Theft of Book Collection: Appeal for Information

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Frater Kehveeneh has asked me to make the following announcement, reproduced here as it appeared in his email to me:

93s lashtal – i need help – the book collection on the site – and all my oto stuff was stolen from phoenix arizona in a moving truck.

Help me get the word out – im looking for the items on the list – any help appreciated.

If anyone sees these items – email me at – or any information as to unaware bookstore owners bought them from – all i need is information as to where a book from the list on website might be now – and back track it to phoenix arizona – and try to find who stole my moving truck and library – any help is appreciated – as from the list on website- the peices wouldnt be hard to identify.

paul thanks for any help freind. The book list he refers to was advertised by Frater Kehveeneh on this site some time ago:

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