Richard Kaczynski in Norway

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Thanks to Patriarch156

In connection with his weekend workshop held at Heimdall Lodge of O.T.O. Norway in Oslo, Richard Kaczynski was interviewed by Didrik Søderlind, a journalist who regularly writes for

A short version of the interview was also published in the largest newspaper in Norway Aftenposten:

The longer version was published at
… along with an article on ceremonial magick:
Both articles were very sympathetic and instead of presenting the usual tabloid image of Crowley, they gave a fair presentation of both Crowley and Thelema along with links to O.T.O. Norway.

Let us thank Heimdall Lodge for their hard work and Richard Kaczynski for his able presentation of Crowley, O.T.O. and thelema. I believe this is the first time Crowley and Thelema has been presented as fair and sympathetic as this.

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