Iridescent Undulations

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I’m probably the last person to be writing about such things. The last time I heard “Lam” mentioned was during my kundalini sadhana. However, as the only fully-paid-up Treadwell’s “rotter” (the others still haven’t sent me their subs – and me, the Outer Hog of the Order and all!), I think it only fair to point out to those who might aspire to rottership, and any others, that there’s a Lam Workshop next March, led by Michael Staley:

A supernatural being “Lam” appeared to Aleister Crowley in New York in 1918 during the course of a series of magical rituals known as the Amalantrah Working. Crowley drew a portrait of the entity, and used it as a frontispiece to his Commentary on Blavatsky’s work The Voice of the Silence, which he published in the Blue Equinox in 1919. In 1945, Crowley gave the drawing to Kenneth Grant, then a young student of his. Grant republished the drawing in 1972 in The Magical Revival and treated it at length in his Typhonian Trilogies, since when Lam has evoked a powerful, brooding fascination, such that many groups and individual practitioners work to invoke and communicate with Lam.
But what is the nature of Lam? What is its significance, and why should anyone want to work with it? We shall consider these and many more questions in the course of this workshop, which will be a day of talks, discussions and of course practical work. Practical exercises will build throughout the day, culminating in the group performance of a Lam Working.

Michael Staley is a prominent member of the Typhonian O.T.O., the editor of the journal Starfire and the founder of Starfire Publishing. He has taken a strong interest in Lam since the late 1980s, and works regularly with a number of colleagues in a Lodge dedicated specifically to working with Lam.

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