Scientologists Object To Parsons Article

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A letter to LA Weekly by Lissa Uvizl, Manager, L Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition, Hollywood. objects to a previous article on Jack Parsons…

The letter, published with the heading “Realm Of The Apocryphal“, reads as follws:

Greg Bishop’s “Best of L.A.” characterization, in his piece on Jack Parsons, of L. Ron Hubbard as a tool of Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientalis is utterly false. Mr. Hubbard was sent in by U.S. Intelligence to disband Parsons’ black-magic group. Those associated with the OTO had become a serious security threat to the nation’s atomic-research program, with suspected Nazi sympathizers among them and scientists from Caltech and Los Alamos (Manhattan Project) suspected of engaging in rituals involving sex and drugs. Clearly a security nightmare.

Mr. Hubbard succeeded in his assignment. In 1946, Parsons’ lodge of the OTO dispersed. Parsons lost his government security clearance in 1948, and other scientists involved in his group were among the 64 stripped of their security clearances after the war.

It really is time for the L.A. Weekly to reassess its perspective and policy regarding such attempts to denigrate Scientology, the religion of tens of thousands of people in your readership area.

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