More on the Australian Legal Action

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Thanks to the Australian OTO for this statement…

Grand Master Shiva X° and the Australian Grand Lodge of O.T.O. would like to extend their sincere thanks and appreciation to the webmasters of for drawing attention to this and related legal cases being run in Australia. We also thank the many Thelemites from around the world who have supported our legal campaigns, which, unfortunately, are ongoing. For so long as the community (in its abundant and exquisite diversity of opinion!) considers these ongoing actions newsworthy, we will continue to update lashtal on developments as they unfold. May your own magical circles of friends, family and members never ever be subjected to these type of abhorrent and outlandish imputations for the sole reason of being Thelemites.

The Australian OTO have also been kind enough to supply two documents for download that provide a great deal of extra information:

OTO VCAT Media Release
OTO Final Terms

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