Jimmy Page: “Sympathy For The Devil”

I am very pleased to announce the publication at last of a Special Collector’s Edition of Classic Rock magazine (Summer 2006, Number 96): it includes a huge and superbly written article featuring Jimmy Page, Kenneth Anger and Bobby BeauSoleil:

[Image from Ross Halfin’s excellent Blog…]

Jimmy Page World Exclusive. Sympathy For The Devil. At Last! Page breaks his silence on Satanism, Led Zeppelin and Rock’s most notorious movie, ‘Lucifer Rising’.

And: Jimmy Page on Lucifer Rising – An everyday tale of devil worship, murder and mind-bending music.
I first heard about the planned interviews a year ago from an absolutely reliable source, a Thelemite of international renown…

Jimmy Page had agreed to be interviewed by a prominent rock music magazine about his involvement in writing one of the soundtrack versions of Lucifer Rising. The film’s director, Kenneth Anger, had agreed to be interviewed for the same magazine. Anyone interested in the impact of Thelema on modern culture will know what a significant event this would be.

Over the past year, the rumour has popped up from time to time and it was clear that something was happening…

Well, here it is.

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