Phenex Journal Issue II

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Thanks to Zostrianos

The IAO Lodge is pleased to announce the publication of the second issue of The Phenex Journal of Gnostic Studies and Hermetic Science. Our first issue received just over a thousand downloads in three months, and we thank everyone from who took the time to read it. We hope you will enjoy our new issue which may be downloaded for free in pdf or purchased in a printed edition at our website:

Or just click on the cover below:

In This Issue:

Origins of the Qabalah (essay)
Ouroboros: The Tail Eating Serpent (essay)
Ouroboros (poetry)
The Faces of the Devil (essay)
Hiram Key: A Review (short book review)

The IAO Lodge, is an independent fraternal body located in Galveston, Texas, dedicated to the study and exploration of Gnostic Philosophy and Scientific Illuminism.

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