Ether and AC

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Thanks to OKontrair

In the magazine New Scientist for 5th August 2006 reader Ian Simmons responds to an article in a previous issue on safer alternatives to alcohol.

Its an interesting column and a half letter. I reproduce the last paragraph…

“While restricting its sale to pharmacies brought the use of ether as a temperance drink to an end, in the early 20th century noted occultist Aleister Crowley was using it as an ingredient in one of his rather challenging cocktails, alongside alcohol (old brandy, old kirsch, absinthe, a few drops of Tabasco sauce, syrup of ether to taste), and claimed to drink half a pint as ‘a bracer’ each morning, though presumably not for temperance reasons.”

I trust this doesn’t breach the site’s drug policy.

Anyone brave or foolish enough to try this should first lower the temperature of the mouth by drinking some cold water. (Ether evapoates at below body temperature.)

Avoid sources of ignition as imbibers have been known to explode.

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