Gnosis ivXIV

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Thanks to tiggr93

And so the colours bloom, and we dive once more, headlong, into another year…

Welcome to ivXIV, The Emperor and Art. Join with us on a fantastical journey through the Theurgy & Thaumaturgy of this year of Divine Light.

The Arrow fly’s true to its course, and pierces the heart of the very Sun itself.

Gnosis is a meeting of like-minded individuals, in a celebration of light, life love & liberty. Our theme’s this year are Alchemy & Thelema, and more than ever Gnosis is about you doing your thing – Disolving into Ecstasy and Coalescing into Success.
We invite you to join us from 10th to 14th November e.v.

That’s Friday evening to Monday morning inclusive, in a 13th Century castle on the Scottish borders. Tickets are priced at £75 per person, including food & accommodation. For registration & joining instructions, click to, or email gnosis_at_gnosticgnomes_dot_com.

This years treats include the usual host of talks, workshops, rituals & entertainments… An elemental working with astrological overtones and a truly original take on the Serpent Lord…

We look forward to seeing you there.

  Pax Lucis

      The Gnostic Gnomes.

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