coloured plates. Truly excellent archival research by the editor, Hymenaeus Beta presents previously unpublished A.’.A.’. material, the original illuminated manuscript of Liber Pyramidos, dramatic Illustrations by J.F.C.Fuller, a system of robes for A.’.A.’. grades etc Coloured Plates Fine in Fine DW Order No. 400017 £30

Aleister Crowley, Confessions, Autohagiography, Arkana 1989 Paperback 960pp Pls Ed. Symonds & Grant Well read Good Order No. 400026 £7

Aleister Crowley, Confessions of Aleister Crowley, An Autohagiography, Routledge 1979 Ed.& Intro. Kennneth Grant & John Symonds 960pp Plates. Signed by John Symonds Good in Good protected DW Order No. 400024 £40

Aleister Crowley, Crowley on Christ, Daniel 1974 232pp Ed & Intro Francis King. Pub. in 1953 as the Gospel According to St.Bernard Shaw in a Ltd Ed. of 200 typewritten copies, this work (Liber DCCLXXXVIII) grew from a piece of literary criticism into an analysis of Christianity which is detailed, lively & amusing. Has De Arte Magica (Crowley’s instructions for IXth degree sex magick workings as an appendix). Supplied with copy of Bernard Shae, Andocles and the Lion, Penghuin 1946, a reprint of the text which provoked Crowley into writing this text Fine in Fine DW Order No. 400201 £90

Aleister Crowley, Diary of a Drug Fiend, Weiser 199 Paperback x + 368pp Fictional account of folks transcending drug addiction via Thelema Fine Order No. 400023 £6

Aleister Crowley and Others, The Equinox, Nos. 1 – 10, Mandrake & Holmes 1992 Approx 4500pp, plates Facsimile of first Edition. Bound in 5 volumes four of which are hardback and one is paperback All Fine Order No. 400298 £120

Aleister Crowley, Equinox of the Gods, Equinox Vol.III No.3, OTO & New Falcon 1991 Paperback 157pp + 70pp unpaginated Cold Pls of Stele of Revealing. Describes events surrounding reception of Book of the Law Fine Order No. 400102 £15

Aleister Crowley, Forbidden Lecture, Gilles de Rais, Mandrake 1990 No. Ltd Ed of 1000 Informative Intro by Keith Richmond 61pp Fine Order No. 400132 £25

Aleister Crowley, Heart of the Master, & Other Papers, OTO New Falcon 1992 Erudite & very
informative Intro by head of the OTO places this important work in context, setting forth Thelema so as to be appreciated , understood & accepted by the German OTO in 1925, Crowley was accepted as head & the rest is history. Illus Paperback xviii + 126pp Signed by Hymenaeus Beta (in Greek) with Baphometic Cross Good + Order No. 400026 £20

Aleister Crowley, In Residence, The Don’s Guide to Cambridge, Elijah Johnson 1904 1st Ed. Card covers x + 94pp + 19pp catalogue of Crowley’s publications and announcement of a prize for best essay on his works. Also some amusing adverts probably penned by Crowley for local Cambridge companies. As is usual the card covers are quite faded otherwise Very Good with some rubbing to edge of card G Order No. 400142 £90

Aleister Crowley, Konx Om Pax, Teitan 1990 Facs. Ed xii + 108 + 12pp adverts & reviews Striking & ingenious cover design by Crowley (on hashish) which one has to look at an oblique angle in order to read, contains important mystical prose peppered with humour. Excellent Intro. by Martin Starr Fine Order No. 400045 £25

Aleister Crowley, Konx om Pax, Essays on Light, Yogi nd (1980s) Card covs 108pp Fine Order No. 400121 £6

Aleister Crowley, Law is for All, An Extended Commentary on the Book of the Law, Falcon Press 1991 Ed. & Intro. Israel Regardie Paperback 368pp F Order No. 400042 £10

Aleister Crowley, Liber Aleph, The Book of Wisdom and Folly being Equinox Vol.III No.6, 93 Published 1991 xxxii + 220pp Tasteful hardback binding with sail cloth blocked in red metallic foil, the Equinox device on the fron board and the title and OTO lamen of the spine. Coloured endpapers and coloured frontispiece plate. Useful prolegomenon by Hymenaeus Beta. Inscribed by him and signed Hymenaeus Beta (in Greek) accompanied by the Baphometic cross F Order No. 400020 £90

Aleister Crowley, Magical Record of the Beast 666, Duckworth 1983 174pp presents Rex Arte
Regia, the record of Crowley’s OTO sex magick workings from 1914 – 18. Then his magical diary for 1919-1920. Book in VG condition, DW (which is designed by Steffi Grant) has three half inch tears and is slightly rubbed and price clipeed but is protected. This copy signed by John Symonds Order No. 400056 £75

Aleister Crowley, Magick, Liber ABA Book 4 Parts 1-4, Weiser 1994 lxxxiv + 808pp Pls inc Cold Pls of Stele of Revealing. The first publication which presents all four parts of Crowley’s magnum opus. A mammoth work or editorialship F in VG DW Order No. 400033 £30

Aleister Crowley, Magick, Liber ABA; Book 4 Parts 1-4 Ed Anno Intro Hymenaeus Beta, Weiser 2000 3rd Ed Revised and corrected Edition 894pp (larger format than 1994 Ed) lxxxiv + 844pp Pls Inc 1st Pub of the A.’.A.’. text Liber Testis Testitudinis Monumental work of editorialship presents the full work with all 4 parts (It includes Equinox for the Gods). Reaffirms of the often forgotten contribution of the women that assisted Crowley, Mary Desti & Leila Waddell. Pls include two coloured images of Stele of Revealing Fine in Fine DW Order No. 400034 £40

Aleister Crowley, Magick, In Theory and Practice, Magical Childe 1990 Large format paperback xxvii + 436pp Illus. Facsimile of 1st Ed VG+ Order No. 400067 £15

Aleister Crowley, Magick, Astrolabio 1976 Paperback 615pp Italian translation of the edition edited by John Symonds and Kenneth Grant, this copy having signed inscription by John Symonds to Anthony Naylor F Order No. 400077 £20

Aleister Crowley, Magick Without Tears, New Falcon 1987 Paperback xxxi + 529pp Series of
epistles written towards the end of Crowley’s life. Aside from the odd glych, it is the man at his most thoughtful and considered VG Order No. 400073 £12

Aleister Crowley, O.T.O. Rituals, None Given Bound photocopy of pp41 – 240 of Francis King’s Secret Rituals of the O.T.O., the portion of the book giving the rituals and instructional texts without the introduction. Small format, the margins being removed,. Plain card covers Fine Order No. 400076 £30

Aleister Crowley, Snowdrops From A Curate’s Garden, Teitan 1986 Frontis xxi + 197pp A.C’s pornography, still sparky by today’s standards Prolegomenon Martin Starr Fine in Fine DW Order No. 400078 £55

Aleister Crowley, The Equinox, Vol.III Nos 3 – 4 (Equinox of the Gods; Eight Lectures on Yoga), O.T.O. in association with 93 Publishing 1991. 137pp + (68pp) unpaginated (ms of Book of the Law) + 128pp Two coloured plates plus monchrome plate. Given subsequent history it has the surprising inscription “For Tony Naylor, in appreciation of your many fine efforts 93 93/93 Hymenaeus Beta” (in Greek) plus Baphometic cross. Surprising as the dedicatee was later sued for those ‘fine efforts” by the inscriber! Fine Order No. 400021 £150

Aleister Crowley, Thelema, Suhal 1993 Hardback 90pp Useful collection of Class A Thelemic texts including Liber vel Causae, Lapis Lazuli, Cordis Cincti Serpente, Ararita & Liber Al (typeset and facsimile of manuscript). Good quality coloured plates of the Stele of Revealing F Order No. 400101 £15

Aleister Crowley, Thumbs Up, O.T.O. 1942 Card covers 8pp Has the 1746 Winona Avenue address being published by the Agape Lodge in Crowley’s lifetime. Has the sigil of the Beast printed on front cover. Loosely inserted into purpose made hardcover binding this item, aside from some uneven sunning affecting back cover, is very clean and bright F Order No. 400134 £75

Aleister Crowley, Vision & the Voice, Sangreal 1972 261pp Intro & explanation of footnotes by Israel Regardie. Crowley’s exploration of Dee’s Enochian magic Fine in VG DW Order No. 400022 £35

Aleister Crowley, World’s Tragedy, New Falcon 1991 Paperback xxxviii + 114pp A.C. sticks the boot into Christianity & hypocrasy. It’s first publication in 1910 was indeed daring, the Preface’s open discussion of sodomy “ aristocratic virtue which the middle class had better imitate if they wish to be smart.” could have landed him in prison! He
rails against the hypocracy and brutality of his Pymout Bretheren and rails against the political and literary establishment, calling Bernard Shaw a “masturbating monkey”. Other introductions by Christopher Hyatt and Israel Regardie Fine Order No. 400049 £6

Anon re Aleister Crowley, 666 Bibliotheca Crowleyana, Sure Fire Press 1989 24pp card covers. Introduction by Richard Kaczynski. Catalogue of the Fuller collection with much important bibliographical information F Order No. 400031 £6

Aleister Crowley (Ed. Intro & some Illus.), Goetia, Weiser 1995 Paperback xxvi + 134pp
Reproduces some of Crowley Illus from the First Impressions edition. Useful Intro by Hymenaeus Beta. This copy has signed dedication to Tony Naylor by Hymenaeus Beta plus a handwritten letter on OTO headed paper which makes a criticism of the book and thanks Naylor for his assistance and notes that his edition is plugged in the introduction. Beta also states that he is glad that rights and permissions difficulties between them over this title F Order No. 400063 £45

Aleister) Rev.C. Verey Crowley), Clouds Without Water, Privately Printed 1909 xxi + 140pp Small format 6ins x 5ins. Issued for circulation amongst ministers of religion. Includes the poems the Augur, the Alchemist, the Thaumaturge, the Adept, the Black Mass, the Vampire etc. The first letters each line at various points spelt out the names of Crowley’s lovers. One, the sculptress Kathleen Bruce, was wife to the explorer Scot of the Antartic. Needless to say it was brought to his attention! The original card covers are quite chipped and have been retained within a modern hardback binding (cloth with gilt blocked leather label). Other than chipping to edges of card covers the book is in Fine condition Order No. 400126 £225

Lon Milo Duquette, Magick of Thelema, Handbook of the Rituals of Aleister Crowley, Weiser 1993 Paperback 270pp Illus Excellent Fine Order No. 400043 £8

Lon Milo DuQuette, The Magick of Thelema, Weiser 1993 Paperback xvii + 270pp A variant printing with the coloured plates of the Stele appearing on the inside of the card covers Fine Order No. 400047 £12

Jean Overton Fuller, Magical Dilemma of Victor Neuburg, A Biography, Mandrake 1990 Paperback 256pp Plates Excellent & important account with considerable information re Crowley’s homosexual sex magic. Includes the Paris Working VG Order No. 400081 £5

R.A. Gilbert, Baphomet & Son, A Little Known Chapter in the Life of the Beast 666, Holmes 1997 Card covered booklet 36pp Illus Describes the early years of the OTO in England under Crowley, before the Special Branch raid Gives an ealry, pre-Thelemic initiation ritual Fine Order No. 400030 £6

David Allen Hulse, Genesis of the Book of the Law, Part Three: The Coming of the Magical Child 1915 – 1962, Holmes 2002 Card covers 60pp. Chronology of the Thelemic current commencing with the emergence of Frater Achad as the Magical Child who would discover the Key of Liber Al to the death of Karl Gerner. Scarce Fine Order No. 400125 £30

David Allen Hulse, The Genesis of the Book of the Law, Part One; The Cairo Working 1875 – 1904, Holmes 2001 Card covers 44pp Distils the life of Crowley to present the steps that led to the Reception of the Book of the Law. Insightful, thought provoking and scarce. Fine Order No. 400124 £50

William Hunt, Dictionary of Rogues, Philosophical Library 1970 xiii + 140pp 2pp on Crowley F in VG DW Order No. 400112 £5

Roger Hutchinson, Aleister Crowley, The Beast Demystified, Mainstream 1998 1st Ed 216pp An agnostic view of Crowley Fine in Fine DW Order No. 400069 £15

Leon Enger Kennedy, The Master Therion, Mandrake Press Ltd. 1992 The original painting was made in New York in 1917 and is now on display in the National Portrait Gallery, London. It appeared as a coloured plate in the Blue Equinox in 1919. In the early 1990s it was professionally cleaned and professional photographed. This item consists six coloured slides (4ins x 3ins) as supplied by the photographer. One set of three is taken with the picture illuminated with polarised light and special film sensitive to that light, the other under normal photographic studio lighting. One image of each set of three is taken at optimum exposure, the other two are plus and minus a step in case this provides a better result. Also present is an image (5ins x 4ins on a larger sheet of
paper printed from the photograph and then a poster (21ins x 14ins on a sheet sized 25ins x 16ins) which was finally generated. The approach taken by Kennedy was to enter his astral body and then perceive the astral body of his subject. Thus the image shows shapes in Crowley’s aura as meditates All Fine Order No. 400217 £100

Francis king, The Great Beast, in Fate and Fortune No. 3, Marshall Cavendish 1974 5pp illustrated article in large format 48pp magazine which also has article by Benjamin Walker on Tantra VG Order No. 400207 £10

Craig Munro, The Wild Man of Letters, The Story of P.R. Stephenson, Melbourne University 1984 Hardback x + 320pp Plates. Excellent biography of the Australian who joined Mandrake Press where he co-authored the Legend of Aleister Crowley defending the Beast! Always rebellious he was a communist. He returned to Australia where he was interned during the War as a member of the semi-fascist Australia First Movement Fine in Fine DW Order No. 400203 £10

Jenny Nicholson, The Man Who Chose Evil, in Picture Post, November 19 & December 3 1955,
6pp illustrated article in large format news magazine of the day. Draws on an interview with Kinsey. Covers rather worn and loose G Order No. 400198 £12

Marco Pasi, Aleister Crowley, E La Tentazione Della Politica, FrancoAngeli 1999 1st Ed Paperback 221pp Only 600 copies were printed. Intelligent, substantial academic account of Crowley’s ambigous politics, placing it in the context of European occult politics. Avoids the sensationalist speculation of, & immensely more substantial than, previous comments. A book that cries out for translation into English. Does give English text of the correspondence between Crowley and Fernando Pessoa pus three letters from the head of British Intelligence, M., seeking information from an Italian spy which mention Crowley and the OTO. Has handwritten card from author to Tony Naylor F Order No. 400075 £18

R.C., The Lowly Turtle…, with a Consideration of Tzaddi in Liber Al I:57 appended, Pyramid Lodge 1991 No. 28 of 93 copies 26pp card covered booklet. Discusses Quabbala and Thelema VG Order No. 400209 £10

Man Ray, Louis Wilkinson (a.k.a. Marlow), Original Photographic Print, Not dated 6ins x 4ins, has Society Studios, 731 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, N.J. In original brown paper folder, Louis Wilkinson told his son Oliver that the picture was taken by Man Ray. Louis Wilkinson was a novellist, biographer and literary executor of Crowley’s will. He published Seven Friends, accounts of his friendships with Crowley, Wilde, Somerset Maugham and the Powys family. This book was republished with additional material in 1992 in a limited edition of 750 copies which utilised this image on the DW. A copy, Fine in Fine DW is included here. Also included is Roland Penrose, Man Ray, Thames and Hudson 1975 Fine in VG DW Fine Order No. 400218 £150

Israel Regardie, Eye in the Triangle, An Interpretation of Aleister Crowley, Llewellyn 1970 Paperback 517pp Excellent for earlier part of Crowley’s life giving a cogent account of his spiritual advances, a mature appreciation by one who knew his flaws Good Order No. 400099 £9

Susan Roberts, The Magician of the Golden Dawn, Story of Aleister Crowley, Contempory Books 1978 Paperback xv + 337pp Difficult to obtain biography spine quite creased, Good only Order No. 400056 £18

Sunny Shah, Sexual Imagery in the Early Poetry of Aleister Crowley, Contra/Thought 1997 24pp Card covers, inscription by publisher, tinted paper VG+ Order No. 400029 £5

d’Arch Smith Smith, Books of the Beast, Essays on Aleister Crowley, Montague Summers &
Others, Mandrake 1991 Paperback 128pp Illus Excellent being informed & witty, describes A.C.’s talismanic approach to publishing & other bibliographic windows into the occult notably Montague Summers, Ralph Chubb & Florence Farr Fine Order No. 400027 £7

P.R. Stephenson, Legend of Aleister Crowley, Being a Study of the Documentry Evidence Relating to a Campaign of Personal Vilification Unparalleled in Literary History, New Falcon 1983 Originally pub 1930 this Ed has Intro by Israel Regardie Paperback 173pp Good + Order No. 400018 £4

Gerald Suster, Legacy of the Beast, The Life, Work, & Influence of Aleister Crowley, Allen 1988 1st Ed. 224pp Plates Enthusiastic biography. Enclosed is a 1pp typed letter signed from the author to John Symonds, acknowleding their different views of Crowley but hoping for a cordial relationship. Also enclosed a 1pp typed letter signed from solicitors acting on behalf of News of the World to John Symonds seeking his assistance in a legal dispute with Suster who was suing them for libel F in VG DW Order No. 400204 £25

Lawrence Sutin, Do What Thou Wilt, A Life of Aleister Crowley, St. Martin’s Press 2000 viii + 483pp Plates. Scholalry biography Fine in Fine DW Order No. 400091 £15

John Symonds, Gilles de Rais, The Banned Lecture, Bellevville 1984 Paperback 48pp A pleasing production, giving originalk Englaish and German translation in parrallel with a sprinkling of illustrations, This copy has signed inscription by John Symonds to Tony Naylor plus some underlining by Symonds Fine Order No. 400048 £20

John Symonds, King of the Shadow Realm, Aleister Crowley; his Life & Magic, Duckworth 1989 xi + 588pp Plates. Symonds ambiguous view of the Old Man, awake to his flaws but clearly fascinated. Many experienced enchantment & then disenchantment with Crowley, Symonds treads a more complex dance! Fine in VG DW Order No. 400035 £30

John Symonds, La Gran Bestia, Siruela 1990 773pp Plates. Spanish translation of the Great Beast. Inscription by author Fine in Fine DW Order No. 400036 £20

John Symonds, The Beast 666, The Life of Aleister Crowley, Pindar Press 1997 x + 608pp The most dificult to obtain version of Symonds biography. This copy being number 1 of 11 copies signed by author and Anthony Naylor with coloured illustration of a Crowley painting, the Island of the Magicians, tipped in Mint in VG DW Order No. 400046 £120

John Symonds (relating to Aleister Crowley), Aleister Crowley, Das Tier 666 – Leben und Magick, Sphinx 1997 Paperback 638pp Illustrated German text F Order No. 400079 £6

Francis Toye, For What We have Received, An Autobiography, Heinemann 1950 1st Ed xi + 256pp 256pp 1pp on Crowley whom author met through Gwendoline Otter. It mentions a bit of curious Forteana. As a joke Crowley put a sign up on Boleskine “Beware of the Ichthysaurus”. One thinks of the Lock Ness Monster of course! VG Order No. 400098 £8

Various, Cefalu, e il Mistero de Crowley, Fabio Orlando not dated (1972?) Card 18pp largish format booklet, illustrated. Would appear to have been published uion association with an academic conferrence concerning Crowley held in associated with the local department of tourism!. Contributors include Francesco Alaimo, Aldo Gerbino, Pietro Saja, Francesco Carbone, Alessandro Dell’Aira. Almost all text in Italian with only occasional sections in Englaish. Illustrated with images of Crowley’s murals etc. An elegant production Fine Order No. 400205 £25

Various, Mandrake, Vol.II No.11, 1955 Card covers xii + (83pp) Literary journal with scribbled note by John Symonds recording Mrs. Crowley’s address! cover slightly creased VG- Order No. 400080 £3

Various, Rites of Eleusis, Ephemera, Mandrake Press & Others 1990. Ephemera associated with and published for a performance of the Rites of Eleusis at Caxton Hall, the original venue, 80 years following Crowley’s initial shows. Each rite was performed by a different esoteric or occult group with very different aesthetics and style. Includes variously coloured tickets, handcoloured laminated image of Leila Waddell at the original Rites, four sheets issued by different groups describing their performance; 14pp booklet giving script for Rite of Mercury; seven copies of 12pp booklet with introduction by Hymenaeus Beta, listing which group is performing which ritual, How and Why of Ecstasy by Aleister Crowley; information sheet for the Rites; four different laminated Oz cards
reproducing images of the original participants on the reverse. Also present is Terence DuQuesne, Caduceus, New Poems and Translations, Prebendal Press 1989 Paperback 48pp Illustrated. DeQuesne attended one of the Rites and presented a copy to everyone present. All Fine Order No. 400213 £70

Various, Thelema Beyond Crowley, Starfire Publishing 2004 4pp leaflet describing conference to celebrate centenery of |Reception of Book of Law, gives detail of speakers etc Fine Order No. 400025 £5

Various (Ed. Peter Koenig), In Nomine Demiurgi Saturni, 1925 – 1969, ARW 1998 Paperback
414pp Illustrated, German text. A few pages of introduction is followed by reproductions of correspondence, documents texts etc relating to the Fraternas Saturni Fine Order No. 400143 £40

Various (Ed. PierLuigi Zoccatelli), Aleister Crowley, Un Mago A Cefalu, Mediterranee 1998
Paperback 143pp Italian language. Contributorsa include Marco Pasi, Peter Koenig Fine Order No. 400097 £15

8) Abbreviations

1st Ed First Edition; aeg All edges gilt; Anno. Annotations; bd Binding; bds Boards; Bkpt
Bookplate; Bkt Booklet; cl Cloth; cold Coloured; dec Decorated; discold Discoloured; DW
Dustwrapper; Ex-lib Ex-library with stamps etc; F Fine (almost like new); facs Facsimile; fep
Free end papers; Frontis. Frontispiece; G Good (well used); gt bl Gilt (gold) blocking; HB
Hardback; Illus Illustrated; Insc Insciption; IP In Print; Ltd Limited; LF Large Format; M Mint;
Pb Paperback; mks Mark; n.d. Not Dated; OP Out of Print; o/w Otherwise; Pub. Published;
SF Small Format; sp Spine; teg Top edge gilt; Trans. Translated; UP University Press; VG
Very Good (some signs of use)Minor Inscriptions & small booksellers labels generally not


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