A Brief Statement on Copyright

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I must begin by thanking the_real_simon_iff and PS for their submissions to LAShTAL.COM of a number of very interesting documents. It was thoughtful of them and generous to the Members here and I know that they were acting with the best interests of Thelema in mind.

I believed that I was acting within the law in making the documents available online – I certainly acted with honourable intent.

Following a period of quiet reflection today, influenced by communications I have received from a number of individuals that I respect and whose opinions I rate highly, I have concluded that publication of the files online was inappropriate and not in the best long-term interests of the legacy of Aleister Crowley.

Additionally, the legal status of some of the documents has been clarified to me and I recognise that the continued publication of them here would have contravened applicable UK legislation. The best advice I have received regarding the Crowley copyrights is that all material remains in copyright in Europe; nothing is “Public Domain”. Works with authorized first publication before his 1947 death cease to be copyright in Europe in 2018. His unpublished and posthumously published works are in copyright until 2039.
I have offered my apologies to those directly affected.

You all deserved better from me as Owner and Editor of LAShTAL.COM and I deeply regret any irritation or confusion caused to Members here.

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