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Thanks to Zostrianos

National Post has run an article about the 23 Engima that features a brief mention of both Uncle Al (Aleister Crowley) and Uncle Bob (Robert Wilson). I thought LAShTAL.COM’s members may be interested in this.

Here are the paragraphs mentions:

“[…] 23rd letter of the alphabet is W, a letter whose shape suggests two horns pointing down and three points up, like the devil-horns hand-sign thrown up at rock concerts. On the typewriter keyboard, W lies directly below the two and three. Are you feeling like me yet?

“Another high lord of 23 was Robert Anton Wilson, a self-described skeptic, science-fiction author and former Playboy editor. He caught the 23 bug after a Playboy interview with Burroughs, which made him start records of his own. In an essay on the enigma, Wilson writes of how he was thrilled to discover that parents each contribute 23 chromosomes of DNA at their child’s conception. He completely freaked out when he learned that Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), the British poet and author of books on magic and the occult, also tied 23 to reproduction “by defining 23 as the number of ‘parting, removal, separation,’ ‘Joy’ ‘a Thread’ and ‘Life.'” Wilson died last month, on Jan. 11, 23 days before the publication of the article you’re reading now. What’s more, this article was assigned on Jan 23. Creepy.

“Authors like Burroughs, Wilson and Crowley have made 23 a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy — an in-joke by conspiracy-loving creative types.”

Read the entire article at the National Post

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