Calling all Designers/Artists

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It’s time for a bit of additional publicity for LAShTAL.COM…

Unbelievable as it may seem, LAShTAL.COM’s popularity and massive hit rate has resulted almost exclusively from word-of-mouth. Very few professedly Thelemic and occult sites and Blogs include links to LAShTAL.COM, although many of them seem very happy to repeat News items or portraits of Crowley from here without even the courtesy of a mention.

So, members, your mission in this Yuletide Season, should you choose to accept it, is to use your creative skills to produce a range of logos, banners and buttons for LAShTAL.COM publicity.

So, what am I after?

I’d like logos similar to the excellent one designed for the site a couple of years ago by Mark Durant at the top left of every page. I’d like banners suitable for promotion of LAShTAL.COM on other sites, and buttons, and avatars (“Proud to be a member of LAShTAL.COM”), and awards (“Presented to … by LAShTAL.COM in recognition of its service to Thelema and Aleister Crowley”), and… Well, you know the sort of thing!

The site name must be mentioned and it is likely to include reference to “The Aleister Crowley Society”.
You may submit as many designs as you like. All will be judged separately.

Please submit all design suggestions in PNG format for best quality.

All submitted logos must be your own work. You must own all copyrights to submitted work, and be willing to give me exclusive irrevocable license for any use. By submitting the design, you agree to give me your consent to use the winning designs on all LAShTAL.COM and Aleister Crowley Society sites and printed material.

All designs should be submitted via email to, with a subject containing ‘DESIGNS’. Please mention your LAShTAL.COM username is in your email.

Out of the submitted logos, the best 30 or so will be shown in a Gallery here on the site.

Designs actually used will be selected by me from all the designs submitted – I may seek assistance for the final selection by means of a Poll.

The reward? My undying gratitude and the inclusion of your designs on the world’s most popular Thelemic website, internationally recognised for its impartiality and its commitment to the service of Thelema and Aleister Crowley.

Go for it! There’s some amazing talents in the membership list here!

Paul Feazey
Owner & Editor

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