Bush Story Resurfaces in Serious Media

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Thanks to Frater FS for this extract from The Independent On Sunday (UK – 12 November 2006)…

By David Randall

The most tantalising conspiracy theory to come our way in a long while is doing the rounds on the net: George W Bush is the grandson of the British Satanist and madman Aleister Crowley. According to its advocates, Barbara Bush is the love child of the man who called himself the Great Beast, after he had a liaison with Barbara’s mother, Pauline Pierce. She was a beautiful young socialite married to a publisher. In 1924 she went to France, where she fell in with the mistress of Frank “My Life and Loves” Harris, Crowley’s patron. The idea is that the impressionable Mrs Pierce then came under the spell of Crowley, once described by a newspaper as “the wickedest man in the world”.

It is even suggested that Barbara was conceived during a “magick” ritual. It’s probably hokum, but, then again, it would explain a lot. Do we hear the words “DNA test”?
And so, what began as an April Fool’s joke is gradually seeping its way into the pool of common “knowledge”…

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