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Thanks to INANNA93

Many visitors to LAShTAL.COM will be familiar with The 93 Current – a links based Thelemic website.

An announcement has recently appeared on the site:

As this site is extremely outdated I will close it soon…


Up until 5 years ago this site was a valuable and highly appreciated resource, but by now it became so outdated that it’d be useless to keep it. I also believe that with so many far superior sites out there by now there is simply no need to keep this one running and even if the whole design and concept would have to have.

Not sure yet if I’ll simply write a new thelemic site, use the domain for some private stuff or entirely shut it down. Time will tell, but anyone interested in any of the stuff on this site, which I highly doubt, should better copy it soon as I’ll definitely remove the content in a few weeks time.

Thanks for all the interest and support in the 93 current over the last years. If you want to contact me, please write to:

w e b m a s t e r [at] 9 3 c u r r e n t . d e

93 93/93

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